Love rain: wedding photography O2O, with complete closed loop develops the tour market

(text/Wang Saiying)

wedding industry is a large market, as the upper reaches of the wedding photography field also has a great imagination. According to the national data statistics show that from 2011 to 2014, each year with an average of 11.15 million couples married in China. These positive Numbers attracted many Internet companies engaged in this field, including start-ups and companies. The industry has gradually into the red sea.

“love rain is an implementation of the depth of the on-line closed-loop trading service vertical electric business platform, belongs to the trading platform of Tmall model class, at the same time through online late TAB to realize online consumption and service, realize the closed loop. Users to place the order, the offline businesses provide photography services, love rain is provided online process services and disappear is protected, customer service, belong to coordinate party.” Love rain founder, bartholomew told hunting cloud network.

in the traditional wedding photography industry, often opaque and not standard quotation. At first, love the rain will be standardized selling wedding photography products unified specification, the purpose is to break the industry of information asymmetry. Open the love rain website, as you can see, the love rain standard set of wedding dress template specification, photo, children’s photography products quotation, set of system to provide all the services and products is net price clearly labeled, can avoid recessive consumption industry. The

along with the increased social personalized requirements taken wedding photos, fission, brigades taken gradually at home and abroad, for the couple brigade take classes, Internet products are capital love rain the whole process of the closed loop online services, wedding photograph captures the tourism consumption demand and the late service problems.

early love rain provide brigade took the main products are cost-effective local Tours shooting line, users in the love rain free set of system of choose and buy products, good booked time to shop. To begin in early 2015, love the rain and travel OTA strategic cooperation, joint way cattle network, a famous tourist service, such as trip to conduct launched nationwide from source to destination, self-help travel + shooting a whole product, extend the full closed-loop trading services online, allow the user to obtain convenient, smooth travel experience.

taken photos of the person all know, communication products and post-production is a relatively long process, brigade take round-trip communication, how to solve the user and the studio studio dispute? Tell hunting cloud network, love rain killer??? “Fire intelligent TAB management software” (hereinafter referred to as online) can effectively solve the pain points. through online TAB, the user can realize image between studio, studio and screening, opinion communication, product customization, consumption upgrading, product recognition, receiving feedback commercial video services TAB links such as the process of service. online TAB not only solved the cross-regional brigades taken from the hustle and bustle of obstacles, clear the background of real books communication record also prevents the user and the status of the merchant said wrangling with each other not clear, the user’s brigades taken more secure.

economic fans who don’t want to do? Some industries have the members, fans have the brand, unlimited access to financing rounds, but low consumption limit of wedding photography industry, especially the brigade take products, fans economy especially difficult to do. In d old, love the rain, by extending the portrait category to pregnant women, children, parents, individual fine art, a best friend, family, etc., to provide more perfect portrait photography services.

so far, shenzhen, xiamen, sanya, lijiang, Lhasa and other places of more than five hundred studio and studio has been successful in love rain, diversified shooting style give users more choice space. Love the rain in the future will continue to expand domestic tourism cities and key tourist cities resources abroad. In 2015, according to hunting cloud network understanding, love the rain will launch reverse custom set of system, personal photographer to take products, to meet the young after 88, 90 after the individual needs.”

although wedding photography with billions of level of the market, but the low consumption, severe decision-making is the common difficulty in operating the industry. For many people, wedding photography is almost a life behavior, how to train the user viscosity is rain the next to accept the test of love. In addition to continuous innovation, in portrait photography niche products perfectly, allow the user to have the best experience, love rain high-value, need to continue in this aspect.