In China this hard to chew bones, Microsoft took out a solution

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after seven years of WinHEC conference in shenzhen yesterday for restart, with the latest operating system and the biggest sincerity Microsoft partners with China, with the practical action to solve problems, intent on the today’s most important markets in China opened a new chapter.

first send WinHEC2015 conference news quick reference:

1. Windows 10 this summer will be released in 190 countries and regions, and support 111 languages, including in China, Microsoft will jointly tencent, qihoo 360 and lenovo promoting Windows 10 to upgrade. All Windows system user, as long as the hardware support, both previously used is genuine and pirated, are available on Windows 10 after the release of the first year free upgrade.

2. The display Windows 10 again unified features: from the wearable device, smart phone, tablet, PC, SurfaceHub, HoloLens, household appliances, cars and wider IoT (Internet of things), Microsoft Windows 10 as the platform, support link with Microsoft cloud services as the background, using the unified ecological break Windows even clearance, let it everywhere. And its 10 custom to Windows domain segmentation, intended to fully penetrate into consumer, enterprise comprehensive market, constitutes a unified ecological Microsoft.

3. Windows 10 mobile display more clue. Grounding system more gas, more localized; To join the call mark, smart dialing function, yellow pages, and other functions. Also welcomed more friends to join WP camp.

4. “WindowsHello”, Microsoft Windows 10 open platform for biological refers to identify era, a more personalized security Windows 10 hardware product is yet to come. Windows add 10 more adjustable options, such as adding virtual desktop functions; Can adjust the magnet location and size of function, etc. Cortana smarter, remind, search a not fall; Show a cross-platform application such as Office bring new efficient Office experience for the user.

5. More open and more collaborative Windows 10, bringing in more partners, and other industry leaders to create a new partnership, on the Windows platform or for all want to use the Windows platform to create powerful support. And use the productivity of the proud, to provide a good platform and service, promote the transformation of Microsoft.


at the above WinHEC2015 news quick reference, give my feeling is in WinHEC2015 conference. Microsoft took out a full sincerity; The repetition of the Windows 10 though the entire assembly is propaganda, but still there is no lack of bright spots. Microsoft to do this, of course, nature is to solve the current dilemma in the world’s attention from PC to mobile terminal, after Microsoft suddenly found that, in the new world, he is no longer being the focus of world attention, he became the new era laggards. In order to change this situation, the need to use new move to keep up with the pace of the new era, the need to back to focus our attention back to him; Need in this field has not yet been the end of the catch up with and surpass the leader in the marathon event, the final victory. And Windows 10 will be to determine whether it can be the key to success.

I was in The Microsoft’s Next Chapte conference “, “The article written by The said:” The new Windows 10, contain The huge opportunity, let Microsoft has a very good structure, but to let The Windows really become ubiquitous, also fill that need a lot of muscle. Here need to solve the biggest problem is how to attract developers and consumers, let them embrace Windows ecological again, will it as a first priority, and let the perfection of the Windows ecosystem as soon as possible.”

on the ecological system, is an embarrassment to Microsoft. As absolute rulers of PC ecosystem, ecological system is severe laggard in the mobile end, the gap between the two, it may be said to. And at this stage, to the App built mobile ecosystem, is the lingering pain, is a barrier, Microsoft must face is the only way to through the big exam. And a few days ago “alipay event” and embarrass WP ecological part of the light leaking out. WP ecological environment is poor, developers low priority, quality is poorer; Some critical applications, such as pay treasure to update slowly old problems still exist. And the cause of this situation, is that a chicken or the egg came first.

it is well known that Microsoft in order to build a platform of unification, the layout of the made for a long time, especially on the mobile end, Microsoft make the move that too many seemingly pit dead father abandoned WinCE WP7, the replacement for the standard Windows NT kernel, let WP8 start again. And all this layout, let Microsoft on the mobile end enough and slow progress in recent years, has not hit one day. This led to the debate of the chicken or the egg came first again. Developers need to have “machine”.

