Israel into “entrepreneurial exporter”, the Chinese giant snapped up

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in recent years, the export increased greatly, domestic each big technology companies take this opportunity to promote Israel from on country to export.

2014, for Israel’s high-tech fields, is bustling. In 2014, according to a PwC report shows, through the enterprise mergers and acquisitions, to issue shares, etc., high-tech industry export financing nearly $15 billion, in contrast, in 2013, raised $1.2 billion or so.

there are many different kinds of Israel’s high-tech industry, and export in broadening the scope, involves the Internet, the IT, life science, communication, semiconductor, etc. Speaking of semiconductor, can be to be reckoned with, which occupies 38% market share. But in all these 18 kinds of high-tech industry, only a semiconductor company to IPO road. In August, the traffic accident prevention technology development enterprise MobilEye raised $1.023 billion in the IPO, IPO of Israel’s highest record.

however, for many new export industry giants, they do not think Israel a variety of high-tech industry is a kind of export advantage.

“expanding the scope of the Israeli high-tech exports, although look is a iot of Israel, in the field of science and technology in security and financial general publicity and promotion, but I found that there is a little strange, these industries group of developers don’t seem to be thinking, because of this, we didn’t think to export high-tech industry field the more involved, the greater the risk.” Yaron Carni said. About Yaron Carni, Israel’s two risk fund Maverick Ventures and Tel Aviv Angel, the founder of the Group.

at present, more and more international companies began to notice the technical advantages of Israel. In fact, at the end of 2014 the news can also show that China’s in Israel’s high-tech sector plays a more and more important role. This past year, China technology start-ups with Israel began a large-scale cooperation.

at the end of last year, China’s e-commerce giant alibaba acquired Visualead (- focus on the QR code generated by the company), the company is located in Herzliya, an unusual areas of Israel, its importance was the silicon valley in the United States. So, this is made up of 15 people startup became alibaba’s first game.

in September last year, China’s broad group acquired AutoAgronome Israel company, to become a high-tech areas, a $20 million research and development of intelligent fertigation system of the company. Early in 2014, the China’s bright food co., LTD to acquire 56% stakes in dairy company Tnuva Israel, Israeli mossad agent’s former leader, Efraim Halevy said that the measure threatening Israel’s national security.

but the people didn’t seem to mind in the field of science and technology in Israel than the cool wind.

“if in the past, you might see us company purchase Israeli start-up companies, and then, more and more, followed by European companies follow suit. But now, apparently, China also technology appetite for Israel. The two trends are good, and the rise of various start-ups will make Israel itsdifferent entrepreneurial ecosystem, “said Carni.

in several Carni investment company, he is himself the company from start-up to export witnesses. In 2015, he is very optimistic, firmly believe that in the coming year, and will be a record year Israel areas of science and technology.

“from the beginning of last year, we have made a lot of investment (especially last month), I believe that the most exciting moment in front of us forever.”

that coincide with Carni optimistic Rubi is written on the export PwC report Suliman, he believes Israel will continue to advance, witness start-ups are thriving, export trade way.

“Israel’s growing investment in the field of high technology, on the one hand, the money is in the compound interest, on the other hand, new investors continue to join. Entrepreneurs antenna has throughout Israel, we are looking forward to the Israeli start-up, booming.”

Source: TC

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