Millet release – Gen X 40 inches millet the LCD TV version, only 1999 yuan

on March 24, millet millet company officially released 40 inches television 40 inches), costs a mere $1999. The x line imported from sharp SDP super LCD screen, equipped with quad-core CPU, full 1080 p hd resolution. Among the same kind of smart TV, can be called the king of the price. This website login millet can make an appointment in advance, for the first time on March 31, open purchase.

according to the survey, 40 inch flat screen TV for more than 32 inches shipments, become the most popular with the people of gold size, but 40 inches of smart TV prices remain high. Millet nature play a fever again, using the Internet mode, ultra-low prices to attract customers.

the new millet 40 inches television, in the industry took the lead with x line imported from sharp SDP super and the LCD backlight module. X – Gen X line (G10), is currently the highest line of liquid crystal generation, on behalf of the industry the highest technology, X line LCD panel production line for sharp. TV at the same time, the millet 40 inches with apple computer in the same world super red backlight module, guarantee the stability of the backlight system. In addition, combined with 12 quality enhancement technology, 10 dynamic palette to render the top quality.

hardware configuration: 6 a908 quad-core CPU MStar, dolby + DTS, start the bluetooth. Support both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz dual-band WiFi, even under the transmission bandwidth of less than 1.5 Mbps, configuration of h. 265 10 bit hard decoding technology can achieve online play the full 1080 p hd video. And, of course, it can also use the millet router download hd movies, radio broadcast directly.

design aspects: the integration of design, products more thin, outer box USES bright surface spraying, screen perfectly embedded in the frame, carry the entire screen when the screen and frame be in harmony are an organic whole.

the game entertainment: beautiful MIUI built-in game center TV system, allows the user to download the mass games at any time, the latest launched numerous adapter handles its games.

content: the broadcast control platform is the central Milky Way Internet TV integrated control platform (GITV), relying on the central people’s broadcasting station, jiangsu radio and television reception desk, love in the film and the content such as the service platform of content resources, has more than 240000 hours of high-definition copyrighted content, covering the baidu search of the list of 90% of the popular TV dramas.

before, Dr. Chen to join in millet, the first phase of $1 billion, through investment, establishment cooperation development content, there are love in the potatoes, youku, sohu, thunderbolt, co-sponsored by video content provider.

millet issued can not help but reminiscent of 40 inch TV before release of millet small box, similar to the same parent do subtraction on products, has launched a new product. Indeed, at present, under the influence of various factors inside and outside force to smart TV product upgrading to make some unwise, enough to launch a cheap product maybe can win more consumers and market demand.

millet company founder, chairman and CEO, said lei jun spent $1 billion last year after investment TV content construction, opening and released the most cost-effective millet 40 inches television, millet to let everyone can enjoy science and technology.

take a look at the sworn enemies of millet, Letv TV through the official weibo “April 2 became more and more,” said Letv likely to release the third generation of the TV. According to speculation, its size can be 55 inches, priced at 5000 yuan, the hardware configuration, operating system, and to improve the functional applications, and use similar to X60S craftsmanship: all metal frame, cloud base and adapt to the hardware configuration of the system is more complex, and on the depth of the UI to do optimization to make its operation more smoothly enhance user experience.

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