Ma: those things for the first time to go to America to be cheated

cloud network hunting note: in China, almost no one could jack ma, the little man. Anecdotal, there are a lot of introduction to the recent hot people. And this is Mr Ma, by working with ma meet 24 years, up to 8 years of assistant Chen wei wrote a biography of Mr Ma, is Mr Ma himself nod “official biography”. Ma in the preface to the book write down a passage like this: “I didn’t think that long ago he can remember so clearly that those events and details, one foot have across the edge of my memory, now concentrated ‘replay’ again, reminds me of a lot of the good old days.” “This is jack ma,” the entire showed the growing experience of jack ma, entrepreneurship, and make the whole process of alibaba, the longest time span, from the initial to get listed in 2014, all involved.

First entrepreneurial

to go to America to be tricked into

in 1995, there was a time I have been no contact and Mr. Ma. One day suddenly received his call, get together let me go to his house, said he just came back from the United States, have something important to announce.

Ma Yungu coming that day a lot of people, some of them are students, and some I don’t know. Mr Ma is covered with a blanket, people on the sofa, appear a little nervous. People here, Mr. Ma for a while before telling his adventures.

a foreign company came to zhejiang, claims to want to invest to build highway, invited Mr Ma to be translated. And then took him to the United States, eat well, live well. I remember Mr. Ma said in Las Vegas on the top floor of living room, a press a knob, immediately open the roof, with a layer of glass, lie on the bed to see the stars.

jack ma later found the gang and others said the negotiations with the facts, they also asked Mr. Ma for something false “witness”. Ma think they may be an international fraud group, refused to cooperate with them.

when the other party began to threaten ma, said he just can’t go back, not cooperative and buckle under his all…

after Mr. Ma has experienced a series of dramatic events, finally escape clutches…

“it is too bad!” Mr Ma is covered with a blanket on the sofa, repeating the words many times. Can feel, some details in, I’m afraid Mr. Ma never don’t want to mention.

but I personally think that, people a lot of potential to be “inspired” by some extreme events. Was a gun to head the moment, some people crashed, while some people may immediately become strong, who knows!

jack ma, after escaping from a lion’s den of the gang did not immediately return to China. He remembered before hangzhou institute of electronics industry of foreign colleagues about the Internet, and the colleague’s son-in-law was only a network company work in Seattle.

so ma to Seattle, found that company. The people said to him, in the company to check what you knock on the computer. He knocked on “beer”, the results of the search out German beer, the United States and Japan, and but no beer in China. Then he knocked at the “China”, a search results only dozens of words and the history of China is introduced.

after a period of time, I almost every day to Ma Yungu listen to his explanation and demonstration of the Internet. I basically do not understand it, I just have a lively, to meet the students, by the way, in order to give ma a face is more of course. Mr Ma is meant to speak every day is very excited, after finished the Internet, and his business plan, and then asked what we think.

we all said no idea.

someone gave ma a few problems, it’s all about business steps. Mr. Ma could not answer, said he also don’t want to good. So we shake head to sigh together and pour the cold water to him: “teacher ma, you open bars, restaurants, do a night school, or continue to be a teacher, how will do, is doing this. What is this? Chinese no one knows, not to say that it is not good, no future, but because this stuff is so advanced…… The Chinese people not welcome.”

all opposition did not discourage ma. Just heard before, now in person access to the Internet, it makes ma very excited at that time. He decided to set up a company in China, specializes in the Internet. Jack ma, go to the United States spends little money registered the “China page”, computer display: “You are lucky… “(you are very lucky! This name has not been registered.

ma said on the same day, a young man in the Taiwan registered the “Taiwan page”. On the same day across the Taiwan straits entered the Internet era.