but reality let developers and consumers on the choice of priority WP will be classified as inferior priority. The inferior leads to WP ecological priority a vicious circle: the death “ecological weak to cause consumers purchase intention is not strong, consumers purchase intention is not strong and lead to low WP market share is low, the market share will lead to developers WP priority in the ranking, so as to form a cycle of infinite loop.” The cycle of infinite loop have been bound in Microsoft mobile forging is the key obstacle to a breakthrough, but the WP or portable devices represented by the mobile terminal is Microsoft need break through the key obstacles, to expect in the future mobile world. How to break through? Ballmer chanted “developers, developers, developers”. Indeed, the developer is the key to promote the WP breakthrough, but how can we let developers to Microsoft platform, let developers to develop applications for Microsoft in the first time? The profitability of the market share and platform is the most factors of impressive. But in terms of WP’s market share, market share is obviously not enough to attract developers. Microsoft how to rapidly expand Microsoft ecological attraction, promote developers quickly in Microsoft Windows ecological, Windows 10 is Microsoft’s weapon.

Microsoft Windows operating system 10 is defined as ubiquitous, goal is the unification of all interconnected. Microsoft’s Windows on 10 achieve its long-awaited unification. Microsoft has a huge number of PC users is the current Microsoft’s best wealth. Mass into Windows PC users 10 will be unified, build new Windows ecological, rapidly improve ecological share of Windows, let developers can not be ignored, Microsoft will be the key to break through the infinite loop. While the key is the key to break through the infinite loop make vast amounts of PC users to quickly upgrade to the latest Windows 10 operating system.

in WinHEC meeting, in front of the key key, took out a feasible way to Microsoft. Microsoft in a more smooth upgrade, for the popularization of the new system is more rapid. Microsoft joint qihoo 360, tencent, lenovo push Windows 10 free upgrade, they will be in line for a free upgrade online activities; And not user refused to piracy, the upgrade for the rapid popularization Windows 10 natural is a very good market share in China. Microsoft through the cooperation, will has plagued the infinite loop. Through simple seamless upgrades, split before the huge amounts of PC users quickly into the latest Windows 10 users. And this kind of transformation is brought about by the new Windows ecological share the rapid ascension, share ascension brings favorable ecological status. Microsoft for developers to provide hundreds of millions of Windows 10 equipment to solve the chicken and egg. Developers have a lot of users, now is waiting for them who can develop consumer high quality application. For developers, this is a new field, is the present of gold.

epilogue: on WinHEC, Microsoft put the proud figure before, come up with complete sincerity. More localization, grounding, more concerned about the user experience, to bring a more friendly way of upgrading products to consumers. Let the consumer can enjoy the new Windows 10 system rapidly. Microsoft, of course, in this friendly way of upgrade, also conducive to Windows 10 more rapid popularization system. Microsoft with his own practical action for the developers to provide several millions of Windows 10 equipment. But the move, more conducive to Microsoft to crack has plagued its development “chicken and egg” infinite loop.

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in the “mobile first, Della cloud first” strategy, Microsoft is becoming more and more friendly and open. Is that the relation between rival processing, Microsoft will be more willing to use the win-win cooperation instead of the past before the gulf. This for Microsoft won the praise of the good external environment and public opinion, more open also won more for its partners. Microsoft on openness, more willing to provide service with an open mind. Whether the earlier took Office and other exclusive application to iOS and android platform, or cooperate with many cloud services companies, as well as to the latest hardware engineering industry innovation summit (WinHEC). All the time shows the Microsoft treat competitors and new style and features of the product.

at WinHEC summit, Microsoft makes shenzhen one big Bob white brand product login jedaiah hall. Intel and qualcomm and cooperation, to provide more rapid development guidelines for OEM, the greatest degree of reduce degree of difficulty of introduction to OEM, for the sake of what, is, of course, Windows 10.

in 10 mobile version of the show Windows, to show the brush into the Windows operating system 10 millet 4, detonated technology topics more in time. Microsoft’s official manuscript is millet company praised as “the world’s leading supplier of mobile phone”. But we need to know is that the millet brush into the Windows operating system is not an official 10 level of cooperation, and millet or related products in the near future. As for why there is no plan to launch related products, the speculation is secretly: at present, Microsoft does not provide Windows 10 like android is so high degrees of freedom. To make differentiation on Windows 10, have to rely on hard power. And at this stage beautiful MIUI on the Windows 10, basic is a waste, it makes the most important differentiation advantage of millet ceased to exist. The millet will launch related hardware products in the future, I think that’s for sure. As for when to launch, I think this time should not be too late.

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