Microsoft Windows 10, race against time

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Microsoft Build 2015 developers conference has ended. Conference, relative to the glamorous HoloLens, several times the mirror has been slightly bland Windows 10, for Microsoft, more contemporary realistic significance. The arrival of Windows 10 Microsoft has broken the dilemma faced by mobile ecological construction in the era of mobile Internet has brought new hope.

it is well known that Microsoft on the mobile ecosystem has been facing consumers and application developers to choose the reality of these priorities. Which is caused by inferior choose priority WP ecological: “ecological weak to cause consumers purchase intention is not strong, consumers purchase intention is not strong and, as a result of low WP market share is low, the market share developer to WP priority in the ranking, and formed a cycle of death cycle.”

the occurrence of malignant infinite loop, let the debate of “chicken and egg” again. Is due to user base should be this “chicken” or application development the “egg”? Be consumers of first application developers the “egg”, and developers that is should have a user base that only “chicken”.

as a Microsoft operating system provider, break the nature should be death cycle. Microsoft may have been trying to, of course: in the era of Steve ballmer, Microsoft has been developers conference chanted “developers, developers, developers”, but Microsoft is also in the actual performance for developers in application development and application promotion offers more support, and on the application to pay, income is divided into for developers to provide more convenient and preferential; And Microsoft are also actively promote the ascension of WP user base, its most obvious performance is its strong sales consumers are more likely to accept WP low-end models. Expand market share, in the form of walk quantity increase platform user base. To developers to focus on WP ecology, promoting the healthy development of WP ecological.

but these efforts are not developers of Microsoft, the positive response, most developers are still not to. Microsoft WP ecological system is still not by developers. Independent developers and some as a big company, the WP platform is still drifting away. And this kind of unpopular, make Microsoft’s mobile ecological dilemma, also let Microsoft in the mobile market competition despite efforts for many years, but still significantly behind the apple and Google, its platform in the excellent hardware is always because of ecological constraints to play to the extreme, the strength can’t positive battle with apple, samsung. A variety of ecological dilemma helped WP market share now in jeopardy.

can be seen from the above is also, Microsoft and it is not as on mobile ecological construction, but as a developer but did not get positive response. Why will appear this kind of circumstance? investigate its basic reason lies in the Microsoft platform for mobile user base is too small, its platform earnings can imagine little room which can lead to less attractive to developers. So broken key point is that how to quickly expand Microsoft platform user base, revenue to developers show Microsoft platform of infinite imaginary space, make the developers have to pay attention to the Microsoft platform, and began to revolve around under the Microsoft ecosystem platform.

as Windows to 10, to meet the key elements of the impress developers and consumers, the Microsoft platform user base in rapid ascension, show with great prospects of platform; Aggressively courted the developers again on the other hand, did not bring considerable profit space imagination. It is Microsoft has broken the dilemma faced by mobile ecological construction in the era of mobile Internet has brought new hope.

10 Microsoft Windows operating system, use the same kernel, unified app store, let developers can one-time adapter PC, mobile terminal, the XBOX One game platform and the future of the Internet of things and black HoloLens science and technology. Windows 10 to unification as the core goal of the whole platform. A application platform equipment support for developers to bring huge benefits to imagine space.

and Microsoft Windows used 10 unified stimulates the Microsoft in the PC absolute dominance and has accumulated strong user base and create a the moment who can’t ignore the huge platform, and its all interconnected features make it have the infinite can be quite in the future. According to the Microsoft: “the current user base has surpassed six hundred million, and two or three years in the future, there will be 1 billion equipment can run Windows 10. “

review and Microsoft for Windows 10 upgrade promotion strategy, Microsoft made it clear that: not only the Windows after the release of the first 10 years, all running Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 7 users are able to free upgrade to Windows, 10 above all active WP8 and their operating system version of the mobile Phone can upgrade to the latest operating system. And WinHEC conference held in shenzhen in March, according to this huge market in China, Microsoft joint qihoo 360, tencent, lenovo push Windows 10 free upgrade, they will be in line for a free upgrade online activities, and not the upgrade user refused to piracy, Microsoft with a smooth upgrade experience, in exchange for a more rapid spread of the new system. This free upgrade strategy of Microsoft, and cooperative extension strategy, make 10 this huge Windows platform from theory into reality is a big step forward.

