Internal team communication is not as simple “open door”

cloud network hunting note: in recent years, social media applications on the Internet is, both old and new size, the excellences, but they also can not cover the same fiery internal collaboration platform flash light of wisdom, David Hassell (David Hassell) represents 15 five is the best. Now, please see the CEO brought about by the new Angle of view.

in some company, and the head is close to like into the the wizard of oz, he met the appearance, the image of the smart, always let a person have a reason to bother illusion, uneasy heart. And since there is a common communication “open policy”, the burden of employees is increased. They may be under the eyes of “threat” across the threshold of office, even though it was not their voluntary.

and now, a lot of modern organization doesn’t even have separated from the surrounding walls, not to mention, can enter the office door. The implementation of the policy of “open communication” is to want to increase team cohesion, improve the management of public transparency, because both entry novice staff and experienced senior director, all people will work in the same place.

and, in fact, no matter what is your business model, in the modern workplace communication “open policy” is outdated. Want transparency? Want to have a comfortable and efficient workplace? Want to change a way to generate new ideas? Then instead of the original “open communication policy”, build the enterprise internal communication culture.

listen to perform par with

a: the employees all hope to have chance to talk openly with management, and talk about the team dynamics, the problem of physical environment, or the lack of clear guidance. And when one employee to ask you some questions, complain a few words or to seek advice, it is particularly important to your attention and follow-up.

in particular, when a manager or executive share the information to employees do not interested in the policy of “open communication” serves no purpose. And even if you listen to, if the effect of the follow-up to the staff’s move would be meaningless, and the enthusiasm of individuals can hit.

if you are not alone the two pieces of management, it must find a suitable management team to help you. Because it is only through gradual internal change, the enterprise internal communication culture to “like”. , of course, this process requires staff’s call a spade a spade, need more fresh and well informed by management and high execution of the wrist.

transparency and confidentiality both

we created a transparent corporate culture. It can make as a team to handle the various events, without too much emphasis on gains and losses and self. And all the stakeholders (from their immediate manager to senior management personnel and the general manager) can be covered by 15 fives (note: cloud network editor king hunting a enterprise internal communication platform based on cloud computing) to check employees feedback every week.

transparency of internal communication culture can help employees in the following two aspects:

threw himself into work;

in a internal feedback is important to make work environment.

in fact, in this environment, the employees will naturally tell personal insights, is who is taken for granted. In fact, their point of view is right or wrong, whatever the culture itself is a series of values, emphasizes the respect others ideas, listen with your heart, and the importance of the recognition and implementation of appropriate action.

of course, I’m not saying that all of the “wall” to be torn down, let each employee to see all aspects of the enterprise management and perfect. Both transparency and confidentiality does not conflict. Can you provide enough information for the whole team, are employed to let all members understand oneself in the team is unique and irreplaceable.

but you also want to know which need to take security measures, to specify how good employees for confidential files. If let them know that the company has a they are not able to solve the difficult problem, it will cause everybody panic, team morale is likely to be greatly disappointed.

on the other hand, not all of the staff can do it as a secret.

to co-ordinate global boss smart employees shuangjian combination

because of cohesion and equality is extremely important, so to ensure the internal information transmission unblocked. In simple terms, the staff not only hope their demands can be superior value, also hope to be able to timely know change coming or the causes and effects of the change.

if you really want to the construction of the enterprise, then direct to your team to ask the important questions, to make sure that the system runs effectively upward transparency, to stop himself. Usually, the managers will directly under like busy little bees around, because according to the point they will feedback to make timely response to subordinates.

special reporting system makes our company in every department can ask specific groups. We won’t be eagerly waiting for them, take the initiative to ask is the consistent style of work. It, as it were, in cultivating the transparency in the process of corporate culture has a unshakable status.

in my opinion, the chief executive or supervisor should be strictly controlled, and avoid those from think high exposure workers thinks is too high, the promotion of enterprise reform in have no action. No one will look good without any reason employees complain to the boss, no one will treat STH lightly before the problem becomes open the floodgates.

encourage? Or is it cover?

I would be happy to listen to employees’ feedback, but often unable to immediately take action accordingly. Really can bring about change is, in fact, those with solutions employee comments.

it embodies the vision and leadership, and I tend to be more active in employee asked to improve matters to resolve related issues. I think cultivate a transparent corporate culture, to let employees experience slightly complaint solution oriented idea is the most popular.

all the top contemporary company is not so much work, than in the inauguration of the employee’s second home. In the process of building the house, and carefully listen to opinions and take action is far more effective than for a few more money or a promotion. And success is based on trust, respect and open and transparent basis, accurately, among the footprint throughout all aspects of the business, not just exist in the “open communication” conversation occasionally.

that in your company, how do you encourage employee feedback frankly, or suppress?

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