Meerkat financing of $12 million, the next in the field of social tuyere is “live streaming”

(/horse relief yi wen)

according to foreign media coverage of science and technology, live video streaming Meerkat in recently completed a new round of up to $12 million in financing. It is reported, this round of financing led to Greylock Partners, the valuation of more than $40 million. For the financing from the above application officially known as the time, the general public just over the past several weeks.

Meerkat orientation and Twitter account link, when you start a live video on Meerkat, Twitter links will be automatically generated for any user click to participate in the live video. In the process of live, users can real-time speech video, some praise. These is instant live on video display interface, it is simply a video barrage live version. And Snapchat similar, once the end of the originators of a live video, the video also will not exist.

in the south by southwest conference, this app make enough attention, even by the media as “the next generation of citizen journalism artifact”. Even then the Twitter blockade, also did not affect Meerkat, stimulate the Meerkat “self-renewal independence” instead.

with the further of mobile Internet technology mature, live video streaming applications such as Meerkat begins to rise. Previously, Twitter acquired a similar video broadcast applications. And previously Facebook will Twitch. Obviously, the next in the field of social media or IM application tuyere will be “live video”.

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