Interview really melt treasure founding team: how to create different Internet financial products

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really melt treasure is a Internet platform of asset allocation, the current financial products linked to a number of claims, involving the P2P network products, staging platform, currency loan funds, index funds and financial supply chain.

2014 online only more than three months after the finished fabric tens of millions of dollars A round, really melt treasure what are the unique advantages of attracting capital party favor? True melts the treasure and how to come up with a single copy of the innovative products to compete for market? Cloud network interview really melt treasure hunting CEO li qiang and COO xiao-liang zhang, listen to how they interpret the true harmony of market innovation and the reasons behind the rapid financing?

the Internet era of financial product has obvious differences with traditional financial products, Internet financial services is a blend of Internet enterprise way of thinking, target customers long tail, advocate free and sharing, convenient operation and the pursuit of simple and fast key style. In the age of the Internet financial investment financing is the most suitable for kinds of asset allocation, for the vast number of small and medium-sized investors are concerned about in the utility maximization problem under the respective levels of risk tolerance, rather than the value of long-term growth. Type of asset allocation of the investment strategy not only accords with the objective law of investment income growth, also very accord with Internet banking user investment psychology, which determines the era of the Internet financial wealth concept must be carried out in accordance with the types of asset allocation strategy.

really treasure as a domestic professional asset allocation platform, have good financial ability and form a complete set of product design risk control ability, innovative development of the the first index linked bullish structured financial products .

faster innovation investment products enjoy dividends

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