Laptop into the gold recovery period, three years is not in the computer you can shoot!

hunting cloud network (note: this year’s CES notebook market is particularly active, overall thanks to Intel’s much-anticipated 14 nm Broadwell processor. In addition from business jets, game models to netbooks, the price of all kinds of don’t new boutique models emerge in endlessly, see person dazzled. Even if you don’t plan to this year of new laptop, watching the hunt cloud network editor jun compiled this profile for you, you will be tempted!

like once red-hot computer games, laptops and should have retirement slowly. They sank than tablets, not convenient to carry, and gradually replace their is a new generation of hybrid models: combined type computer, is not only the laptop can split out the tablet alone again. But in the recent 2015 CES conference, I noticed the laptop does not seem to prepare thoroughly way, on the contrary, a new wave of styles of different functional laptop has scooped the top prize at the show. For game model is fierce, business models save electricity and function development. Of course, if you haven’t seen dell XPS 13 models, you cannot imagine the rise of a new notebook so menacing.

every New Year means a variety of invention and progress. This year’s CES why special different? Because this year’s development of new products have been doomed to bring notebook market a strong wind, innovation concept is revealing, superior performance products emerge in endlessly. Please allow me to be for you to come.

14 nano Broadwell Intel processor has recently unveiled its mysterious veil. Although in the past few years in every field CES Intel is the processor kua yarns, but is one of the formal market oriented Broadwell until this year. Intel said in an interview, the processor of the production and market distribution will be in the history of the company’s products enhance one of the largest fastest speed up production. Makes unprecedented decision of the company, be about to Broadwell applied to different price, orientation is different than a variety of models. So now in the market to see Celeron, Pentium, Core i3, i5 and i7 even the latest Core M series will also change Broadwell collective processor.

Broadwell finally came out, his notebook market

so what is special about Broadwell? 14 nm Broadwell transistor is far less than its predecessor 22 nm Haswell processor, thus bring notebook higher performance, greater space, and lower the body temperature. In the case of other hardware is not be changed, the most commonly used 15 watts processor can now give the notebook more electricity, on the basis of the original standby time computer can play 90 minutes of video. Imaging technology has also become more stable, but this is the new product will have a update, so there is no one yelling for this progress. Really exciting is Broadwell long battery life, than the original processor rose 30% on time.

there are a number of Intel in CES repeated: over the past four years, a total of about 600 million computer users in the world did not update their computer processors. Today we face a lot of pent-up demand, as long as there is compelling new equipment listed once we can release and meet these requirements. Broadwell before has not listed, plus AMD Intel rival company in addition to produce a little cheaper than Intel processor cannot surpass Intel’s quality, the double factors directly results in the stagnation of the notebook market downturn. Though not planned, but the market demand has been depressed for a long time, Intel is in imperceptible in preparation for their return to a piece of the market. Now chip Broadwell led to the rise of a number of more advanced models, Intel also happens to make big money.

dell XPS 13 notebook regardless of looks or are of the works of art to use. Notebook screen, super ultra wide without edge design is the art of modern science and technology embodiment. For the top and bottom of the aluminum alloy material, joined the carbon element. The whole machine one integrated mass, than any current 13-inch laptop and lighter. Even on other models generally poor evaluation of the touch pad, XPS 13 can do touch responsive precision, using the best experience. And for the price, XPS and bring us surprises. Dell it this laptop will add pressure to the total price of all kinds of accessories only $799, so we here saying no touch and, the price of the surprising high-end products. A new generation of laptop will full beyond the old generation in quality and price of products, and dell is first of the many new models in the future. No border big screen used Sharp’s IGZO display technology. While LG display on the LG and Acer notebook products before using a similar technology, similar products are also in the years to come will only grow, but now the price of dell laptop is still much more friendly than before the old products.

, dell’s gaming laptop brand, this time at CES also launched its peak masterpiece – LED lights portable game notebook. Although Alienware laptop in each generation to make new changes not obviously, but the Alienware paragraphs 15 inch and 17 inch thin and small obviously, 20% lighter than before product. Paragraph 15 inches at the same time can also upgrade to the pixels up to 4 k of touch screen. If you still want to have a desktop video card can provide the high quality game experience, Alienware also exhibited at CES is more than one use the external GPU (graphics processor) laptop, will meet your requirements. The madness of products introduced in addition to MSI company GT80 Titan, equipped with a mechanical keyboard and a dual-core GeForce graphics built-in graphics processors. The keyboard letters of common direction (i.e., W, A, S and D) incredibly still golden shell, this may surprise some customers, but the game players must be fondle admiringly.

this is not the only Windows computer gradually revival, Acer also exhibited at CES within 15 inches this, commonly known as Google system dedicated netbooks. Say to the low price market, or can give not too many customers looking for online parents use an entry-level notebook market, but in recent years, the strongest momentum is the product of a new book. We noticed that in this cheap to use notebook market, such as display screen size is a very heavy buying factors. So this time 15 inches of big screen is likely to draw a large proportion of the original is a Windows client to buy this kind of Google’s new products. Acer notebook quality pass, absolute value. But also like XPS 13, we recently in CES saw this this also will be the first to emerge from the netbook market, only after the product will be more rapid development, to drive the pace of the notebook market revival.

more this and smaller Macbook: demand for higher

obviously CES every year absence of a large company is Apple, but even during the exhibition company also revealed to the wind: this year will have a more thin and cool listed 12 inch Macbook Air. Push the Macbook Air Broadwell listed not only higher efficiency of the chip, and the latest USB Type – C joint. C type plug is like from the plug of the Apple, small symmetrical design makes we are likely in the near future to create a more thin notebook. So is somewhat exaggerated, but C type plug in technology and convenience is a major innovation, maybe a lot of people would really go for this design and replace their use for many years the old notebook.

from Intel’s new chips, the design of the Apple is concise and agile, or in the continuous improvement of the Windows system models, 2015 reasons can cause you to buy a notebook is countless, added up to more than in the past three years. The notebook market recovery, into the golden age, what are you waiting for?