Internet purchasing platform of small and medium-sized restaurant chef, do, had won a $15 million investment

cloud network hunting on February 10 report (word/guard 闫森)

today, “chef net $15 million investment from the” message is reproduced in the media. Cloud network hunting manuscripts don’t want to just do a porter. So telephone network CEO Yuan Taotao chef for the news of their financing, as well as detailed solutions business model, from the programmer’s CEO is still capable of short answer the questions asked by the hunting cloud network.

we do not buy and sell model, we are the platform

on the traditional business logic, procurement business model of a class is roughly like this: warehousing, logistics, order online, 24 hours door-to-door delivery, this rare electric business model is established on the ideal, large-scale procurement, large-scale logistics distribution, make: commodity price difference, account period, and excessive value, etc., are a lot of imagination. But the reality is, poor logistics and information is very difficult to run or be erased, so at this stage: ideal commercial mode in reality. Yuan Taotao from dangdang, continuous entrepreneurial experience he planted on this “ideal commercial mode” get stuck.

so, or light mode operation is better, at the present stage chefs net model in rotating Yuan Taotao team seems to be feasible. Chefs net users locate in medium and small restaurant owner, this group of people is roughly procurement status for more, 3, 4 PM to get up, driving to the wholesale market, bargain buy vegetables, bags to carry back. So the quantity is small, more options are limited, worry about chef to take kickbacks are upset by this group of people. After there is a kitchen to procurement indicators, in the form of supplier delivery actually also can reduce the small and medium-sized restaurant owners worry lots of problems. But this kind of mode is medium, upper middle mode adopted by the type of restaurant. Chef to do, this model is to the Internet, make upper middle type restaurant procurement solutions can be applied to small and medium-sized restaurant in the form of the Internet. To keep the purchasing requisition: efficient + is convenient.

gather supplies suppliers, credit card + Internet payment

Internet of small and medium-sized restaurant owner procurement specific is how to achieve? Yuan Taotao tell hunting cloud network, the team has a background of the people who work in cofco to responsible for looking for a supply of goods, high quality low price is the standard. Supply problem so don’t worry, the future platform level supplier each category also won’t have a lot of home. Bosses to choose good dishes, the generated order according to the appointment after packaging, can choose their own can also be paid for choosing logistics delivery. on the issue of the owners are most concerned about food freshness, chefs net give solution is this: when selecting suppliers, quality control team to assess the supplier’s internal digestion ability strong or weak. Because only those who are able to internalize the leftovers enterprise does not choose the fresh food supply to the bosses. Fresh food logistics aspects, these suppliers have a standard process. So the leftovers and food fresh problems can be solved.

although above has a solution, but you still should consider two questions:

1: traditional large groups of suppliers are not willing to start at supply platform to do business, and not dispersed, volume is small, so the relative process long and complicated procurement package express service they don’t have the power.

2: currently, hunting cloud network experience, chefs net current suppliers also are mainly small and medium-sized businesses, and even individual seller. Individual sellers and large group property sellers in platform is a kind of what kind of conflict in the future existence worth thinking about.

Yuan Taotao tell hunting cloud network, chefs net the range of services is currently in Beijing and Shanghai, and the owners for the first time purchase demand chefs network personnel is need the door to verify. At present, bosses in chef offline, all payment link in offline (so the payment days, also is the boss and supplier negotiation). Site food category is doing the update recently, follow-up can consider according to operating conditions and chefs network online payment module and development of the mobile APP (account period problem, platform not intervene).

chef of the whole network more team members from Internet companies and traditional logistics, food and beverage companies. Yuan Taotao is a technical background, had been in the field of “the Internet to transform traditional catering” entrepreneurship, Yuan Taotao hunting cloud network to that start-ups chefs network is now since all the way with entrepreneurial experience, stumbling, touch out results.

the chef had won a $15 million investment, Yuan Taotao, according to the specific investment institutions to temporarily don’t share it. After A round of funding will be released.

PS: hunting cloud network interested in Yuan Taotao WeChat signature. Attach: fall in love with a whale, let my chest like the sea.