Jobs: A level talented person’s self-esteem don’t need your care

cloud network hunting note: success found many talented, unwilling mediocre talent. Not class B, C level talents, but the real grade A talent. And I found that as long as the call to five such people, they will like the feeling of each other, feeling like never before. They don’t want to cooperate with mediocre mind, just call the same good people. So you just find a few elite, they will automatically expand team.

this lost the source of interview:

interviews, jobs was founded their own NeXT (1995). Apple bought NeXT, after 18 months for half a year Steve jobs at apple again. The program USES only a short interview, interview after mother with lost en route from London to the us. Over the years we have been thought never see the full interview, however until shortly after the death of Steve jobs, the director Paul Sen finally found such a VHS copy in the garage.

will make noise in the team, will grind out beautiful stone

every time (new product plans) in the beginning, we all had many wonderful ideas, team believe in the idea to them. At this moment, I will always think of my childhood.

the street there was a solitary man, he is eighty years old, I approached him, want him to hire me to help him weed control. One day, he said, come to my garage, I have something to show you. He pulled out old millstone machine, the shelf only one motor, coffee pot and a belt that connects the two. Then we checked some of the stones to the backyard, some very ordinary, very ordinary stones. We threw stones into the pot, pour point solvents, with a little coarse sand powder. After his cover, start the motor to me and said, “check it out tomorrow. The second day back in the garage, we open the jar, see the unusually round charm of polishing stone!

was just ordinary rock, however, is through the mutual friction, little noise, the countenance into beautiful smooth stones.

in my heart, the most can represent the metaphor a team do their best work. set a group of talented partners, through the argument, fight, quarrel, cooperation, and mutual grinding, sharpening the idea of each other, finally to create the beautiful “stone”.

real value is that employees

when I was twelve years old call HP Bill Hewlett (Bill Hewlett, founder of HP). The phone book didn’t hide the number, so I open the phone book can find his name directly. He is answering the phone when I said, “hi, my name is Steve jobs, you don’t know me, I’m twelve years old, I’m making frequency counter, need some parts.” He was so talk to me about twenty minutes. I’ll always remember he gave me not only parts, also invited me in the summer to work in HP.

I was only 12 years old at the time, it has a magical effect on me. HP is the first company I have ever seen, he let me know what is the company, how to treat employees.

when people don’t know your cholesterol. At ten o ‘clock in the morning they will launch a car full of donuts and coffee, so they stopped work, drink a cup of coffee taste doughnuts. Although is some small things, but obviously HP know real value lies in its employees.

A level talented person’s self-esteem, don’t need your care

I found early in life to observe one thing: most things in life, the gap between mediocrity and top usually only two to one, is like a taxi drivers in New York, a top driver with normal driving speed is about 30% of the gap between the driver.

ordinary cars and top car difference how many? Maybe it’s just 20%. Top CD players and difference between CD player? I don’t know, probably is 20%. This gap is rarely more than two times. But in software and hardware industry, the gap can be more than 15 times or even 100 times. This kind of phenomenon is very rare, I feel very lucky can enter the industry.

I found many talented, contributed to their success unwilling mediocre talent. Not class B, C level talents, but the real grade A talent. And I found that as long as the call to five such people, they will like the feeling of each other, feeling like never before. They don’t want to cooperate with mediocre mind, just call the same good people. So you just find a few elite, they will automatically expand team.

if you find a real top talent, they will know you really good. You don’t need to take care their self-esteem. Everyone’s mind all in work, because they all know that performance is the most important thing.

I think the most important thing you can do for them, is to tell them where is not good enough, and to say very clearly, why, and state clear reminder that they return to work, can let the other suspect your authority at the same time, there is no doubt to use the way to tell them, you is not up to standard. It is not easy, so I always take the most direct way. If you give and I worked with do interviews, those truly outstanding people, will feel that this method is good for them, but some people are very hate this kind of method. But whether this pattern to make people happy or pain, all people will say, this is the most fierce in their life is the most precious experience.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

I’m the kind of person who only think about success doesn’t care about is. So no matter how stubborn, my original idea just argue the fact that people come up with credible, I can change the view in five minutes. I am such, are not afraid to make mistakes. I often admit a mistake, it’s not a big deal. I only care about the results.

real magic, five thousand ideas from a product

after I left, the apple is one of the most damage by scarltet, (former apple CEO) made a very serious problem: the thought as long as there is a great idea, it is ninety percent. He thought that as long as tell others, here is a good idea, they’ll be back in the office, let the ideas come true.

the problem is that a good idea to become a good product, need a lot of processing.

when you continue to improve the original “great idea” concept also will continue to grow. Change, the result often is not the same as you start to think: the deeper details because of you, the more you learn.

you will also find it. You have to make trade-offs, difficult to be satisfactory to reach the goal: do some function is not suitable for electronic products, plastic, glass material to do some function is weak, or factory is can’t do.

a product design, could you mind to remember more than five thousand questions, to put these together, and make them work together in an entirely new mode, to achieve the effect you want. You will find something new every day. It also represents the new problems and new opportunities. Let the combination of eventually achieve mastery through a comprehensive study, this is the real “process”, is the real magic.

the key factors that make a good product, is not good at management process

we hire a bunch of people from HP in 1984 (the graphical interface design computer), and some of them in a heated argument. I remember. They believe the so-called user interface, just add software keyboard at the bottom of the screen, they don’t have the font size proportion of concept, also does not have the concept of the mouse.

they yelling at me, said the mouse takes five years of design, cost up to $three hundred. Finally I’ve had enough, just go out to find David Kelly (David Kelly) design, the results have cost $15 within ninety days of the mouse, and reliable function.

