InsideSales: by Microsoft and Salesforce big data after decision

cloud network hunting note: big data era, cloud, various masters, to break out. Who can both the central plains, unify the whole country, is still a big variables. Protagonist InsideSales of this article is a big data make it an auxiliary decision-making tools, although cannot make sure that it will be out of the chaos, but can get Salesforce and Microsoft with , also absolutely cannot small gaze., the Wall Street journal, billions of dollars startups club members, again recently. It in the latest financing activities, from Salesforce and Microsoft were raised $60 million in funding.

the from Provo, Utah, company mainly provides the analysis data of the software for Salesforce, the software can be through the analysis of large amounts of data can be used to predict the time of the people most likely to buy. The company previously raised $139 million in a financing activities, the valuation of about $1 billion. According to chief executive Dave life! Introduction, so far, InsideSales valuation has more than 1.5 billion dollars.

the most dramatic in the financing activities is to be able to access to Salesforce and Microsoft’s investment at the same time, after all, the two industry giants, which were once deadly foes this situation didn’t change until last year. Last year, took the helm of Microsoft’s power, from the hands of Mr. Ballmer immediately in May, Della and Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff has announced that the two companies formed a partnership.

the two companies made a public commitment to friendship and cooperation, “the customer priority”. The plan is to let the two key software compatible with each other, make more efficient working environment for the customer. Now, the two companies seem to invest together again.

life! Said: “it was a real balance relationship, as both are extremely important ecological system to converge, the biggest beneficiaries will be millions of users like us.”

InsideSales at first did not expect to raise more money, but because they attended the Dreamforce Salesforce’s annual customer conference, they changed the expectations. At this meeting, Benioff and other executives noticed InsideSales Salesforce can create more business, this let InsideSales won the rare opportunity.

Benioff let life! To Salesforce executives show the company’s quarterly report, and then puts forward the investment intention, offered price is much higher than it has been put into the “notional amount”.

meanwhile, InsideSales also is working with Microsoft to negotiate. In the previous round of financing, Microsoft is interested in investment InsideSales, and in the negotiations, life! Also shows, the software of the company.

life! Said: “I don’t want to sell their business, after all, this is my pride. I’ve been want to build a large enough effective enough to change the world, so I think it is unwise to only work with Salesforce.”

although both companies want to invest more funds, but is willing to invest together each other. And public market investors have also heard that the financing activities, and participated in. Before life! Has refused to hundreds of millions of dollars of investment, he will eventually financing final value determined on a suitable digital, this not only ensure their company benefit, also ensure the cooperation not dilute too many investors shares on both sides.

new money will be used for further InsideSales software integration with Salesforce and Microsoft products, create new products for our customers. Take, for example, some executives don’t like telephone harassment, they are more willing to reply messages; Also some companies programmers prefer to check email at night and probably take a fancy to a product in time. These behaviors can be achieved by Microsoft Outlook and query in the record to Salesforce history behavior. InsideSales products have a “continuous learning” algorithm layer, and they will put all kinds of factors affecting sales together, these factors range is very wide, including all aspects of life, from the weather to the local gas prices, all-encompassing. Finally InsideSales will reduce the massive sales interaction data and external resource data together, import their own platform is analyzed.

life! Said: “we developed prediction platform is with initiative, besides can predict the purchaser and the possibility to buy, can also predict what people will buy.”

InsideSales construction of some of the cloud computing infrastructure, such as its in Virginia opened a new data center, established the telecom cloud center in Europe. New money will be invested in the infrastructure. And because life! Also revealed, Salesforce and Microsoft with a large number of customers in the world, this also will accelerate InsideSales international expansion.

dominate this financing is Salesforce, involved in the financing of the rest of the investors including Polaris Partners, Kleiner Perkins Caufield& Byers, Hummer Winblad venture partners, U.S.V enture partners and Zetta venture partners.

Source: WSJ

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