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with the development of Internet, online education developing rapidly, video class teacher moved to online online education to colleges and universities. New Oriental education group chairman, Mr Yu said when talk about education reform, the future of online education never dominance, should be the situation of flowers, to the O2O mode and simple online mode. If a teacher speaks very good chemistry class, the teacher I might open a website, the whole of China’s middle school students could learn chemistry with him, but he could not replace the Chinese each place different chemical training market. dispersion and the dispersion of resources in the nature of education, decided the could not have any education institution, to monopolize the education market , including new Oriental.

therefore, subdivision of online education, there are a lot of entrepreneurs start to vertical niche. A computer is a practical science, in the process of learning to knock code, is a necessary link in doing experiments. Even if learning in university computer, in addition to listening to the teacher in class, also should go to the school computer room or on the local computer set up environmental practice doing experiments. So, do IT online education platform, training is necessary.

lab building is the first domestic IT online training platform, target audience is the IT professional students and on-the-job personnel. Lab building room moved to the line, the school provides programming, operations, and test the complete online experimental environment, tie-in tutorial strategy of computer technology, allows the user to learn IT tutorials and online training.

lab building, the CEO of benji told hunting cloud network, creation of lab building was inspired by the user. Before their main business is selling SimpleCloud to colleges and universities, government and other customers with SimpleLab virtual training room and other software products. virtual training room in cooperation with some universities, many students feedback hope there is an online computer experiment, the equivalent of each school’s computer room, lab building moved to the Internet, that is why web site called “lab building” .

in the lab building, just a second, you can start a complete experimental environment. Through notes, screenshot function can record inspiration in the learning process, at any time by downloading the code function can help the user to write the code in the environment, files downloaded to the local preservation, through the code in this tutorial can be copied to the clipboard function experiment environment. If encounter problems when doing experiments can through the remote desktop function, teachers or friends to help solve. User has to type the code in the experimental environment or command when included in the study time effectively, effective learning can be real reaction degree of user’s beginning ability and hard work.

it is well known that the online education is the core of the content, determine the future of the user. Lab building has its own team consists of experienced engineers responsible for the quality of course team for the tutorial. And tutorial Daniel made mostly from colleges and universities teachers and technology, all courses before online after class team of strict test, to ensure that the tutorial can be users understand very good.

90% with a team of lab building technology research and development personnel. CEO shi lei is a master of computer science department of Peking University, is an expert in cloud computing and virtualization technologies, there are more than 9 years of virtualization and cloud computing research and development experience, worked for Intel, Sun and VMware in the cloud computing software development and project management, established the SimpleCloud team in 2011. Co-founder Shi Weiyou more than six years of software and hardware sales channels and customers experience, worked at companies such as huawei, TP – LINK, has been responsible for the network and cloud computing hardware and software marketing, sales and channel system construction work.

shi lei told hunting cloud network, in order to better play to the value of online experimental environment, lab building is working and technology community, press etc online lab, for they provide online experimental environment . Now and the technology of the Linux community and people’s posts and telecommunications press information bureau has made a long-term cooperation relationship. People used to technology community website can only read online articles, and then build in the local environment to learn, time-consuming, laborious and restricted by the local computer configuration. Lab building now provides the Linux community in China supporting Linux environment, online reading technical articles, click on the button next to the corresponding environment, will enter a complete Linux system online, convenient for user to practice while reading the article.

in addition, the offer IT books online experiment environment is also the direction of the lab building has been wanting to explore , the recent cooperation, along with the development of and press matching experiment in the lab building also some popular books online. Such as “introduction to Python classic” from people’s posts and telecommunications publishing house “introduction to c + + classic books, such as readers to buy the book before, can only choose in local structures, environmental practice, sometimes build environment will be a few hours, for beginners have a certain threshold, form a complete set of lab building now provides these books online experimental environment, and gives the reader a very convenient place to begin practice, can also communicate with the author and other readers online interactive , let reading also added more fun.

in the process of development, the stability of the online experiment, fluency is a more difficult problem, but as the domestic network quality is getting better and better, the lab building are also gradually improve itself. At present, the experimental environment supporting function has been gradually improve, performance is stable, the follow-up will gradually improve user online q&a, the function of the interaction, the future is cooperation with colleges and institutions to build more, will play a greater value online experiment .

in August last year, the lab building complete angel round, can see millions of investment. User acceptance of online education will be more and more high, and offline training institutions in colleges and universities, also more and more integrated into the online interactive teaching. But IT education is absolutely necessary practice, shiller believe that the online experiment will gradually become the standard in the process of IT online learning.

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