Marvel at the safety awareness of the female stars, grace was more than 800 phone fraud

the well-known well-known actress tang wei, night after a telephone fraud, starred in “wan jun” qiong precious jade the play of the female artist grace had a telecom fraud, losses as high as more than 800 800 yuan.

this, tencent stewards mobile security expert clew, after all kinds of telecom fraud began again, in order to avoid such fraud caused property losses, the user can download and install tencent phone butler, such scams phone to make use of harassment interception function accurate intercept.

it is understood that the lunar years ago, female artist grace received a phone call, the other party claims to be “the Shanghai public security bureau,” said grace with multinational fraud involved, in order to ensure its innocence, need to monitor her bank account. So grace after returning, then according to each other, using the network bank remittance way, six points to the other designated account 800 ten thousand yuan.

actually, star encounter fraud have become common, stars as a public figure, their status of the property and personal information are easy to be cheater know, eventually evolved into a precise fraud.

graph: tencent phone housekeeper recognition as” public security bureau “fraud phone

on January 11, 2014, the famous actress tang wei in Shanghai telecom fraud, the plot is also received a phone call from one claims to “Shanghai public security”, said her deposit has a problem, if you want to avoid punishment, must put money into ‘police’ account, and she also did not suspect, would be 210000 yuan all wired to each other in the designated “safe account”, afterwards discovered was duped. On September 10, 2014, the famous film star night’s agent, suffer a similar technique of telecom fraud, is a self-described “Beijing chaoyang district public security bureau” phone cheat to 1 million yuan.

tencent phone housekeeper security experts said after analyzing such cases, such scams you ahead through illegal channels for the victim’s personal information. Then GaiHao disguised as a public security bureau phone software through the network (+ area code + 110, + area code +) public security bureau phone call user’s phone, then money laundering, the court summons on suspicion of fraud, credit card overdraft poison, postal parcels, threatening the victim, then to help the victim is exonerated by ask for transfer; Will through the way of Trojan virus, direct control of the user computers for transfer operation.

according to tencent mobile security laboratory released the 2014 mobile security report, according to data from 2014, harassing phone users to report to reach 434 million times, including telecommunications fraud class accounted for 16.65%. Security experts say that 2015 telecommunications fraud security situation is still not optimistic, users need to be vigilant do the following:

in the first place, the police won’t ask for the remittance transfer, there is no so-called “security account”, to be on high alert area code + phone 110, users can dial 110 to verify reports received such call.

second, do not open the stranger’s web site, including most of the site is a phishing site, might steal the user’s account information and mobile phone verification code, etc.

in the end, the user should also get into the habit of using mobile phone security software. For example, using tencent phone housekeeper harassment interception function, can help the user to effectively identify and intercept most fraud phone; Phishing site in this text, can timely remind consumer, greatly reduce the risk of user cheated.