It is hot, “said the H5” to be a creative work grafting of displaying and trading platform

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cloud network focus on hunting ‘H5 said recently put it in a product from a technology, such as WeChat circle of friends of “cat”, “crazy fingers” and other small game and “BMW” such as advertising, we can collectively known as H5 them.

so HTML 5 technology in where? What can be achieved? ‘the H5 said’ what pain points and solution?

HTML 5 technology is simple, and the propagation force good dint strong, can work more efficiently. Tell hunting cloud network again, founder of shuo: “the people without a good case can be a reference for the H5 works, make it work with manufactured phenomenon occurs frequently, ‘H5 said’ as a platform, will be creative and make better collected HTML 5 advertising display, help you meet the requirements of ideas.”

specific to the use of the H5 said, and then click the user login website at the bottom of the “case”, fill in it as requested page links, HTML 5 page title, authors, contact information, upload pictures and other related information, the late staff will according to the visitor behavior (visit, stop, sharing, return). In addition, the website also has a detailed requirements for submission, specific as follows:
1. Only included good H5 case, do not submit page poorly made.
2. Submit images and the heading is mandatory, best picture size is 900 px x 500 px.
3. Submit the case after review the display on the front page.
4. To ensure the quality of the case will take into consideration the circumstances to make a modification on submitted data within a certain range.

what tell hunting cloud network shuo: “H5 said user is primarily interested in H5, most of them do advertising creative and marketing people, H5 said a month, the newly established users is relatively less, UV around 1-5000.”

in the early period of the H5 said positioning is to do a display platform, is also a visit of the market, through the market survey found that vendors need is a good idea to research and development personnel, so the H5 said later will also build a new platform, let the technology of H5 demand and interest groups together through this platform, creating more good works.

H5 said there is no real competitors, because we focus on market still stays in the technical level, as a cloud, MAKA and other products, but no similar to ‘H5 said such a platform.

H5 said there is only thinking about how to do market, things did not consider profit. What about after profit model, shuo disclosed to hunt cloud network, connect all the associated with the H5 mainly industry, provide demanders with talents, provide platform for talents, to provide products and ideas for the two sides, to meet the needs of both sides, H5 said as connection platform benefit from it.

said H5 now only Web side and micro letter? The public platform, the late conference line APP, and are perfect in terms of user interface. the industry demand for H5 development in this area is relatively strong, what shuo to hunt cloud network, according to a recent considering it related education and training, provide interested people with a solid platform.

any words appear after fired heat, be to follow, been playing bad, such as phase, it is also the wave involved. But it is worth the author fortunately, H5 says not to competitors enter the market, the role of it in the role of the comrades to enter the market, to provide interested a clean piece of land to breed, create more good works. looking forward to the further development of the H5 said.