“Miss you” into social lovers, the way is to let two people online “living together”

(word/jing-jing fan)

is not free for couples social public social space provides the survival opportunity, focus lovers social mobile applications “picking”, “Between”, “small love”, “love” and so on are online, but still not lifted private social trend, and there are a number of entrepreneurs with a new play to join the competition. Hunting cloud network recently focused on the concept of “miss you” on line “cohabitation” cut couple social.

“miss you” in formally launched in July 2014, is a mainly for couples, especially college students under the age of 25 and the lovers of different work roll out a couple of social software, the current overall users close to 150000. ChengJiaRui founder, graduated from zhongshan university software engineering and double bachelor’s degree in business administration, and made the exchange students in the United States, has the rich overseas exchange experience. Company’s core team from Internet companies such as tencent, netease, 360. At present, the company has 16 people. ChengJiaRui told cloud network exclusive hunting has awarded the angel fund investment of millions of yuan.

ChengJiaRui believe that couples need most is accompanied, and “miss you” UI design inspiration comes from playing house as a child, the main interface is a simulation of cartoon sitting room, there are two people’s exclusive image. Almost all the furniture in the sitting room is the function of the necessary lovers, including diaries, maps, weather, anniversaries, maps, photo albums, chat, etc., to meet the demand of communication, communication between couples, records, etc.

in order to exempt when pairing of trival, the user first registered “miss you”, don’t need to invite, a registered two people share a common account. “Miss you” in the furniture city furniture provide couples with more than 50 pieces of simulation, to help couples build warm “home”. Also has a custom cartoon image design, including miss, sleeping, eating, learning, angry, such as personal action, the two sides can take the information interaction, to participate in each other the dribs and drabs of life; Want to TA, can hold, kiss, touch head, squeezing the face, and flirt and play you oh.

ChengJiaRui to hunt cloud network, says this way can the information interactive expression of feelings, visualization, more conducive to improve the affection between couples, is also user favorite the cabin is dressed up and intimate action (kiss, hold).

in simple terms, think the current version is a little similar to couples dress up game. Users can do the task to earn gold COINS to buy custom characteristic, in the form of furniture, such as the carpet of different colors and different shapes, wallpaper, curtain, photo albums, etc. ChengJiaRui also revealed that in late may also consider joining purchase props prepaid phone functions, but everything to the user experience.

when it comes to the purchase and payment items may be some people think that is willing to spend money in conversation, have certain economic base, ChengJiaRui but I do not agree to this. He thinks that couples spending habits is irrational, not in terms of economic base. “In the field of couples App, even if is a student, buy presents for the other half to buy virtual items, the power is not low, for the students couple, as long as no live together, have to use couple of application requirements.”

compared with existing similar software on the market, think you is: on the difference between

1, the sense is stronger role. Couples on market existing software interaction were mostly words, expressions, images, voice, and miss you joined the people the idea of interactive, chat cartoon simulation scenario also enhances the user the sense more, even if can’t really live together, think about you can still make their emotions and thoughts.

2, interest sex more. Think you online “living” for the concept of cut, couples mutual life, to earn money in a task together, dress up their own small home, also can undertake all kinds of interaction (flirt).

private chat is main function of most couples social applications, but it will has the problem of insufficient interaction between single and viscosity. ChengJiaRui said about it, the illicit close sex of the couple is very important, in the short term will not launch a couple discuss community. On the construction of business model, in addition to the possible purchase and paid within props, may also ZouDian business platform model, make couples vertical market of electricity.