Magic call: cute chicken for the first time for intelligent toys “voice”


what are your childhood toys, believes that many people remember. In addition to fun, happy, but also for tree species, figure co., LTD. When the time came to 2015, over the past year, after everything that has been dubbed “smart”, after 10 children, can choose the toys more than a “smart toys” category. A cute chick voice, can attract the attention of children and their parents?

on January 15, in the second scene, the Beijing workers stadium chengdu tin man technology company released the first children’s intelligence toys, magic call. Image, it comes from the tin man original cartoon image – chicken call; System, which is based on Linux system, we build our own relatively simplified, faster operation, costs are lower jo-jo OS and jo-jo cloud services; Price, price 368, will be in the early WeChat shop opens to booking, pay attention to the official WeChat public “tin man” can find a shop, 1000 pre-sale prices fell to $1000 for the first time, has now begun.

function, it can replace the traditional kid-learning machine and story. Magic call 2000 first content in the cloud, and continue to automatically update online. Tin man said CEO Wei Wei massive amounts of content is not difficult to implement, tin man’s commitment is only to provide quality content. To this, the tin man has a unique identification standard, magic call all the content is provided by the professional children’s editorial team. Not only have the choice of content, and some control content, such as when you work in the study, the children heard the story with a toy, sound bigger and bigger, then you only need to take out a cellular phone mute the sound is reduced, actually equivalent to the remote control, can also be a key to turn it off.

at the same time, the magic name also provides the function of the family circle, and can implement multiple remote voice messages sent each other between members of the family and children. Hunting cloud network learned that magic call the next generation will have camera version, other more expand, such as security monitoring, there is no special to clear, but based on the service mode, there are more functions can be expanded. Wei Wei said: “in the second half of this year there will be a blockbuster products, focus on two or three such product, function may be about the same, but the appearance may not be exactly the same.”

last introduce design, it in the mouth, head, hands, the prominent place cloak and his feet are all made of silica gel, convenient to take and hold, up is not smooth, the most important is safe, baby kiss it wouldn’t hurt him. Silicone cloak and foot drop to the ground will also have the effect of the buffer. When it comes to the goal of this year, Wei Wei what to hit 500000 units, and on the profit-making mode, in addition to selling the intelligent toys, content and services in the future will be more rich and varied. Such as custom content and pronunciation.

tin man of science and technology, founded in 2011, chengdu team predecessor since 2006 created more than 500 kinds of children’s books. In 2012, the star of lenovo and qing vc 3.5 million angels, began comprehensive transformation into focus on children’s entertainment, and the application of children’s education and development of mobile Internet companies. In 2013 lenovo star 3 million additional investments. In November 2014 at grade yi da capital tens of millions of A round of investment.

in the domain of children, the tin man has tried for eight years, they have a group with more than ten years experience of editing, painters, writers, and engineers from huawei, baidu, etc., there is no denying that they in the content and technical strength. But also an inevitable problem, a child of nature, any toys into their hand, there is a such a process, to finally be forgotten even was dismantled. How to obtain a constant continuous growth, can refer to mobile phone protection shell, the inner core plate nature is constant, with the fastest speed to continuously introduce new shapes, these shell can also be produced by other manufacturers directly.

this is also true that with Wei Wei open interface consistent: “this year will be gradually open tin man user interface, interface will open online content, cloud OS system interface, the interface and toys that more partners to come in, let the more traditional toys, more wearable devices access to come in, brings to the child has a sense of science and technology, but is completely natural new ground.”

tin man CEO Wei Wei

tin man have to borrow the magic call this cute chick “voice”, how the future development of smart toys, still want to let time to decide, but value the tin man hunt cloud network, because of its open spirit is the spiritual essence of the Internet, Google android camp’s expansion is also for this reason.