Leave XueSeng: do foreign students “Momo” + “58 city”

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according to the report of the kai tak education, students studying abroad are China’s export in 2013 about 2013 people, more than 2014 students in 500000 by conservative estimates, the number of study abroad more than 20% growth for four consecutive years, study abroad in China has become the world’s largest exporter.

study abroad market is a billions of level of the market. Learned, study abroad exam training each year about 30 billion yuan of the size of the market, each year students to study abroad intermediary service fee paid for more than 5 billion yuan. In addition, the consumption of overseas students each year about 1500-200 billion yuan or so, the fee includes tuition, accommodation, medical and other daily expenses, and China has become the world’s first study in spending power.

so for foreign students with social needs to do? Is some, now leave XueSeng is a specially designed for international students crowd, dating and life service information of mobile terminal vertical community. Products are mainly targeted on the international students, including to go abroad, have come home and abroad, three kinds of people, the leave XueSeng’s main function is to make the overlap of students know each other, and can instead of some local BBS functions, mobile service information release and search for life.

“is called leave XueSeng, on the one hand, students, on the other hand, he thinks that study abroad is not easy, is a kind of practice, leave XueSeng in the sense of the dervish. Leave XueSeng is currently on the market only a social APP for foreign students, we are committed to the most practical mobile phone tools become students. We also are developing “study abroad”, “study abroad know” two pieces of new features, with rich content, main SNS study circle “, “know” studying similar zhihu, mainly to increase the studying properties of APP, can also increase user stickiness.” Leave XueSeng founder Richard c.haskelli told hunting cloud network.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, good and evil people mixed up to study abroad intermediary market, go abroad to apply for business students and intermediary information unequal loss is bigger, which leads to many students experience is bad. After going abroad, for building service information access is not very timely, relevant life (didn’t go abroad before due to policy on information service website is not convenient), plus dating channel narrow, drifting in the outside, alone, hometown of fellow students, alumni communication demand is a recessive just need.

in this context, Richard c.haskelli launched nanjing armed with partner Chen Xin common science and technology, developed XueSeng APP, two people are in Australia during the classmates and friends. Now leave XueSeng team server, IOS, android, each a UI, have many years of work experience.

“online study APP at present is mainly introduced agents themselves, more information online and study abroad adviser consulting for colleges, such as Onions help so far, so good, pockets to study, but these preference information display, the user need not registered, no social attributes. We leave XueSeng adopt the UGC mode, and its model is different, this is a fast fish eat slow fish market, no one has an advantage on technology, the most important thing is speed, leave XueSeng promotion for a month has accumulated nearly all users.” Richard c.haskelli said.

Richard c.haskelli tell hunting cloud network, leave XueSeng team currently is the main energy of perfect products, wait until the user accumulates to a certain extent is expected to develop intermediary business, leave XueSeng cooperate with the mediation, the mediation information through online display, do upstream of mediation, mediation diversion. The future may also provide DIY application function, the rebate business overseas. DIY refers to all of the application process done through leave XueSeng, to improve the experience in the process of application, at the same time may rebate for successful application of students.

when it comes to the future planning, Richard c.haskelli hunting cloud network to that the next 1-3 years leave XueSeng to do intermediary agencies, to intermediary diversion, beyond 3 to 5 years, reserve XueSeng for offline business, hand in hand with the development of mobile terminal with offline mediation. Richard c.haskelli argues that, in the study in this field, kai tak education has reached the standard of the listed, with China’s size, study can market size for the first two listed companies, he is leave XueSeng hope this second.

now, leave XueSeng team has launched the angel round, hope to find on partners and investors who have certain resources. Is raised 5 million yuan , is mainly used for online APP promotion, product research and development, the team expanded and leave XueSeng brand promotion.

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