Jack ma, liu also starts the headmaster, shift to a coaching

jack ma lake in hangzhou university din not falling, in Beijing jingdong liu has announced the formation of “the college”, have the feeling of a north-south challenge.

in jingdong raise strategic financial stake in the conference yesterday, liu announced the launch of the “college and will serve as the college President, aimed at promoting the public business, to build the ecological service platform for entrepreneurs.

in addition, jingdong strong financial CEO melchor will be executed as the gen school headmaster, Mr Dong list in school, not only of shen, xiao-ping xu investors, and the NiuWenWen entrepreneur magazine. Liu in such as platform for dark horse competition, after several NiuWenWen began to “reward” for the new school.

on the surface, as the two main electricity company founder, jack ma and liu, have recently focus on the support entrepreneurs, but behind this is the starting point and foothold is not the same.

look at jack ma, is already established, has a sense of the pattern of his establishment of lake in universities is more a “fun” between yourself and friends, together to develop a new generation of entrepreneurs how to better to entrepreneurs, and how to avoid mistakes. Their friends’ tutors include shi yuzhu, feng lun, liu chuanzhi, guo guangchang, guo-jun shen well-known entrepreneurs, etc. Students is the key selection has certain potential entrepreneurs, not limited to whether associated with ali business. Ma’s relationship with entrepreneurs, as it were, on the level of basic stay in teaching and learning.

look at liu of the college, announced the day is jingdong financial stake in the raise “the host” release, the core is jingdong in using the raise pattern to attract entrepreneurs to build one of the measures of business ecosystem, more is to use the teaching way with its own coexistence and co-prosperity.