Lei jun: millet layout has been completed, 3-5 years do not do the electric car

note: hunting cloud is being held in yabuli entrepreneurs on the BBS in China, lei jun again makes a speech to share the successful experience of millet, rumors for electric cars, he said not with 3 to 5 years. The following for sina finance and economics reports content:

lei jun says, for getting the product will at all costs, it says, the only advantage is cheap Chinese products, can only rely on cost control, filled with all sorts of false and inferior product on the market. Wal-mart usstock_WMT and costco innovation experience helped millet to reduce costs to improve operational efficiency.

when it comes to China’s manufacturing sector, lei jun says, millet in the market for three years, the domestic mobile phone market has become more and more good, the future, hope the millet can like samsung, SONY of Japan to South Korea manufacturing manufacturing role, in the next five to ten years in several areas in the first place. The hope can millet take the development of China’s manufacturing industry.

people say millet mobile marketing done well, but lei jun says, he in the BBS and don’t want to speak millet, because like to advertise their. But still have to say that, because very few people in the high-end crowd with millet, also not many people understand the millet, “who used millet field?” The audience trickle of raised some hands, he smiled, “more than I expected.

lei jun predicted that mobile phone will become the center of the connection of intelligent equipment. The millet in beauty is hope to be able to participate in intelligent home appliance industry. In the future, the user home all of the devices can be connected with mobile phones and, for example, air purifier, filter expires mobile phone received notice, users only need to click on the order to the new mesh door-to-door delivery.

for the success of millet, lei jun summarized as three points: 1, the electronic commerce; 2, social media, especially the microblog, WeChat let millet in after the release of a wide range of transmission. Age 3, smart phones, lay the foundation for millet mode broke out.

but is the most important feature to lei jun “in mobile phone also choose millet, I won”. Its said that the domestic mobile phone selling nearly 430 million units a year, two years on average in a cell phone. “As long as let users change also choose millet mobile phone time, I will win.” Last year, he said, buy a new cell phone, one of the five people bought millet, that’s a big market.

about “how to think of lenovo’s purchase of Moto” questions, lei jun says, Moto can help the company rapid internationalization, and lenovo have certain experience in international acquisition. But the strengths of the millet is the integration of research and development, the experience is inferior to lenovo. “Let’s foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses.

lei jun is also a “illusive”, he brought in wuzhen said to be one of the world’s first smartphone, the result is the presence of apple , vice President of ridicule “easy to say hard to do”. But he said, from the market share of millet in other countries, a decade after the chances of this goal is very big.

to dabble in electric cars, lei jun made it clear that millet within three to five years will not do the electric car, it said, millet layout has been completed , “it has nothing to do with the market good or bad, we focus on the few product right now, is already very not easy.” He said, “is not on, it is energy co., LTD.”

lei jun to further explain, millet impressed everyone is doing anything before, but is actually a misunderstanding, millet, do three kinds of five