I found at the time, apple in terms of a lack of this kind of talent, can grasp the idea of talent in many aspects. It needs a core team, but team of HP’s team apparently not. This has nothing to do with the dark side of the professional, this is because people lost direction (HP team cannot does a lot of thinking). As the company size bigger and bigger, they want to copy the success of the original. And many people believe that the process of success, there must be the wonderful place, so they tried to make the successful experience of the system.

people soon feel confused, why the system itself becomes the answer? This is probably why IBM will fail. IBM has the best system management personnel, but they forget the purpose of the design process is to find the best answer.

apple also had this situation, many of us is good at management process, but don’t know how to find the answer. Top people will actively look for the best answer, although they are the most difficult to manage, but I still willing to work together with them.

we are not ashamed to steal great ideas

you ask my intuition of products come from?

this eventually determined by your taste. You must be familiar with outstanding achievements in every field of human, try to blend in the things you are doing. Picasso once said, “my working copy, cunning thief”, I never felt good reference for other creative shame.

I think the reasons for the success of the Macintosh, lies in its creators are musicians, poets, and artists, zoologist historians, even they just the best computer scientists in the world, so we did not so good. If not in computer science, they also can work wonders in other areas. Everyone to contribute their own professional knowledge, the Macintosh so absorbed the outstanding achievements in the various fields, otherwise he is likely to be a very narrow products.

my business is never for the money

the company has exclusive market position, can’t be successful again after, can make the company more successful people, is a business and marketing personnel, so finally become their company, and products are marginalized, causes the company to forget the importance of good product. At the beginning is keen and creativity of product, let them take over the market, was wiped out by operating personnel. No concept to product quality, they don’t understand the good turn good ideas into products of the process, they didn’t really want to help customers heart.

to roll in the industry for so many years, I often ask people why you do certain things, the answer is: that’s it. No one knows why they do so.

doing business no one would really thoughtful, this is my experience and knowledge. So if you are willing to ask questions, careful thinking, earnest efforts, you will soon learn to do business, this is not a difficult thing to do.

I was twenty-three years old when worth over $one million; 24, is worth more than $10 m; More than 25 years of age. Hundreds of millions of dollars. But money is not so important, because I was never in it for the money. Of course, money is a great thing please, because it makes you have the ability to do many things. You can invest in short-term’t be creativity and ideas, but the most important thing is that the company, is a person, is our production product and product to the people, the benefits of so I don’t often take money to heart. I haven’t seen a piece of apple’s stock to sell, because I really believe that the company will have a long-term development.

is a tool of human builder

when I was a kid in scientific American magazine read an article, the measurement of the movement efficiency of each species upon earth, there are bears, chimpanzees, raccoons, birds and fish – they spend how many calories per kilometer mobile? Humans also accepted the determination.

the result is the vultures to win, it is the most efficient species, but not the soul of the universe of human act perfect rhythm, about one-third only to the top. But people are very smart, know manufacturing bicycle to speed up, it makes the vultures candidly admit defeat, so as to dominate the whole list.

it had a great influence on me: I remember that humans are tool builders, we built the tool can greatly enhance our innate ability. Early in the apple really have such advertising, said PC is the bicycle of the mind. I sincerely believe that in all human inventions, the computer rank high on. It is our best tool ever invented. I’m very lucky can make it, in the valley saw its forming.

I was clearly hippies, and the people I work with are hippies

if you had to choose, my style is obviously hippies, and the people I work with are hippies. What is called a hippie? This is a rich ancient word meanings.

for me, the hippie movement inspired me. There are some things beyond the daily life trivial, life is not just a job, career, family, property, it is more abundant, like a coin and the other side. Although we don’t hang it in the mouth, but in the space of life, especially in the not equal to idea, we can feel some kind of fluctuation. Many people want to find the meaning of life, someone to stray, someone looking for the answer, in the Indian mystics of hippy movement is in this way, they want to find the truth of life, life should not be parents. Although after the developments of some extreme, but their starting point is valuable. Because of this spirit, some bankers, when the poet rather than do I appreciate the spirit and want to put this spirit into the product. As long as the user use the product, you can feel the spirit, can really like our products. I don’t think good colleagues are for computer work, because the computer is the best medium to convey certain emotions, they are eager to share their feelings.