Millet: can brush Windows 10 meters 4, but does not mean we have to push the WP

(/horse relief yi wen)

millet global vice President Hugo today on Google + clarify barak, users can give oneself future part of millet rice 4 special custom brush on the latest version of Windows system, does not represent a millet to launch WP or at the same time carry 10 the dual system of mobile phone Android and Windows.

Windows HEC conference was held in shenzhen this week, Microsoft said it would release a customised version 10 Windows system for millet, the user will be part of millet choose, can experience through their meters 4 10 technical preview Windows. This message, make bold speculation that science and technology, millet will towards a more diverse ecosystem, mobile phone system will use WP to get rid of in the domestic and international market of excessive dependence on Android.

however, millet seems to be very sensitive to these rumors. In Google + barak made it clear: “this event is by Microsoft and millet BBS user (millet official permission) the results of direct communication. Millet will also do our best to produce customized version of the Android mobile phone. But millet all the provide users with the most personalized experience, millet mobile phone users can millet brush many system ROM pack.”

although Windows 10 multi-platform system unified strategy, provides the developers before promising convenient conditions, but over the years, Microsoft on the ecology of mobile operating system has too much behind Android and iOS. If Microsoft after is to use “space in time” – to use Windows in a strong position in the field of PC, hope I can continue to WP field, so after 10 launch Windows, Microsoft is in a “time in space” – to use good experience and convenient development environment, in a certain period of time for to catch up with android and iOS, get more market share. Of course, during this period, many oems like millet will take on the sidelines, once the WP ecology on the right track, they are likely to Microsoft “throw herself”.

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