Millet, do 5 hardware? NO, lei jun have a smoke in his speech

millet company was established in April 2010, the real attention from August 2011 mobile phone products, today, three and a half years time the company valuations have exceed more than $400, becoming a new business. Around the millet future layout, nature is a question of science and technology at home and abroad focus on.

in the two sessions of media communication meeting yesterday, lei jun is their proposal and millet business communication with the media, which explicitly mentioned, millet electric car, don’t do not do an outfit, no apartment, no more do real estate, the reported outside have a misunderstanding, or even a company called “lei jun electric” behind the push to make marketing, it had nothing to do with the millet.

“in the past five years, the layout of the millet has ended, millet to do things, big things are on the table have all had, millet is highly focused on three types of five product, mobile phone, tablet, TV, box, router, is the five products.” lei jun so stressed. To explain to you that the above five products refers to the hardware, in addition, millet in the past few years surrounding the hardware products in the content of the layout, cloud services launched a series of investment, to create “hardware + software + services” closed loop.

speaking of which, as part of the report is not clear, some people think millet in the future really will not make other hardware products, mainly to iec investment mode? M (bracelet) such as China, intellectual meters (filter) and brown rice (mobile power), and other teams. According to the plan, lei jun to throw 100 similar companies, the latest disclosure of data is 27.

if you really think millet itself only create the above five kinds of hardware products in the future, may be wrong. Please note that the lei jun under the original speech, he said, referring to “over the past five years, millet layout is over”. The somebody else just said in the past, didn’t mention in the future. If from April 2010 since its establishment, the company now millet immediately to the age of five.

who knew about the future? Zhou said do not search, Mr Ma said it wasn’t involved in the game, but then not all become reality, something different.

if this may be a slip of the tongue, lei jun is not clear, that good, in a few days ago at the annual meeting of the yabuli China, lei jun also mentioned the same expression. This also in the understanding of normal category, LeiJunCeng in wuzhen world Internet conference, said the mobile phone to do the world’s first, business focus is not spread too much experience is a must. Moreover, in its “focus, acme, word of mouth,” the seven words of tactic, focus is emphasized.

but this can’t neglect the lei jun to find new opportunities of vision and ambition millet into new opportunities. Interrupt, vice President of earlier rumours that millet Li Wanjiang to retreat new product research and development of millet or related to electric vehicles, of course, these also unconfirmed.

CPPCC proposal “do what”

back to see lei jun proposal: the two meetings this year are new business situation, revised the company law and the suggests establishing national standard of smart home as soon as possible.

he points out, the prime minister in the government work report of Internet + referred to, is how to use the Internet and home appliances, intelligent hardware integration innovation, in the process of integration, the standard is not unified will create obstacles to industry, an important problem which is urgently need to solve.

on company law revised proposal, both investors as to the identity of the lei jun in the process of field experience is profound, the core is how to ensure that activation of entrepreneurial market reasonable guarantee related interests of investors at the same time, the concrete Suggestions on modification includes two aspects: one is the human capital value and clearing mechanism; Second, the Treasury stock and share repurchases.

from lei jun it also can be seen that both is closely related to himself and the company strategy, namely “do anything”. Needless to say, lei jun angel identity millet company in the layout of the smart home is far-reaching, including the production of television and the box, a stake in the beautiful, etc., in the midst of this will be the key to make smart home control center for the center with mobile phone business model.

Part program


in new ways, lei jun is, as always, confidentiality, and this is normal, not surprisingly, millet flagship product is still a generation upgrade on this year.

in terms of sales plan, lei jun disclosed that this year’s goal is to phone sales is expected between 80 million and one hundred million, revenue scale should be from 100 billion to 120 billion.

in exploring international market, millet this year will be considered to enter Brazil, Russia, main consideration is the large population in developing countries.

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