I know the drops quickly hand behind the bureau valentine’s day

the author: jorin right raccoon dog, micro letter public accounts: left – right – 007

first good neighbours, as with all over the world is said about the marriage of the drops quickly, from different opinion sounds as if let us once again believe in love. About juwan first character analysis for carding neighbours objective details, as for the story behind the freemasonry, also please viewers to use their judgment.

1, drops of angels is wang gang, fast angel is zhi-guo li, are born ali: the former is the district manager from alibaba China suppliers, belong to the type of cadres. Repeat offenders, the latter because word-of-mouth network in ali zhi-guo li amoeba in recent years for projects involving multiple ali is a star has become the most wonderful angel fund of zhejiang.

2, wang gang intervention drops deep some, for a period of time is also appears as a co-founder, now stay in the merged seven board, is the best reward for their vision and judgment.

3, drops change is far more difficult than fast, far faster than the background of the and drabs chengwei wei-shing Chen so dazzling, but not all. More important still is drops quickly appeared three years ago who also look not to understand. First understand drops and is willing to bet a zhu XiaoHu jinsha river, jinsha river where the past and lanting preface before, how in the new consumer market driven by new technology when awake knowhow, zhu XiaoHu is not only drops the first institutional shareholder, is also the first hungry? Institutional shareholders, or now resurrected first institutional shareholders, the shake handshandle of network in the field of O2O, zhu XiaoHu point gold master.

4, drops in zhu XiaoHu seen before, investors who also seen another star. In the summer of 2012 child also please Uber founder Garrett Camp together to see, but I can’t understand the Chinese market, Camp cannot understand the importance of do rent the car instead of cars, then forget about it. Not prevent tung’s new owner GGV drops $3 billion valuation in the round with redwood small when involved in the next. GGV was determined to do in this case, largely because of another, managing partner of operator performance great operator was baidu’s early investors, in addition to the popular included baidu investment in where, as well as youku tudou to merge, apparently, operator and GGV actually betting on drops quickly in the future must be merged, only unexpected is the final process much faster than expected.

5, the first bet David su fabrics of VC is fast, now doing all equity to raise community guo aunt Guo Yingzhe ever and uncle jorin discuss and xu is warp/weft and Shanghai to the traditional business most cognitive conclusion of investors. This point from the count of a series of cases can be corroborated.

6, because Hong Kong live for a long time, and for a period of time has been the cause of the common rival taobao, another founder of warp/weft bo shao ma closely interacted, warp/weft system has for some time, with tencent meeting monthly electricity investment business seminar. However, because Momo the warp/weft backed the major con ali once took one of the most important, so the count of and ali is pretty good also. This kind of good bilateral relations to the fast and drops together exactly have much relationship, who also said bad, to better than no bread. That understand, why the merged seven xu Sir Is the only by the board of directors of the VC from the representatives of the board of directors, and the proportion of rights and interests, and future complex situation related to the new company.

7, such a big case impossible without intermediaries, huaxing for another place. Gold in its inaction, countries began to fund, to follow ran wang busy enjoy with tongyao two people life, under the overall situation of party a will take time, huaxing still eldest brother. Say more, devoted to stranger is huaxing sold to ali.

8, the board of directors of the seven people, chengwei as drops, the founder of the selected, of course, Lv Chuanwei as zhi-guo li please take fast wei-shing Chen, founder of the objective is the actual business operations, willow blue as drops just executives parachuted into the board actually controversy is, after all, in this case, drops to give priority to. But because the second generation of willow blue identity has many words, such as willow blue persuade father liu to dialogue with Mr. Ma gets around on it by god, but credibility is not high. As jorin raccoon dog right know, Mr Liu and Mr. Ma although acquainted on various occasions, but after all is two generations of entrepreneurs, there are different degrees of dark war, such as the fight for cara, meeting between liu horse are arranged in the Beijing hangzhou outside of Shanghai. Liu chuanzhi, jack ma, and ren lei jun the competition between the four Chinese business leaders bosses story, let again after eight, please. And just jorin raccoon dog right exact a tip from a director, Mr Liu was not involved in this matter.

9, angel investors, wang gang to replace jinsha river zhu XiaoHu incoming new board of directors of the company related to zhu XiaoHu has always been generous generous mind, also with wang gang I associated with ali tencent good bilateral relations. Wang gang and Peng Lei (such as new members of the board of directors) ali as a good relationship is easy to understand, after all is old colleague. Although zhi-guo li isn’t a director but the directors, more than a year ago, it was zhi-guo li do bureau wang gang and Lv Chuanwei shout together to have a meal, have a preliminary understanding. Another unnamed members of the board of directors agreed that the merger of investors to participate in is not much, much more is a win-win cooperation between two parties management team mentality.

10, all seven people, four is drops interest related parties, the interests of the three is quick related party, looked quickly and its underlying ali is not dominant, but wang gang itself from ali, so can form the balance of power; The seven, three management team, four representatives of investors, but wang gang itself is also drops co-founder, thus form the balance of power once again.