Integration of social idle capacity, start quickly sent to the cargo platform

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in the field of Internet, carpooling market competition is intense, grabbing market share war has been continued, cloud network has also reported such as hunting,,,,, . Now, will quickly sent to carpool model used in logistics field, as a spell goods: the idle capacity within the city together, at the same time to achieve cost and efficiency of optimization.

city express service platform, take spell goods mode

in the field of travel by car, taxi is a scarce resource, in a taxi to burn money war first began to subsidies is a driver, grab resources is a driver, and in the field of logistics, quickly sent to tell hunting cloud network CEO jiang town, is the most don’t lack drivers and vehicles. In the project preparation stage, speed pie team also considered to subsidise driver, gain the driver, but the actual operation after found that as long as the guarantee the supply of goods, there must be a large number of quality driver flowing actively join in, because the freight in the city and the whole logistics market, excess capacity is the basic situation.

the current speed of positioning is sent to all kinds of city commercial and trade enterprises and individuals to provide express service , with “on demand”, “the vehicle”, “small” three application scenarios, through the website, micro letter, APP in a variety of ways, such as convenient online orders quickly, check list, to pay, and can check the transaction records and real time tracking. In addition, the speed needed also to provide users with a variety of value-added services, such as: packaging, loading and unloading, upstairs, cod, collecting the receipt and so on. In order to let the user trust, set up a risk margin quickly sent to the innovative, due to the speed of responsibility loss of the goods sent speed pie will first pay, and in combination with the insurance company, has realized each waybill automatically generated freight transportation liability auto insurance.

by hunting cloud network understanding, speed needed is not only a simple platform of information release and dealmaking, it is actually the actual cargo transport process management responsibility, and can take to send, the intelligent single through multipoint, realize the integration and to maximize the use of idle capacity, providing customers with standardized logistics service products, at the same time also can minimize the urban freight traffic pressure.

for the customer, the speed sent in charged according to “party” can be used (according to the actual volume of goods and transportation distance billing) , commitment to urban area within four hours arrived, and without user bear the cost of the car racing and empty chi, provide very populist transparent prices, compared with the traditional solution of city logistics, and saved more than 50% of the freight. At present, the speed must have been in Beijing, tianjin, hangzhou, Shanghai four cities provide services, in accordance with the planning, services to cities at the end of 2015 will reach 20, covering most of the second-tier cities.

tell hunting cloud network jiang town, speed sent after more than 4 months of development, Beijing light, there is more than 1000 cars every day for the thousands of customer service, and customer size and order quantity is growing fast. Team is now in partnership with large teams, recently in first-tier cities such as 3 will also introduce electric truck, expect to solve the congestion and environmental deterioration contribute an own strength.

in-depth analysis of the logistics industry, find a market (

cloud network asked about hunting speed sent why choose this niche market and business model, jiang town has revealed he before formal business spent nearly eight months of time to do the market survey, sampling the throughout the country more than 2000 drivers, through various channels to visit the customers in more than 300 logistics, commerce, a human, in this process, the market demand have a more profound understanding. It is based on the understanding of customers and needs, and trust in the business model and team, team founding researchers paid 10 million yuan for the early stage of the company working capital.

comprehensive jiang town, in addition to quickly sent to spell goods mode, hunting cloud network summed up the current city logistics in the field of the other modes and their respective advantages and disadvantages:

1, the simple car goods matching mode: similar drops a taxi and fast simple copy of the taxi car goods trading platform. This model is hard to live in city logistics market, the first class C customer demand scenario is not clear, the frequency is not high. Second class B customers and basic there is no car available information does not match the scene, and most of these can’t complete the transaction closed loop model of products, both parties low dependence on platform, the platform also is unable to process, and the price for the deal to take control.

2, a similar car vehicle model: the user can choose the required models, according to the vehicle type, vehicle leasing trade, namely the smallest trading unit for the vehicle. Compared with the simple car goods matching products, have a clear definition to the price, also can realize the trading closed loop, but due to the basic characteristics of urban internal logistics is the supply of goods is very fragmented, asked for a time limitation of transportation is very high, minimum trading unit for vehicle products for customer goods collection ability request is quite high, class C customers own accumulate to need the vehicle transporting cargo possibility is very small, and the class B customers have perennial cooperation more familiar with drivers and vehicles, only could in the very urgent and no suitable vehicles will only consider temporarily from the outside to find a car, once a stable supply of goods, car goods both sides also likely from the platform.

3, the model of virtual team: through all sorts of model aggregation driver (such as micro letter, app), to form the team, will be a class B customer source in internal bidding, JiaDiZhe. This model, since there is no fundamental change of this kind of customer trading patterns and cost structure (more sufficient supply of the owner of the freight rate must be lower, and the service with rigid cost, owner is unlikely to long-term service with rigid cost lower than the price), and there is no guarantee that the service quality and standards (lowest price delivery must be based on the lowest quality service as the standard), simple for subsidies just continued to burn money, there is no clear profit model.

and jiang town, said quickly sent to model is different from the above three, through the stock market, changing the structure of the product and cost to achieve real “city logistics o2o innovation”, to achieve real economic and efficient.

speed pie was founded in August 14 years, service launched in November after A month received several mainstream dollar fund investment intention, has completed A wheel, and the ongoing follow-up financing rounds. founder jiang town in management software and logistics industry has 10 years of experience, the team together on the Internet and traditional logistics industry elite (for the most part from the BAT, car, buying industry, and motion, and gravels fedex express leading enterprises), the current size of more than 100 people, with the expansion of our business is still growing.

jiang town do quickly sent to the project is not only in order to complete the startup dream, before the age of 35 are more want to take this project to produce greater social value. Traffic congestion in big cities now, and the car is much, but the utilization rate is not high, and the speed have to do now make full use of the resources of the pavement, so also received high recognition and support of relevant government departments.