Lenovo CEO Yang yuanqing, popular science and technology enterprise fraud fraud

hunting cloud network (note: the CPPCC national committee chairman and CEO Yang yuanqing, lenovo group in Beijing yesterday afternoon. Depth of communication with the media, “area” strategy, IT industry integrity, disclosure and other two Chinese consumption hot topic expounds his own thinking. Mr Yang said, drive in the country “area” strategy, should not only promote physical sense of highway and railway, should also be construction and promotion of “information superhighway”, with “create in China” foreigners make money. He also said that the Chinese people flock to shopping abroad, even to buy “seat”, suggests that people to mistrust of the Chinese products, the government should vigorously carry forward the brand awareness, on the one hand to expose foreign brands to enter the Chinese market, on the one hand, encourage Chinese enterprises to go out and create international brand. When talked about the current industry issues, Mr Yang also specifically pointed out that at present, some IT companies false fraud, mystifying and is very undesirable, he called on the industry with a more sincere attitude to face the customers and investors.

the author: Luo Liang source: sina science and technology

“neighbourhood” all the way to promote the “information superhighway”

Mr Yang said, “all the way along the” strategy is a great country. “Our growth is largely dependent on exports in the past, and now the carriages need to boost domestic consumption, in addition, also actively encourage enterprises to” go out “, so as to promote China’s economic growth.”

lenovo group is a very good example. Said Yang yuanqing, lenovo group now a third of the business in China, two-thirds of business overseas, but since most of the r&d and manufacturing in China, so the employee 70% in China, 30% in overseas.

a slowdown in China last year, lenovo’s business in China with the previous year was flat, the personal computer and even fell slightly, as a rule, China should cut, at least not increase, but in fact, lenovo has increased in China last year, 3000 people. “This is mainly thanks to the development of our overseas. We all achieved 30% in Europe, the United States, the growth rate of 40% above, and this requires that we want to increase product development manufacturing employees in China.” Mr Yang said.

“can be seen from the example of lenovo, the Chinese enterprises to go out, can promote the development of Chinese economy, we can use the Chinese to create, made in China to make foreigners money.” Mr Yang said.

Mr Yang said, “all the way along the” is a good way to drive China’s economy continues to grow. “Don’t think we have money to invest in China, the best investment to the less developed places, actually maybe higher return on investment.” “Area” must be our enterprises “going out” strategy.

“I am very happy to see, li keqiang, the prime minister at the time of visit abroad, each go to a place of the sale of our high-speed rail, but I think just physical highway, high-speed railway is not enough, should also promote the information highway.” Mr Yang believes, should put the construction of information highway planning in the “area” strategy, because of China’s enterprises in the information highway building materials have considerable strength and ability: such as huawei, zte network products, such as lenovo’s servers, storage equipment, computers, smart phones have considerable strength.

therefore, Yang yuanqing, the future prime minister to visit abroad, the promotion of “area” development strategy, can put the construction of information highway development planning, the related to the information superhighway, provides the “building materials” can promote.

shelling IT companies fraud fraud Advocate the enterprise credit management

when IT comes to “what are the problems in China’s IT industry,” Mr Yang stressed that China’s IT industry the need to pay attention to and improve the problem is – honesty. Now the whole industry in this area has a lot of problems. The first is the issue of fake, but more serious is the issue of fraud.

Mr Yang pointed out that the technology industry now has a more serious problem that is data. Many enterprise false sales data, raised, and so on, these are not desirable. Some businesses actually melt says 10 million to 10 million, to improve their company’s value; Other companies mystifying and come up with the so-called “tax revenue”. “These are integrity problems.”

“in fact, in the listed company, we have only a pre-tax profits, has never been a turnover tax. It is to should be to the national tax calculate into their turnover, is false.” To this end, Yang yuanqing, called for the entire IT industry, the Internet industry should be with a more sincere attitude to face the customer, in the face of investors.

vigorously carry forward the brand The talents will not “go abroad to buy toilet cover”

Mr Yang also talked about the Chinese tourists to go abroad to buy rice and hot topic in the toilet cover. This actually reflects the common people, he said, the quality of their products and brands lack of confidence. For this, Mr Yang proposal, the government should vigorously carry forward the brand awareness.

“brand represents the trust, trust, product technology content and quality control ability, service ability, and, of course, also including the price, these links are well done, can constitute a famous brand, let people trust.” Mr Yang said.

so in the process of brand building, the government and enterprises should do what? Mr Yang said that the government should boldly make international brands to enter the Chinese market, famous brand of China may be forced to have a standard, so as to make the product and industry has big improvement.

Mr Yang also said that the government should also encourage enterprises to go out. , he says, many enterprises take advantage of the Chinese market to become China’s criticism, but if can’t walk out, also can reduce people’s dependency on it. And go out after the quality standard, inspection of developed countries, we can form a global brand.

Mr Yang said, is to be let people trust the brand, the government should also encourage innovation, make enterprise to slam the door and hold.