to remove a theoretical platform to create, in the present in order to further enhance the market share of the WP platform. Microsoft also allows the WP is compatible with Android applications using Java and c + + language compiled applications; Allowed to use the iOS Obiective C language compiled 10 also can convert a Windows application. With this strategy, bringing in all applications, the shortage of ecological application as part of a quick fix to Microsoft, to stimulate the sales promotion of equipment.

and on bringing developers, Microsoft is embracing open source, free release of Visual Studio Code for Mac, Visual Studio Code for Linux cross-platform compilers, let developers can more quickly to the development of iOS and Android application for Windows applications of 10. And developers for Windows 10 application system development, but also it saves on the multiple adapter, Microsoft provides the most convenience for developers.

Microsoft to adapt to the system in the first year of free upgrades to build a new platform for the huge, with android and apple application to expand the current ecological. Using free Visual Studio release cross-platform Code compiler platform, attract developers to use Microsoft development environment. All this shows the Microsoft has more active and hard to broken the predicament in mobile application ecosystem. The efforts of all of these makes Windows this a unified operating system has the possibility of all good in theory – the developers need to platform base, the earnings outlook; Consumers need to all have abundant application. Now its platform in theory have greater appeal. But don’t forget: all is in theory, how to become a reality? Microsoft is at least a facing the following challenges.

a challenge: although Windows 10 innovation is huge, and Microsoft has made the first year of free upgrades and several cooperation smooth upgrade promotion strategy. But Microsoft’s biggest challenge is how to persuade consumers quickly with its computer operating system of Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 upgrade to the latest Windows operating system, the theoretical platform for the large user base into the actual real users. How in the shortest possible time, Windows 10 successful selling to every consumer, should is the most headache Microsoft urgent job, too.

challenge 2: due to the huge volume of Windows 10, lead to Windows 10 formal version of the completed may face huge challenges, official version Windows 10 when to come, when the related equipment to meet the market and consumers, Microsoft has yet to give clear answer. And formal version of the uncertain or slow life, arrival time is caused by the consumer on the sidelines at this stage.

challenge 3: before actually had said that the biggest challenge for Microsoft is not PC and mobile terminal, can say the mobile end is Microsoft’s “Ming seven inches. To revive the mobile end should be a Microsoft’s top priority. But more Microsoft Windows of the current 10 strategies. Microsoft’s PC priority strategy, and its on smart phones. The operating system to come later. At this moment of fast development of apple and android, for this is in the mobile terminal at Microsoft, it will face more.

challenge four: too successful, also can bring serious shackles, Microsoft Windows XP system is an example of this. Although Microsoft has retired its completely over the past year. But its in our country folk user retention rates still amazing. But Microsoft for XP system can be in the first year free upgrade to Windows 10 attitude has been unknown. And remove XP, Microsoft in the Chinese market I still need to face a bit is not conform to upgrade to meet the requirements of 10 hardware upgrade Windows computer abound. According to Internet security 360 officially released at the centre of the first domestic “free upgrade Win10 computer status survey showed that more than 34.65% to the current domestic computer hardware configuration does not accord with the requirement of upgrade Windows 10. Although this situation very big one part can solve, but 10 share of ascension for Windows, is still a block.

epilogue: as mentioned, the appearance of Windows 10 for Microsoft has broken the dilemma faced by mobile ecological construction in the era of mobile Internet has brought new hope. Microsoft Windows 10 a unified operating system to build a new platform for the huge, and adapt to the system in the first year of free upgrades, fast android and apple used to transplant to ecological measures to expand Microsoft. Make Windows 10 that a unified operating system in the Microsoft platform user base, on the one hand, rapid ascension display with great prospects of platform; On the other hand, actively cultivating the developers did not bring considerable profit space imagination.

10 Windows operating system has the possibility of all good in theory, but how to persuade consumers to upgrade quickly, how to accelerate the official version of Windows 10 system fast arrival, how to revive the mobile terminal, balance to the PC and mobile system priority, how to solve the problem of XP pending release and system upgrade part of the limit is still have to face the challenge of Microsoft. And Microsoft in the face of all the internal challenges at the same time also faces external pressure from apple and Google. Momentum transfer, opportunity for Microsoft and time is running out. And Microsoft make up the key is: to Microsoft in the shortest possible time make Windows 10 form a real platform, make Windows 10 depicted all kinds of beautiful fast become a true reality. And all this can only let Microsoft and time for the race.

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