Lovely baby side dish: starting from the professional maternal and infant diet, to provide comprehensive scientific knowledge of parenting

on February 3, hunting cloud network messages (text/sun ce)

baby stage, baby breast milk is the ideal food, but as the baby grew up day by day, about four months, light to eat breast milk or infant formula have been unable to meet your baby’s nutritional needs. So in this stage, in addition to breast milk, also should give the baby some solid food, including rice, mud paste food, etc.), this is what we call the side dish. side dish, it is important for growing children, especially the nutrition to 0 year old stage, but also lay the foundation of healthy baby life.

lovely baby side dish is a located in professional maternal diet and for newborn parents to provide comprehensive scientific knowledge of parenting APP. Can provide the following functions:

1, the form of text, graphic, video for new mothers side dish and confined meal teaching;

2, mother BBS for mothers parenting, sharing, shopping services, in 3 x series would provide a safe to buy organic food services.

in the maternal and infant market, many entrepreneurs have been cut to the maternal and infant market from different areas, the such as hot mama help from the community, baidu baby know from knowledge interlocution, graduate students as a tool cuts. Similar to these, the lovely baby consisting in maternal and infant market perspective of see this point. “after 80, 90 mothers how to scientific nutrition add side dish to prepare weaning infants and young children, is a just need, now the market without a good product; Other special groups to pay more attention to food health, how easy it is to buy safe food (including eggs, chicken, organic pork, etc.) is a potential demand. “Founder Peng Xu told hunting cloud network.

at first, Peng Xu hope for their 6-month-old baby to find a comprehensive system of learning to do see place, found that knowledge is very fragmentary, also not system, general quality too. After investigation found that not only the children see, pregnant women, confined recipes are all like this, there is a big market space, also have the lovely baby consisting of origin.

when it comes to business model, Peng Xu said: “a vertical maternal and infant electricity is , will consider from mother to child fresh and other non-standard products to try, on the premise of not affect user experience in the future, for mother to provide more products choice; In addition, in the process of user operation, found that many mothers has a great demand on the baby’s health, the late may try to light appointments mode .”

according to hunt cloud network understanding, lovely baby see APP since, have been obtained including apple, millet, application market recommendations, such as in the case of zero promotion fee, 6 months online users reached 500000. In the future, the lovely baby see will expand user range, from the current 1 to 3 years old baby’s mother is expanded to 1 to 12 years old mother of the market. In the aspect of content will continue to increase the professional level, in order to raise trade barriers.

“our advantage is we in addition to the user community q&a knowledge, hope with professional knowledge of parenting system (PGC) to competition too scattered knowledge system (UGC) system. “Peng Xu told hunting cloud network.

founder Peng Xuceng as 360 product manager, lovely baby consisting of project is the second time he business, previously served as a voip project buyout by 360. The lovely baby see team a total of 10 people. Before the angel had 2 million round of funding, has launched A round of funding, is expected to transfer 20% of the equity financing around 10 million.