Interest in installment push children consumption stage financial platform “child” in stages, if you want to study well, assigned to the old installment?

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recently, focus on the financial services market of college students “interest in installment” launched to 0 to 18 years old children parents with children consumption stages of financial services platform “child stage”.

children staging is boring stages independent brand of group, team members from jingdong, 360, tencent, sina, baidu and other well-known Internet and electricity companies. Children live, positioned to provide high quality family education related areas such as high-grade consumption stage.

child installment service object is good credit, high quality household has a steady job. Than credit CARDS and other installment service platform, child flagship low interest rates in stages, can apply to online stores, without collateral, guarantees, fastest lending for 24 hours, don’t need to have a particular bank card, need not take credit CARDS.

users registered as children in installment, completed authentication is to be submitted online after literature review, after approval, child installment client manager will the door identification in installment contract, signing the user to be ready before the effective certificate such as id card, employee’s card, certificate of income and information. Can start after signing the contract, monthly payments to the designated account.

children staging one of the first class education stage provide the longest periods less than the suggested length of buy course, at present, only installment installment service contractor with the child. Users in the payment notice that month start monthly payments.

children staging is currently promoting optional staging experience activities, to provide users with zero, zero fee staging experience includes swimming lessons, early childhood, children’s insurance, preschool education courses and extracurricular classes can all courses in child for installment payment by installments.

it is known that child installment in the near future will also introduce pregnancy, insurance, travel related to child grow up in installment, etc.

boring installment business from installment consumption to do to the Internet for college students to provide elite installment loan services, business development is very rapid. In stages in the product market, college students have toward the development of the Internet bank, also have to do electrical contractor in campus, campus electricity distribution channels, and interest in installment choose from various groups, the layout is very large. A service group “0 to 99, will go up and down,” but cloud network that hunting with installment shopping products, people still need to be restrained.

boring stage in officially launched on March 21, 2014, online or at the beginning of the angels, blue ventures millions of dollars in April A round of investment, August for source of capital, the former Goldman sachs Asia President Thomas Chan, founded by Singapore private consortium (Golden Summit) and blue ventures three agencies tens of millions of dollars of B round, took in more than $one hundred million in December C round of financing, investors for the source of capital and blue ventures.