the entrepreneurship, and founded the sea bo translation club, ma gave up when all is regarded as a public university teachers’ work, the resignation of the sea. I remember he told me that when he was going to resign, was kind of hesitation. Then, one day after work, met the head of the department of campus. The dean riding a bike, handlebars hung two had just returned from the vegetable market to buy food. He stopped jack ma, to longly advised him to have a good English teacher this promising job. “I looked at him, suddenly understand, if continue to stay in school, he now is my” future “in the future!” So, Mr. Ma resigned quickly.

in April 1995, Mr Ma in hangzhou Wen Erlu gold base building rent several rooms, launched “Chinese yellow pages”. Heard that he had pulled out the LiuQiQian yuan, still find a mother-in-law to borrow some money, collected twenty thousand yuan. Since then, Mr Ma has officially registered his own company, hangzhou hai bo computer services co., LTD. This is the first Internet business in China, the staff only three people: brinton and He Yibing ma, ma lover. He Yibing is ma colleagues at school, by jack ma, a phone call, also do this call the Internet business.

although I didn’t quite understand ma, say to the Internet, but the fact he called me to help, I still every time. For one day and asked me to help with strong momentum. After I went to find a lot of empty land to put a desk in the room and a tablet chair, it feels a bit like kids play house. Mr Ma’s first secretary Li Yun, is the day move in.

jack ma, a start “the Chinese yellow pages” without customers, and then from the people around them first hand. At that time, I go to work in the export of TV company, another female classmate doing WangHu hotel lobby manager, Mr Ma took my company 14 inches color TV export data and WangHu pictures hair the Internet of the hotel. This is likely to be the earliest Chinese Internet products and hotel.

not long after, the world conference on women held in Beijing, after some representative to visit hangzhou, live in WangHu hotel. WangHu hangzhou first-class hotel, the hotel is not asked why would choose to live in WangHu hotel, they answered and said to them, because this is the Internet can search to the only hotel in China.

in WangHu hotel lobby manager the guy called zhou LAN, became a ma’s second secretary, became alibaba affairs director. She is one of the most pure beauty, our class have a picture to prove it.

about “beautiful” little in life, and jack ma had told everyone is also discussed. Ma said: “pretty useful, of course, not beautiful people through efforts can only be a boss, a beautiful person to can do for the boss secretary, ha ha!”

even so, after “Chinese yellow pages” online, or not many customers find you. Mr Ma had to bear the burden of propaganda “Chinese yellow pages”. Because no money to do advertising, ma door-to-door demonstration, lobby. Remember that experience, Mr Ma is still very sigh with emotion: “I was, nominally, the general manager is a salesman, with on the streets were selling insurance, health care products of the ‘nasty salesman. But the somebody else is signing policy, promote products for the mission, and I just a volunteer.” I once heard students say, in the roadside booth has also seen the ma with people sitting on the sidewalk TV for sd. I believe that time, Mr. Ma’s entrepreneurial experience is all sorts of taste in the heart.

ever reach

jack ma, the dream of “upside down”

remember English class class once proposition is “I have a dream, I have a dream”. Students dream of very different things, want to be a scientist, want to space, want to grandchildren… But the most is to earn enough money to travel around the world, to go where you want to go.

I forgot at that time, Mr. Ma’s comments, but Mr Ma is a special had a dream, although the content of dreams often change, but the dream never stopped.

there is a weekend, guys go to hangzhou in the tianzhu mountain climbing. Ma said: “every of jin yong’s Wu Xiashu I have not seen again, my dream is to become a master.” Mr Ma said that while under a big tree to pick up a straw, “for example, I pump it, this straw will become so strong that it can penetrate the tree of cutting. I work in an action, such as it soft as before, two head hang down from the tree. All after watching don’t understand how this straw through the tree trunks. Ah, if I had the epic fighting skill, like the breeze pure Yang.”

