In an age of convenience is king, “the old lady verbosity” the URL will be like?

cloud network hunting note: what is the URL? Have you ever looked at you are browsing the web above the multifarious symbols? Major search engines were trying to omit multifarious symbols after primary domain name, what is the results of these to try? Whether the URL is about to disappear in the river of history? Or will have new face in due course along with the improvement and optimization? Hope this article can help you.

URL, translation uniform resource locator (URL), as an Internet user interface language for decades, if the browser window can’t display properly without it. But as the web has developed for graphical interface driver, mobile port priority and application services as the main users of the operating system, the URL is still the origins of the Internet in the arcane imperative legacy of the program. Why is this?

apple and Google seemed to be thinking about this problem. Quick review their browser application, all kinds of phenomenon seems to indicate that the URL has gradually been slow and firmly rejected. Apple’s latest version of the Safari web browser is only displayed on the main domain name in the address bar (e.g., Google browser in recent years to encourage users to address bar used as search bar.

Google currently applying mobile search full URL buried in a small sub menu. At the same time, the defect of hackers can still use the URL address, in broad daylight con fraud and identity theft (hunting cloud network editor note: identity theft is refers to the use of people’s names, personal information such as credit CARDS, or other items such as extracting cash from someone else’s account)

in this day and age, how can we find out new ways to solve this problem?

Jon Bell is Twitter designer, he treat such details strictly to the user experience can write ten thousand words. I asked him questions. Bell opening quote jobs about words in a post-pc era computer technology assessment: a computer is like truck, they will still exist, but only to the people who need them.

Bell said the URL in a very similar to this shift. In the golden age of network, people want to be a accurate input the web address to see the specific process of search on the Internet resources, but now no one is willing to address bar enter complex web address just to see how the web. We are not same as it used to rely on search engine optimization, let alone rely on mobile search engine optimization.

Bell said: “in the URL. Com after all symbols are huge trucks stuff”. This is why apple and Google to de-emphasize the full URL address. For us ordinary people. The URL only has two meaning:

the first and tell us the location of the web page and we are going to browse the web information. (bell added, let’s see if we could continue reading times on a web page or stay on Twitter page)

second, provide specific, portable platform wizard. (or, it like a magic subway network world, as long as in the top of the browser you insert something, then, a poof, you got to where you want to.)

but the realization of the function of the two do not necessarily need a long string of text or don’t need to input character will be able to reach you want to go to the interface. Last year, Google did a test, try to give up its browser URL and try to use “origin chip” (note: cloud network editor king hunting origin chip, is hidden complete address, only the main domain name on the left shows the site.) Instead of the URL. This web page above address bar will reduce a lot. (but as long as the click URL can see complete domain)

the idea is to want to hide the complete URL code language, origin chip may help users to better identify phishing attacks. For example, a first half looks like bank of America website url “” primary domain is actually XNX. IO, rather than if origin chip out code language, leaving only the main domain name click XNX. IO will appear safety warning.

this seems to be an obvious improvement, why didn’t Google continue to push this project? The reason: the result. In the process of experiment, security researchers found that “the origin chip” problems is completely anti-phishing function cannot be achieved.

a redesign of aging recognition system is more difficult than looks many, therefore, Google think that an unfamiliar controls and the introduction of the unpredictable vulnerabilities to a seems to have a relatively perfect a lot risk than large gains in the user interface. Bell said that’s why people can see every other day to the new software vulnerabilities. Because the most intelligent person in the world also can’t predict what risk will come when you least expect them to.”

phone operating system is now providing web sharing, this share is not need to copy and paste url, just click on the share button. But in addition to debug problems, what prevents us from reducing the URL text display, this process will be like as an apple Macintosh personal computers to abolish as command bar?

(Macintosh, for apple Macintosh computer after LISA second use computer graphics user interface (GUI). The Macintosh was the first time to the graphical user interface are widely used on the field of personal computers.)

for Bell, it’s like apples and oranges, respectively. URL is not like the command line, has never been used on the Macintosh or Windows users. Value orientation of these products are not through the keyboard to use them, but the URL text addresses for every network users are very familiar things, this is the biggest difference between them.

so, not only in the global digital communication media, trillions of website and the information is unique, and it shows that the particularity of plain text addresses and difficult to replace. URL is actually the true name, web page with deep link to integrate applications and web pages, like virtual reality glasses promise immersive virtual reality interface of user experience, abstracting link can no longer be alone. After all the Macintosh users and Windows users still need to type in file and directory icon.

you mind URL finally comming to? Bell said, in fact you don’t care about this problem. People will only care about mobile phone application software and web page can normal connection each other. URL and therefore will continue to exist.

Source: Medium