Logistics shall complete China capital brought $10 million in A round of funding

cloud network hunting note: logistics is a small mi release information and looking for options in the App , aiming at the general logistics driver logistics park outside goods, such as the status quo, combined with the convenience of mobile Internet, logistics can surprise surprise under the condition of the user agrees to mobile location to the driver. To help the driver to find the right source, help the owner to find the right driver.

recently, A leading domestic logistics industry car service O2O platform done logistics small mi announced $10 million in A round of funding, the current capital brought by China, IDG capital and investment.

logistics is a small mi based on mobile Internet technology, focus on logistics industry car service O2O platform, its parent company Beijing esselte bird technology co., LTD. Was established in April 2014 and IDG angel investment.

according to the transportation department according to the latest figures, the logistics industry has more than 700 small micro logistics companies and more than 2000 freight drivers, information is asymmetric between them, every year there are up to more than $600 is charged spending and vehicles effective utilization rate of less than 50%, return empty. Logistics for the logistics industry is the small mi vertical niche, push technology, based on LBS + cloud on China’s road transport business characteristics and development platform for the mobile car.

“unlike drops a taxi and quickly take a taxi, car logistics industry is different from the taxi business form, the vast majority are booking transport, so the actual logistics transport service, not only to solve logistics enterprises online booking together with the driver, more to solve an appointment after the completion of the process of monitoring and early warning. Logistics provides a small mi from single, make an appointment to clinch a deal, order, process monitoring and early warning, payment and assessment of logistics transport link service.” Logistics CEO Wei Liang small mi said.

in IBM is engaged in the supply chain strategy consulting Wei Liang, joined the line card in 2010 as co-founder of supply chain management co., LTD., responsible for the company’s core business of logistics integration platform, and successively completed the tripod vc, novice network technology on line card and all the financing, the highway transportation industry and has a profound understanding of user demand.

“logistics core management team have small mi card line world, the supply chain consulting, Microsoft and IBM drops a taxi companies such as operation, marketing and management experience for many years, the highway transportation industry and mobile Internet industry has a profound understanding and the experience of the complementary advantages.” China capital partner Wu Haiyan and IDG NiuKuiGuang said.

logistics in Beijing in August 2014, small mi business soon to jinan, linyi, tianjin, zhengzhou and other cities, and soon become a leadership in the field of logistics transport mobile software platform. As of January 2015, the logistics accumulation of small mi registration certification more than 80000 users, daily transport more than 4000 single orders. “In the second half of 2014, logistics small mi will constantly improve products and sales, formed a reproducible rapid promotion mode, in the first half of 2015 will quickly extended to 20 cities, is expected to reach 300000 users, daily transport more than 30000 single orders.” Wei Liang said.

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