Maternal and child Internet brand fawn ding-ding millions angel investment

March 23

mother-to-child Internet brand fawn ding-ding officially get together today angel investing hundreds of millions of yuan, did not disclose the specific amount. The fawn founder liu Yang told hunting cloud network science and technology, the investment will be mainly used for product optimization and team building.

the fawn technology aimed at Chinese dads nurse research and development and to provide reliable and cost-effective quality maternal and infant products. Millet technology chairman lei jun had recently said publicly that to tongrentang do genuine materials, have faith in the product. Liu Yang said that echoes the fawn the purpose of the science and technology.

the deer fawn ding-ding diapers, science and technology group and Japan kao, the auspicious light production lines, using the world’s top Japan all material also is the industry’s top configuration: Japan’s sumitomo and three jedaiah suction core body, the United States 3 m Velcro, henkel adhesives and lycra elastic. Main products are the world’s largest third party inspection agency Switzerland SGS certification.

the deer ding ding, upgrade the product from the user’s point of view, acme positioning for baby care. Diapers raw materials procurement from the first tier in the field of global related enterprises, guarantee the high quality from the source. Liu Yang to hunt cloud network, said, according to the reports before the fawn ding-ding diapers in some aspects such as dry degree, more than Japan kao similar products.

so far, the deer ding ding always paying users exceed 70000 people. As Internet companies focus on baby PP curing, the deer ding ding flagship diapers, wet wipes, urine pad and other products. Liu Yang said, “take seriously every PP” is the basic attitude of the deer ding ding. From project start to the first product diapers listed spent 10 months time to carve. Six product iteration after the listed before, more than seven thousand mother to participate in the test, the listed again after a two small iterations.

in order to further improve optimization comfortable experience of diapers, the deer ding ding diapers will take the lead in the domestic similar diapers brand in the introduction of new technology of 3 d surface embossing, the surface into a concave and convex breathable soft point in design. Reduce the points of contact with skin, reduce the contact area with the diapers, baby ass so as to reduce the financial burden on the baby’s skin. The process currently he is the first domestic, similar technology worldwide Japan kao shu diapers at best only in use.

liu Yang said that the latest technology of the deer ding ding diapers products will be released in late April, compared with the big promotion of products now have 6 place, including: new product is thinner and diapers from the current 2.8 mm to 2.8 mm thickness, permeability will increase; Anti sliding sideways best by single layer 7 grams of waterproof cloth, upgrade to double 13 grams waterproof cloth, cut off power increased nearly 1 times; Waist elastic upgrade, wings with elasticity, elastic waist part length increase 46% than the previous generation, the biggest code waist elastic part length increased from 15 cm to 22 cm.

in jiangsu province pledges inspect bureau recently released baby wipes quality risk warning, nearly half of the market problems preservatives and irritating smoke a pack of high wet wipes, but there is no specific provisions on the national standard. Liu Yang said that the material of baby wipes and formula mainly depends on the enterprise self conscience.

the safety of baby products is top priority. In baby disposable product, the deer ding ding also introduced a concept of pure cotton, developed a series of pure cotton baby wipes, pure cotton urine pad, etc. Compared with the chemical fiber material products on the market, no stimulation, biodegradable and renewable cotton products, environmental protection not only, and not easy to cause allergic, baby more comfortable, mother more at ease.

the deer ding ding baby wipes the traditional petroleum chemical fiber non-woven upgrade to pure cotton non-woven fabric, in the formula, it also solves the traditional product of preservatives and propylene glycol, wipes is a high quality of security, also become the taobao the raised platform for approval of FMCG.

at present, the fawn technology positioning is one provides the high quality for the new mother maternal and infant products and services of Internet companies, take the best care for your baby as the mission, let the new mother and baby grow happily together. Fawn technology was founded in April 2014, the prophase invest more on product research and development. , according to liu Yang, founder of the company has been declared intelligent diapers and other 7 invention patents, this year will more than 20 patents to declare.

for baby supplies overseas online shopping hot current situation, the deer ding ding co-founder Lin Yan ting said, overseas online shopping diapers when there is a huge risk, the delivery time is long, easy to damage, also found no after-sales service, quality problems and transportation time long bacteria, and counterfeit products, product quality cannot be guaranteed.

Lin Yan ting said, in recent years some fake purchased overseas sellers also let many consumers have been supportive. Many times last year, a lot of media report illegal dealers with high replicas as purchased overseas commodity, commodity barcodes, logistics information, shopping receipts a full range of products such as authentication information, unscrupulous operators will look like after technical treatment of foreign procurement status.

“we can detect the Internet every day have a mom bought diapers complain fakes,” said Lin Yan’s reality is cruel, multinational hai tao channels beyond the service capacity of the original manufacturers, and products are illusory, have a baby so hurt constantly. In addition, the upstream can’t control, resulting in many large channels there are counterfeit products are not immune.

the fawn vice President 闫飞 think science and technology, more than one thousand babies are born each year in China, there are no high quality products to meet so many baby, baby’s demand in China still depends on the people. Sales at a time when the whole world has been Made in China products, China does not lack of high quality production resources, only the production resources have not been released.

the fawn investors force of science and technology investment is a focus on TMT industry early in the equity investment institutions, investment has dozens of science and technology enterprises, including the good credit, and the hall, tao pawnshops, her home, love. Among them, her home, the fawn science and technology and the thinking mode of millet, are higher in price, with the quality of the material and the product has a high requirement.