Interview from a cloud Ye Xiang service: industry a little “cold”, forming a SaaS service ecosystem need 3 to 5 years

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customer service system to the enterprise how important? A statistical report from Zendesk showed that 78% of respondents will affect the supplier’s credibility customer service as the first factor; 62% 62% of B2B and B2C user after enjoy a good customer experience will buy more products; 66% 66% of B2B and B2C user after a bad customer service interaction will stop buying products. 88% of people affected by network comments when buying decisions… In the heated market competition, under the situation of the company sales is no longer just the product, the user is more value and product form a complete set of customer service.

but abroad, “smoke” in the field of online customer service already in full swing. Listed companies, such as Zendesk also have like Freshdesk startups, other competitors include: Uservoice, h2desk, TenderApp and so on. And the most famous Zendesk, announced that the company last year to become 25000 users, currently has a market value of more than $1.8 billion.

for domestic SaaS services market, “amidst the cloud service” founder Ye Xiang thinks, because the cloud customer service in this area is slightly a little “upset”, focus on after-sales service, so do not directly link with money/sales, there is less direct interests lead to entrepreneurs believe that profit is not clear and give up on deep mining; Have relatively complicated business logic, compared with the team collaboration software CRUD style design, cloud customer service has a lot of custom content, need to meet the needs of all walks of life after-sales service process.

self-study of Internet technology, the only business is the bottom of my heart echo

hunting cloud network understanding, from the customer service is a cloud based on SaaS cloud enterprise service tool, used for enterprise external customer support services (service) and internal staff support service. Actually from the cloud service in July 2014 by KF5 renamed help desk. The first version launched in the second half of 2012, in more than two years time, the function of all kinds of perfect and increase product; Took the advice of nearly 300 companies and feedback and as development basis, has experienced more than 20000 small version iterative update, dealing with all kinds of fault more than 1000 times, the backend architecture change 3 times, interface refactoring six times. Amidst a cloud service in November of 2014 millions RMB angel jiuhe vc investment.

as early as in 2003, the Internet wave of entrepreneurship is blustery, while still in high school Ye Xiang, already has a strong interest on the Internet, was all about the activities of the network and technology basic he will attend. Later self-study do websites, graphic design, has contact with the number of open source system, including DISCUZ, PHPWIND, dedecms, wordpress, etc. Ye Xiang convective cloud network said, “through years of accumulation, self-study SEO search engine optimization (SEO), graphic design, UI design, PHP, front-end development, server, database, domain name, brand, network promotion, etc., and slowly settling down a lot of valuable experience.”

in 2009, a chance to start contact with a thing called “work order”. Ye Xiang think this service is especially clear, human, and submitted before the problem can also view at any time, directly to the user experience very well. When he learned that the transition ZENDESK has taken this concept, and use the concept of “cloud” to operate products, just let oneself sign “amidst the cloud customer service” the idea of entrepreneurship.

standardized standardized customer service system, to do with Chinese feature SaaS service

how can set up a ensure information circulation service system? In Ye Xiang view, mainly from the guarantee each customer support channel unobstructed and unified management; Ensure things out and began to someone; Expand customer problems to accept the path; The document completes the customer information collection, summarized the customer problem and establish the knowledge base and customer analysis work and so on several aspects to measure. In the face of rising labor costs, many companies are cutting the cost of the service, entrepreneurial firms less likely to recruit the personnel of the service from the start, so you need a tool to make the customer self-service, and can receive support from a variety of channels to submit questions, and also can cut the human and standardized management of the service. Said Ye Xiang convective cloud network, enterprises can use information technology tools to quickly and efficiently to complete such a project, regardless of whether they are professional CRM system or advanced Saas services.

reflected in escape cloud on customer service, enterprise registration after opening, will be assigned a platform independent domain name, this independent platform is divided into foreground and background. Show at the front desk to corporate customers, customers have a problem to view the help documents self-help to resolve the problem, if not solve, then submit the repair order pending, accepted by the customer and customer service can receive reminder, in the process of the problem from the beginning has not been accepted to finally have been solved, the whole process is clear. At the same time, through E-mail, cell phone, customers can also form, WeChat, weibo, IM, phone request submit to the enterprise problem, customer service in the form of a work order in the background response and management. And powerful business rule engine can satisfy the business enterprise from all walks of life customer service rules and processes.

obviously, releasing a cloud the value of customer service is to solve customer service tool fragmentation, standardized and unified management problems. Cloud service effectively integrate a variety of sources, such as E-mail, weibo, WeChat, unifying customer submit request into the form of “work order”, and customer service can be through the phone APP and WeChat to check these problems and feedback. Managers can easily master the comprehensive customer service performance and the trends of the service and view the report. So customer service can be managed by A, also can be in the work of internal communication and distribution, such as A customer service at the time of busy can be questions to B customer service process, and on the other hand, customers can also check the progress of the processing.

Ye Xiang convective cloud network is introduced, from a cloud service has covered more than 5000 companies, including baidu cloud acceleration, cloud observation, md, Sendcloud, Unitedstack, 36 kr, Oneapm, shentong express delivery, etc. Among them, md, oneapm is from Zendesk to escape a cloud service. Ye Xiang convective cloud network, cloud service will now market aimed at IT the Internet industry, a specific product or service platform or application App, other industries including logistics, property, express delivery, education, health care, public welfare, etc.

to the next phase of the layout, amidst a cloud service and more third-party SaaS enterprise application integration service cooperation development, to facilitate customers to integrate various enterprise applications. Amidst the cloud customer service aims to dig deep within the industry segment, intensive cultivation, and creates the cloud from customer service goal is to be a Chinese version of Zendesk. Ye Xiang told hunting cloud network, the company is working with let cloud communication channels of cooperation development of telephone voice support, is expected to years can be launched.

copy foreign SaaS customer service work, market ecosystem formed still need 3-5 years

the whole of 2014, people are talking about the lei jun’s mouth “storm pig” problem, and the domestic customer market is too limited. Customer service is actually a strong psychological endurance of the type of work, market environment development lag there are two important factors: first, most companies spend a huge sum of money to build the customer service system, but in fact the efficiency is still very low; Second, more responsible for consulting and pre-sales service function, service process standardization and not enough, but predictably, traditional customer service will be changed under the trend of the Internet gradually.

but from domestic SaaS service development situation, copy foreign mode doesn’t work, foreign big companies in the domestic market is also very bad. Because SaaS business need IDC hosting service, for which a country has a clear policy regulation, foreign companies want to kind of telecom services in China, must be at home there is a business, and of shares shall not exceed 51%. Second, to the world giant ability and money to do the local ground, landing the biggest advantage is that the server will in local deployment, the user’s access and use of speed is obvious, but for Zendesk such enterprise, is difficult to have financial support to the ground in China.

in real sense, the domestic do SaaS service business are few and far between, amidst a cloud service ( is one of the representative, is currently in the understanding of the niche and precipitated the deepest one. Ye Xiang expectations about the future: environment SaaS services China still in the beginning, probably still have 3-5 years of way to go to reach foreign ecosystem, so now can do is to insist on and constantly improve product, grab the user and service good every enterprise.