Learn to taking pains: entrepreneurship constantly motivate a team with a small achievement

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why start-ups fail?

the reason, unless a shortage of funds. But the general explanation may be more like a description of results rather than the root cause analysis.

to be sure, many companies can be attributed to the failure of their mediocre. I recently found, although insignificant — do something as soon as possible is very important to the development of the enterprise, achievements no matter good or bad, is better than the unknown.

some startup for its ability to execute, and looks. This is because they target aim or empty, such as release large products. A few months, they deviated from the original goal, so CEO is inaction.

similarly, they also spent months negotiating with a big client, eventually occupied resources.

some founder and even in the early stage began to rely on seed money, no money. They only care about whether you can get money, but didn’t play to the role of the company.

they have neglected the small achievements.

small achievement has nothing to do with winning or losing, target plan and implement, however, can not do without it.

language expression, for example, it’s on the team to develop new target plays a vital role.

if your goal is to large projects, such as make the enterprise users to register. Which is the technical difficulties in some ways has not been automated, so this goal is enough to make your technical team have a headache.

if the CEO said: “the user wants to try the product’s performance, it has made the installation and maintenance teams overworking… So how can we realize the users to register?” , the team will have what kind of reaction?

for the technical team is overloaded, they must be much to complain about, because the project will further aggravate the burden on them. It is conceivable that their project will be very negative, even give up treatment early. In this case all the burden of new challenges will become hopeless.

but if put it another way, let the team to think about the things they can currently?

“the easy part is we only set up the basic account, name, ID, password, etc. The content can be set up by us, and in the day to design the user interface. Other time-consuming part, can be in the form of listing the statistics users can be done in a week, and accordingly formulate our task. Team communication, tomorrow morning I need to see the list.”

highlight results as soon as possible, the advantage is, in entrepreneurial team in difficult environments can inspire motivation.

this exciting, it between the team created a “I can” attitude, make everyone surge of emotion surge. Maybe you design self-register a way is not perfect, but is better than your competitors. This is a small achievement, it can make members every week as PR (Google pagerank (page rank) have words to say.

small achievement will stimulate the majority of the members and potential investors. Because people think this speeds up the break tasks for their own work schedules.

accomplishments that make you as there are telltale signs, every day make you be clear at a glance. If it were not for the small achievement standards, people focus on something work Day after Day, so life can be like Groundhog Day as rigid. So what did you do today worth mentioning?

“today, our achievements are users change their nicknames without registering a new account.”

this is something worth mentioning. The achievement every day, otherwise should self-reflection.

in addition, focus on results of a hidden value is earlier, to get the market and customer feedback. Such as for some customers (you have never given the reason need to open account, the function is not a large project, they need only a slight market demand, but you can always learn early.

if you are ready for the next round of financing. Don’t hard work on a project. The most sensible thing to do is offer investors interested in the project brief planning. You can begin immediately, and during this period is very old and may have their own. If so, you only need in this week and he drink a cup of coffee and exchange views about financing. It even met with investors, and you are coming into the stage of financing. Because you pay attention to small achievement, can quickly and easily complete the financing.

if I can also gradually analysis was carried out on the sales process? Of course, you can consider whether can attracts people with a gift? If your product requires a lot of customers, so is there a way to attract people, make customers in the future job becomes relatively simple? If sales process productive only after 6 months, then the whole process must be very hard – not only to sales staff, and the board of directors and even the whole industry. Participate in sales people look forward to every week, big and small achievements.

so the next time when you are planning something or to complete the task, consider yourself the most easily achieved. Let your team to think “now can do” or “can complete the task of this week.

you will be surprised at the moment you what things were so much.

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