Level about the princess diaries: appearance, mouth not to say, the measurement is very honest

(text/Shen Xiaoxue)

“princess diaries” is a appearance level assessment (IOS version now online), APP users to upload photos of themselves in different periods, different image, to accept other people’s subjective assessment, at the same time can also be used in the module evaluation of others “princess” appearance, assessment results will be in the “beauty consultants” plate is analyzed and the present, a “princess diaries” is thus completed.

co-founder Zhu Shengjiu convective cloud network said, our user is more free time and more young people like to accept new things, through our software, such a fun game, as the carrier, based on the pictures generated diary, let them understand the different period of the most beautiful oneself, find yourself in others heart the most beautiful appearance.

Zhu Shengjiu said: with the types of products on the market at present is based on face recognition technology, using a standardized aesthetic mechanism, it is concluded that a certain parameter, but the biggest problem is that it results not accurate, the same photo after two times testing, the results may be entirely different. After the “princess diaries” in private beta, we found that user feedback and the mass aesthetic basic consistent.

the current measurement method is this: the user upload ten images, by the software, two two pairs to form five photos, the five photos again by other users to make a choice, choose a good one, the five pictures by our present algorithms to sort. In the future we will find breakthroughs in algorithm and technology, make the calculated result is more objective and accurate.

the word appearance level recently very fire, and the first in doing this kind of product we just thought it was pretty funny, and also want to have a look at the market acceptance of our products, and without too much consideration of profit model, most of the same type of application will be to develop in the direction of electricity, open advertising platform, etc., we don’t want to early to commercially, because commercial will harm the user experience to a certain extent, in the future we might consider a virtual product trading profit.

although “princess diaries” is a main application of female group, but the core team members are “masculinity”, founder and CEO YuLe as “the French institute of electronics and information engineering” IT financial professional master degree, co-founder Zhu Shengjiu in university of electronic science and technology “electronic science and technology (physical) electronic technology to complete the undergraduate course of study, and to get your master of management,” the university of Florida “like new things he has rich experience and COO Sun Qing day is outstanding,” learn the new “UI designer Liu Chengji have deep research to the technology and art.