Microsoft’s “keyboard obsessive-compulsive disorder”

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Microsoft does have a little problem, we have to admit. You should sit down and talk openly about the problem. In addition to Microsoft’s own, everyone can see the problem, it is time to come out: Microsoft, we’ve had enough of the keyboard! You can’t get the software design is more suitable for touch screen? Please quickly get rid of the keyboard is good!

before Mr. Jobs said, can’t simply think tablet is no laptop keyboard. I think he ought to be you to the meaning of this sentence from the “touch” as the starting point to design the software, to reconsider its workflow, not just on the computer software on the tablet. Think much, more innovation.

obviously, Microsoft didn’t notice this, or deliberately ignore it.

the characteristics of the Surface flat on its keyboard. Everyone in its advertising in the tablet on the keyboard, if you want to use it or to use the keyboard. But this kind of thing we could have had, is it not a laptop? When we use tablet should not be hit so many words, we only need to touch screen, as much as possible using a touch screen interaction pattern.

recently, Microsoft has released a new version of Office 365. To be honest, it looks like a normal Office crammed into a five to six inches of screen. , of course, they made some changes in order to adapt to the mobile terminal, but in general is a smaller version of Office.

what Microsoft will do? Yes, they have developed a keyboard.

the bluetooth keypad is designed by Microsoft hardware division, the size can be put in a briefcase or tote bag, it is Microsoft’s keyboard another manifestation of obsessive-compulsive disorder, do not change the Office to cater to the needs of the mobile phone touch screen, invented a keyboard so that it will run on the phone.

it is short of a mini wireless mouse can collect a mobile version of the PC equipped with.

in fact, Microsoft has the ability to design software that is suitable for mobile devices, at least it has acquired company can help. If you download the iOS or Android version of Outlook, you will find that it is a very beautiful and practical application. It and your calendar connection, even when you change your time zone automatically change the date in the calendar. This Google struggled for a long time, it is come up with a way to add a time zone system, so you don’t have yourself staring at the watch how computing won’t be late.

so, it’s time to tell you Microsoft has seen through everything, don’t delude ourselves. You’ve endured its keyboard obsessive-compulsive disorder for so long, should say goodbye.

PC have been brilliant, but you can’t always live in the past, even the PC becomes small.

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