Hunting cloud inventory: 25’s most valuable cloud computing company

according to the Bessemer Venture Partners (BVP) of the company’s cloud index showed that as the Box company ipo success so far has been last week 25 has a market value of listed companies more than $1 billion of cloud computing.

BVP index of cloud top 30 company’s total market value has more than $155 billion last week. (the index including 41 listed company)

when the index of initial statistics in 2013 top 30 company total value at around $100 billion, and only 15 companies worth more than $1 billion. These companies are developing very quickly.

Hubspot: 25 $1.08 billion

Hubspot’s chief executive, Brian Halligan

market value: $1.08 billion

Hubspot for marketing software provides a cloud service.

Cvent: 24 $1.11 billion

Cvent chief executive Rajeev Aggarwal

Cvent chief executive Rajeev Aggarwal

Cvent provides the cloud computing event management software.

23 LogMeIn: $1.18 billion

LogMeIn chief executive Michael Simon

market value: $1.18 billion

LogMeIn can let you anywhere remote login and use your computer, at the same time, help enterprise to manage the remote computer.

22nd Constant Contact: $1.28 billion

Constant Contact chief executive Gail Goodman

market value: $1.28 billion

Constant Contact provide online customer service and marketing solutions for small businesses.

21, Fleetmatics Group: $1.36 billion

Fleetmatics Group chief executive Jim Travers

market value: $1.36 billion

Fleetmatics have many car companies provide fast GPS tracking service.

20 Qualys: $1.3 billion

Qualys chief executive Philippe Courtot

market value: $1.3 billion

Qualys provide enterprises with computer security services based on cloud.

19th LifeLock: $1.37 billion

LifeLock chief executive Todd Davis

market value: $1.37 billion

LifeLock to provide users with identity theft protection services, and provide enterprises with fraud risk response plan.

18th Marketo: market value of about $1.41 billion

Marketo, chief executive of Phillip Fernandez

market value: $1.41 billion

Marketo provides a cloud computing software marketing.

17 RealPage: $1.48 billion

RealPage chief executive Steve Winn

market value: $1.48 billion

RealPage provide online property management services.

16 Zendesk: market capitalization of about $1.76 billion

market value: $1.76 billion

Zendesk cloud services for enterprises and technical personnel and customer service.