Japanese investors cautious, has set foot on the “gold rush” to go to India trip

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hunting cloud network note: India it, Snapdeal and Ola startups in the last year have been considerable funding. Softbank chief executive masayoshi son, said India is turning point in its development, is willing to bet on it. Even the rigorous Japan are willing to enter the market, we also polish eyes to learn next!

Indian startups metropolitan seek financing opportunities to go to the west, but the situation is changing. Last year is a turning point, Japan’s softbank founder and CEO masayoshi son on a trip to India, announced it will give India’s $1 billion investment in the “information revolution”. Two-thirds of the large-scale e-commerce enterprises Snapdeal money into India, helping them with India e-commerce giant it compete with amazon. A quarter of the money is invested a taxi Ola, compete with American taxi application Uber fashionable whole world.

this is big business, now Japanese investors are beginning to focus on India’s early startup. Japanese venture capital firm Rebright with top American Tiger Global hedge funds invested in India Internet company News in Shorts. In a month ago, it and Singapore Ventures Jungle Ventures, logarithmic India according to intelligence company Tookitaki to invest the seeds.

vc firms set up four years ago Japan Rebright Partners entrepreneurs Takeshi Ebihara, in an interview about how he is attracted to India in the past:

so far, we have to invest only in southeast Asia. But in the past few years, we have received many Indian start-ups provide financing. In examining these six months of India, we found that the Indian startup or a lot of potential. So now we begin to pay close attention to India’s entrepreneurial market.

Japan: spending supporters

Rebright Partners is a Japanese technology company under the support of early risk investment company, it has 17 companies invested in southeast Asia. So, for startups to southeast Asia and Japan market, it will move into India was undoubtedly the great news.

Ebihara said: “the southeast Asian market is very close to India’s startup. In the aspect of culture also is such, the region is similar to India. Of course, Japan is the world’s third largest technology market. I’ve met Indian start-ups, such as TookiTaki, are all very eager to enter the Japanese market. And we can help them to market access permission, and big Japanese company and strategic cooperative relations.

mobile advertising technology company AdNear recently made a $19 million in series B financing, Japanese venture capital firm Global Brain is one of investors, to enter a new market has a lot of help. Founder of AdNear Anil Mathews said in an interview: “Japanese culture is unique, we need to remember this. Global Brain of human resources and specialized knowledge, such as AdNear for international new members will be able to successfully enter the Japanese market is very important.”

India’s entrepreneurial companies also began to interested in eastern industries, which in turn as well. Recently, in bangalore, for local enterprises free message application Lookup company, has social games from Japan company DeNA and Teruhide Sato Sato (fai) obtained seed investment, Sato is a global Internet and e-commerce group Beenos founder.

even if the Lookup, the founder of the Deepak Ravindran has been recognized as the serial entrepreneur, was MIT as top innovators. But in the early days, fledgling startups, like this can have such a deal with Japanese technology giant is fantastic, let alone before a few years?

confusion: but also opportunities

a Japanese company in bangalore Sho Nakasone explained to me why the Japanese were slow to India in the development of reason, he said: “the Japanese hope everything is in order, they like to talk with the rules. No solid field research, the Japanese company is not going to enter a new market. Markets like India, is growing very quickly, at the same time in different direction, everything is chaos.”

Rebright Partners Ebihara has found it, so he would rather do the second eat crab.

Ebihara said: “for India, we are strange. So we need to particular case is particular analysis. At present, we have other venture capital firm and long-term active in India has established the good relations. News in Shorts, for example, is in a certain time by the has been active in India’s Tiger Global led, and now, we also need an experienced investors guidance.”

in the preliminary stage of investment will also have the possibility of partnership. So-called business Accelerator GHV Accelerator is company’s board of directors by India’s angel network Vikram Upadhyaya. It WIL with Japanese venture capital company established close contact, WIL be by serial entrepreneur Gen Isayama and former yahoo Japan head Masataka Matsutomo management together.

Matsutomo currently of examining local entrepreneurial companies in India. GHV mainly relies on its have effective business model, paying customers and income. Therefore, it may be of use for WIL ACTS as a filter, WIL usually to a startup investment ranging from $5 million to $30 million.

for investors like Ebihara, one of the most important is the quality of technology and business. He said: “the Rebright Partners portfolio TookiTaki and News in the founder of the Shorts are very smart, energetic, although still very young, but they have strong leadership. For example, the founders of the News in Shorts are students, but they are very wise, ability is very strong; TookiTaki’s founder, both in the United States, but their technical level is quite high, and even reached the international level.”

India: destined to grow tall, dwarfs

no matter how many investment channels of India, the emerging of the temptation of el dorado for wealthy, tech-savvy Japanese investors is irresistible.

softbank’s son said after the visit India: the country is a turning point in its development. Although has the world’s third largest Internet user base, but the online market is relatively small. With network access becomes better, faster, cheaper, and its potential will be completely broke out.

as more and more people begin to online shopping, it and Snapdeal PayTm development has proved that India’s growing e-commerce and mobile phone shopping market.

when Chinese e-commerce giant held a grand IPO performed in the United States, Japan’s softbank investment in alibaba makes the son became Japan’s richest businessmen. His next bet is India, he expected to electronic commerce will be in the next 10 years to $500 billion worth of business growth.

is not just in the field of electronic commerce. The widespread use of smartphones and a large number of online consumers make the consumer Internet space and the communication attractive game. Like Indian food, meanwhile, search site Zomato have shown its ability to may rapidly expanding into the global market.

Japanese investors can clearly see a new power is on the rise of science and technology, and are trying to keep up with the trend.

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