Lovely baby show: “cute” baby TongChengChang pictures social platform

(text/He Yuying)

on October 11, 2013, imported from South Korea MBC TV’s “where dad” in hunan satellite TV broadcast, the entire season on a total of 12 period, the average rating of 2.85, ranks first, become each big variety shows viewers the king in 2013. Began, a hard to resist the “cute” agitation swept across China, bask in the lovely baby photos, share the babies “cute” animated gifs into 80 parents after a big hobby, then focus on the infant child social platform arises at the historic moment.

the lovely baby show is such a “cute” APP. In December, 2014, 8 people jiang-hua luo and his team had to build a maternal and child the idea of social platform, this is the third time that he had the beginning of the business. About why focus on maternal and infant social platform, in addition to an updated hot cute baby, there’s a reason why oneself is also a the father of the child, pay attention to the baby every day change is jiang-hua luo couple focus on daily life.

“before my wife often use hot mama help to share the pictures of the baby, but hot mama help mom’s APP is a centre of gravity is mainly aimed at children, suitable for women to obtain information, share gossip, is not a focus on the infant child products. Around friends became the parents of the children at the same time, we need to share, to bask in their children, so cute baby show online.” Lovely baby show founder jiang-hua luo said.

on March 3, 2015, the lovely baby show iOS version online, 7 android version online, pink interface, meng map style, the design feels dye-in-the-wood slides broadcast way… Give the user a lovely visual sense. Jiang-hua luo told cloud network hunting, lovely baby show is currently in beta, team together to speed up the iterative cycle, from the feedback data make up the shortage of the existing functions, new functions increase gradually.

jiang-hua luo think now is an era of reading pictures, especially the female users to a large extent willing to look at the picture than reading words. Lovely baby show main image sharing function, a picture by utility development variety play, let the user on a child have a variety of choices. At the same time, the APP will be based on user upload of according to build exclusive for baby’s growth tree, in the form of pictures to keep children grew up good memories.

“is one of our main images, but lovely baby show is not just a photo sharing platform.” Jiang-hua luo to hunt cloud network is introduced, the lovely baby show social attributes is the highlight of the APP. The user can choose according to interest to join different pictures, the APP will be based on the analysis of the user’s interests to push for pictures, friends.

in reinforced concrete forest, many urban young parents don’t know where should take children to play, also don’t know who let their children to play with. Lovely baby show where “baby” function based on location sharing solved this problem, through photo users can know where is the other children play, around them have the same age children can play together. “Later we can also according to the background data to the user push around the high quality early education center for children play, the mother exchange experience. The push is visual, and improve the credibility and better for the user to use the experience.”

in addition, the lovely baby show also features built-in the invitation and permissions Settings, the user can choose, the maximum extent to protect user privacy. Construct the users share incentive mechanism at the same time, through sharing for trial rights of maternal and infant supplies, improve the online user activity.

hunting cloud network learns from jiang-hua luo, lovely baby show has received seed money, 2015 alibaba innovation final project at the same time. “We’ll be in ali with the help of the integrated quality of business resources, the lovely baby show officially launched in April promotion launch ‘worth buying when plate, from the pictures, social multi-pronged, electricity and other aspects, make a lovely baby’s paradise, hot mom’s paradise.”