Kraftwerk, “mobile fuel power plants in the palm of your hand”

cloud network hunting note: Kraftwerk is a portable generators, fuel cells and it can regenerate energy for a long time for your mobile devices provide clean and efficient energy. Once the equipment is put into use, you can recharge your mobile phone anywhere, even the areas without electricity.

Kraftwerk looks like a battery pack, is actually the first portable generators, fuel cells capable of renewable energy in three seconds, and can give your mobile device to provide electricity for weeks.

Kraftwerk German means “power plants”, is the work of eZelleron engineering team. EZelleron has separated from the German research institute. The company plans to Kraftwerk raised $500000. In just three days, it is almost half of the target funds raised on Kickstarter. Three people promise, even when Kraftwerk available, willing to offer $10000 for its rights.

since 1950, fuel cell technology has been constantly under discussion (Wikipedia says mention it for the first time was in 1838), but as the optimization of energy resources, compared with natural gas and other fossil fuels, it is in the shade. About the reason of the technology is not widely used in a variety of (if we are rich in oil resources to keep up with, this kind of situation will continue to do so), but it always adhere to provide cheap, clean and efficient energy source. Its work principle is that convert chemical energy into electricity, without access to power grid. This means Kraftwerk can use all over the world, including vast areas without electricity. Your cell phone at the same time also can get timely, long duration, clean electricity.

there are several other used to drive on Kickstarters fuel cell phone, but no one looks like Kraftwerk exquisitely. Devotec Micro arg, Charger is a key ring the size of the Fuel cell phone Charger. If it is inserted into the phone, you can get extra 20 to 30 minutes of talk time. HALO is also a failed fuel battery charger. It was touted as the outdoor type emergency preparedness, is looks a little stupid, but it can charge for two devices at the same time.

Kraftwerk there are three different color, respectively is the “city”, “outdoor” and “celebrities ladult”. It to run a small camping gas or standard lighter oil. This is the most corners of the world can easily find things. It can charge the battery for any device that can be used to insert the USB cable, such as your iPhone, tablet computers, even the GoPro. A “full” Kraftwerk can for as many as 11 iPhone power supply. Once depleted, it will be in the above three seconds recharge yourself.