Mr. Ma’s martial arts dream never indelible. After founded alibaba, once Mr Ma also said: “I suddenly disappeared one day, who also can not find me, you out in a rash. Again a week later I was told the secretary, the other people ask, you answer: “ma was the breeze pure Yang go to a movie. “If people ask:” that what time can come back? “You say:” I don’t know, you look at the related news, filming for the movie what time, jack ma, what time to come back. ‘I think it’s fun!”

there are time and English class students a cup of tea, Mr. Ma said the dream that he in the hangzhou city of modernization, the others are suits, and his white silk clothes, a pair of sunglasses, shiny hair, a fly will broke his leg. Dress with the surrounding, is still standing on the edge of two above his head female bodyguards, a stretched out his left hand, a bodyguard immediately handed a pie, he bite two thrown back; Right hand a stretch, another bodyguard cigars to him at once, when he plays soot bodyguards hand then. Draw on a few mouth, he on female bodyguards hand press out the cigar, a burst of smoke rising, female bodyguards noodles don’t change color, no expression. After the female bodyguards clap your hands, without leaving any scar. The people around you, all kinds of expressions are…

later ma has experienced a lot in the entrepreneurial process, so at this stage of his dream has greatly changed.

a dream: with all the team to go to Paris for the holiday. When everyone has shocked, announced after dinner also send year-end bonuses: each two keys. When you puzzling, he say: “I’ll give you each bought a villa in Paris, and a ferrari sports car.” Someone on the spot because of tachycardia, was sent to hospital…

dream 2: ma walked into a European luxury hotel, staff are Asian, love reason disregard. Ma find hotel boss said: “this hotel you make an offer, I buy!” The boss said: “this hotel does not sell, unless the us $300 million.” Ma took out a check, side to write side said: “I thought to $500 million.” Quickly finished procedure, he took the President’s office of the keys to the door of a guitar tramp said: “from now on, this hotel is your…… “

jack ma, his “dream”, not only in the most difficult time, also organized together “dream”. End of a year, no bonuses and overtime. One day, jack ma, you organize the meeting, said: “if each of you has 5 million yuan annual bonus, how do you want to spend?” Pop is wild, excited to think about for nearly an hour, ma suddenly interrupted: “good! Everybody said that these will be implemented, the next work.”

someone says: “Ma Zong, again, let’s say for a while, I just spent 3 million yuan!” Everyone laugh scattered, continue to work.

“poor” happy is the most accurate interpretation of the start-up stage. Although I didn’t join the company, but I often go to see them, because they were next to my house. Mr. Ma will always come up with a variety of ways to make everyone happy, to do a good job partner, no conditions for material reward, ma give them “longevity”. Every time meeting he would give the partners “and a 200 – year – old”, “added the 300 – year – old” for the partners. Everyone cherish his “life”, an partner named money “shou”, most were added at the age of 9000. He immigrated to Canada now, come back to live in 2010 Ma Yungu, also with Ma Yunxue tai chi. He said he was the most happy thing is he was “9000”.

New Year’s day in 2011, “the 9000 – year – old” money to students to hangzhou again. Ma Yungu in the sitting room has two beautiful bronze horse, each with the palm of your hand, it is money classmates when driving on the way to jiuzhaigou from chengdu to buy. Ma has been chosen, but see every 4000 yuan price, he decided to give up, after students buy them money, gave jack ma.

when it comes to this matter, Ma Yunxiao stop: “somebody else to 4000 yuan a, Chen wei, how much do you know that he was somebody else? 200! Two!” Ma zheng big eyes, stretched out his right hand to do the double “V” shape, “said to the other small gifts.” Ma Yunbian says, to do a few old this prescription of traditional Chinese medicine.

jack ma added: “he bargain I listen to all dare not to listen to, ashamed dead. Maybe somebody else a bonzi dozen come over!”

money students are in han han smile: “this, this, these small business before I did, you copper weight was also with him, can’t I give him a little.” A good Beijing dialect, “if you have him 2000, pa! Somebody else gave, that you regret all too late! You say this every day?”

(from “this is jack ma”)

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