In addition to the positive and negative literally plug, USB Type – C what “trick”?

cloud network hunting note: in the electronic products bring entertainment at the same time, also spawned many troubles, such as the USB interface to distinguish between positive and negative. Before each on host groped to toss and turn the USB line direction, really feel frustrated for this design, combined with reading and writing speed slow, let a person suffering. Now finally have the saviour, USB 3.1 Type – C interface will completely rewrite it.

imagine, there is such a USB interface: exactly the same on both ends of the up and down, no longer distinguish between positive and negative, both directions can be inserted; Will also double transmission bandwidth from 5 GBPS to 10 GBPS, at the same time the power supply current is A sharp increase from 1.5 to 3-5 A, not only faster performance, charge will be much faster; Most of all, still can access any USB devices. So think about all people tremble USB 3.1 Type – C interface have already started mass production. Don’t like the other on the CES (American consumer electronics show) that focuses on electronic products stunt, it is certain that USB 3.1 Type – C interface will soon be applied on the new smart mobile devices even PC products, is expected to become the final single cable solution.

this paper pictures of USB 3.1 Type – C cable provided by the USB – IF (USB users BBS), is a USB 3.1 upgrade version, there is no specific technical parameters of relevant information, but what is clear is that the future production of USB 3.1 Type – C interface and now we can see the difference is not big.

“the first to eat crab” : the earliest the USB Type – C interface equipment business

both use USB 3.1 standard interface, and the Type – C interface, or both compatible electronic products, has been available. At CES, we see the nokia N1 tablet was first adopted Type – C Type Mirco – USB 2.0 data interface; Global msi motherboard makers also shows a new GAMING series motherboard, is the world’s first board with USB 3.1 Type – C. Predictably, by the end of 2015, there will be more mainstream products began to adopt the standard specifications of the USB interface.

USB – IF President and chief operating officer Jeff Ravencraft in surveyed said: “at present, USB 3.1 Type – C interface levels far cannot satisfy the market demand. Specialized manufacturer, we have this cable and interface but reflect producers as well as other equipment suppliers business has special line, who is specific, remains to be proven, than we are one step ahead. As the first half of the Type – C interface, will usher in the second half of a large development period.”

although USB interface is not currently on the market of perfect, but it has replaced the behind many ports. In addition, Jeff Ravencraft also reiterated that because most of the previous news confuse USB 3.1 and Type – C version, but technically does not require both exist at the same time. USB cable Type – C a special pin for version 2.0, so the contract can at the same time of the Type – C interface compatible with the old version, as mentioned above, nokia N1.

“to believe that most people see the USB Type – C interface and data cables will be associated with its performance and power, any bad on the one hand, it does not represent the USB interface. If you need high-speed transmission rate, there must be 3.1 version of the host device parameters. Similarly, if you need the Type – C interface, there must be at least the corresponding interface devices, “Jeff Ravencraft added.

Jeff Ravencraft

at present, USB – IF special hope on a mobile device in the USB Type – C interface. The Type – 2.0 C USB data interface means that no longer need to phone or computer with a separate USB 3.1 drivers, but users will still benefit from the both ends can be inserted into the USB interface, because most of the equipment contract for reasons of cost savings or physical space, will try to avoid production requires a separate driver chip.

“flock” : USB Type – C three feature set in one

USB interface is not a perfect standard, but in the past for its focus mainly concentrated in the USB interface to replace or slashed a PS/2 interface and FireWire, lightning serial port. With Type – C interface, USB 3.1 and separate the popularity of USB 2.0 power output, will replace more other same Type products. Proven Type at the same time – whether it is worthwhile to C interface before comprehensive promotion, USB – IF there have been some demo setup.

first of all, the new USB 3.1, is the former generation evolution of SuperSpeed USB 3.0 and from 3.0 5 GBPS bandwidth up to 10 GBPS, although than the mainstream interface transmission speed a lot, but still not reached the level of lightning interface, Thunderbolt 2 can provide 20 GBPS of two-way transmission rate, the next generation of products is expected to reach 40 GBPS. USB – IF also launched a pair of SSD to form a RAID 0 array, connect the USB 3.1 Type – C cable to your PC, hard Disk test tools Crystal Disk Benchmark shows that read and write speed is 800 m per second, than most SATA III SSD and PCI Express hard drive faster.

second, Type – C interface with USB 2.0 version of the power output after the match, can completely replace the power supply interface, the highest support 100 w power output. In this way, can cover almost all of the electronic products, including the most basic desktop computer integrated graphics system, and even some low-end notebook computer integrated graphics. More beautiful is, after using the Type – C interface (except apple mobile phone) for most of its mobile phones and tablet computers, the price of the USB cable and power adapter will have fallen sharply, and become available. Because all the equipment will be suitable for the Type – C interface, even bought a new cell phone can still use the original cable, unless the user has special functional requirements, as with Quick charger Quick Charge 2.0, etc. So greatly improve the maximum power output of the USB cable for more equipment the Type – C interface provides support, such as notebook computers, monitors and other electronic devices.

most notably, a new Alternate Mode support USB connector Type – C, which means that the Type – C interface and data cables to transmit the USB data signal.

USB Type – C connector and cable power output can support MHL 3.2 specification. This will make using the Type – C connector and cable supplier and Standard group, and provide more features, at the same time we USB – IF promotion organization will also provide a Standard video Standard VID. It’s not just the USB interface service support, but with a lot of other features the combination of characteristics.”

now Alternate Mode is receiving support from both from DisplayPort and MHL, power USB Type – C data line is equipped with a more suitable equipment to transmit the USB signal. Eight pin Type – C cable has four data channels, can signal transmission USB 3.1 or DisplayPort. Users can each protocol using two channels, can also be four channels are used for DisplayPort signal, whether it is a kind of way, mouse, keyboard, handle and other peripheral devices to read and write speed will be greatly increased.

in fact real life already has an example, apple’s thunder and lightning monitor, you can use the same data to drive the external display device, can also add additional USB, Ethernet, or speakers. USB Type – C and 3.1 the same is true with a USB port of the old display need to separate data line to transmit data and video signals, and at the scene of the consumption of demonstration, USB – IF shows through the use of Type – C connector, not only can drive the external display device, still can use the same cable connection to the host computer. The scene view, may still have some messy, cable and PCB are everywhere, but wait for the real listed, will replace them to concentrate computer, be neat and beautiful.

overall, produce the USB Type – C above the feature as rumours of 12 inch MacBook Air products provides the feasibility. “Apple” friendly site 9 to5mac revealed the MacBook Air will use a single USB Type – C interface, used for charging and data transmission and drive the external display. May be some people think that, for devices like apple, set up only a USB interface on the computer is very unrealistic, but the emergence of the USB Type – C will change all that. Let’s hope the only USB port laptop listed as soon as possible, instead of a variety of miscellaneous collection of port.

“data line multifarious” : the transition of chaos is in order to better tomorrow

the USB Type – C interface, USB 3.1 and separate USB 2.0 power output into mainstream equipment is the ideal state, but the first phase of the transition will be very confusion, because this time, people still use mini micro interface and interface of thunder and lightning, if use the Type – C interface equipment will need to use a separate cable and adapter connected. nullnullnullnullnullnullnull