JUST GROW smart pot: aimed at the cancer, facing the desk today

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smart blessing to the word “pot”, how can open in spring? Tongda green science and technology in agricultural sector in the walk in the path of “Internet +”? , here, hunting cloud network take you to have an idea of the “literary youth” oriented intelligent flowerpot.

JUST GROW smart flowerpot main cultivation of plants “, save worry save trouble, its cultivation substrates by trial and error from the steps of shovel, fertilization, water at the same time joined the reminder. It is worth mentioning that this smart flowerpot consists of two parts, and plant box, cultivated by the storage warehouse, battery, water pump and realizing the function of plant growth regulation of sensors and other electronic components. Box of the accomplishment of the ultimate goal after flowering plants, can take out separate with the traditional cultivation or transferred to another person (individual plant box packaging is the plastic flower POTS).

Appearance structure

name: JUST turns intelligent flowerpot. Measurements: length 180 mm, width 180 mm and 70 mm high. Have a pure white, the sun orange, matcha green, sky blue, cherry powder five kinds of color. Rounded square contour to plastic as raw material, do the frosted surface treatment. Built-in 5200 mah lithium-ion batteries, one can use more than three months. Water to 850 ml, one can use 2 ~ 4 weeks.

also mentioned above, JUST turns on inside hydropower hierarchical structure, and can prevent leakage and the leakage situation, the overall adopts closed structure, fission pull plug, to prevent excessive water and water evaporation. In addition, to meet the demand of different plants, specially designed for three kinds of plants on the box cover to match different rhizome thickness of plants: twelve aperture cover is suitable for small root crops, such as mini rose, etc.; Four aperture cover applies to the roots of thicker, into a plant of shorter such as grape hyacinths, etc.; Three aperture cover applies to the roots of thicker, into a plant of high like tulips. At present a total of 24 species of plant box to choose from. According to cloud network understanding, hunting after 3 months, selection of varieties will reach 40.

smart is not enough, with more than

when it comes to intelligence, the normal operation of the device when light for the green breathing, when normally on lack of water will change into blue, when power shortage to turn into a red normally on. Intelligence is not enough, because the products haven’t temporarily unable to plant water shortage or not, growth pushed to the cell phone terminal, etc.

according to team leader on hunting cloud network is introduced: “because we are the first generation product hasn’t adapted mobile phone APP on function, so the state of the hardware of the information will not be showed by the user’s mobile phone.” Hardware products, however, the iteration time is shorter, the development of this APP actually also does not need special long development time, hunting cloud network understand, JUST will GROW in the second generation product directly embodies the function of these interactions with people.

so as the first generation product, JUST turns up as a quiet little flower POTS, with the core function is clearly enough, you JUST need to remind to add enough water, you can witness the whole process of germination to flowering plants. Behind for the user to save worry, tongda made many efforts in green technology: team for 11 months of plant part of the research and development work, from soil replacement materials, they studied more than ten kinds of common soilless cultivation of raw materials, the air permeability, water, EC value, etc, to carry out the test, the final design out a variety of raw materials mixed soil substitution matrix solution, and the scheme for a more accurate determination of the physical and chemical properties, for the plant roots in each period to provide sufficient oxygen, water and nutrients.

agriculture is remote and strange, for most entrepreneurs tongda green choice in the agricultural industry of science and technology entrepreneurship, it serves to show its strength are determined. Hunting cloud network understand project to senior members from agriculture, forestry and professional, in addition, also have friends to join in IT, finance. Hunting cloud network will continue to focus on such a innovation team, saw its in agricultural industry on the path of an “Internet +”.

ancient yue: flowering KanShe straight must fold, not stay no flower empty folding branches. Modern flower worry is not to raise experience, fertilization, shovel, also always forget to water. So hunting cloud network said: use smart pot, water has reminded, facing the desk, see flowers blossom. The cancer, to, say is you, still not quick to come over.