Hundreds of meow star people open “hand” your imagination is too big!

(text/He Yuying)

if you are in play WeChat late last year, so in addition to a red envelope you may have seen a meow, precisely, one hundred thousand meow.

on April 4, 2015, “tu: hundreds of meow star plan” exhibition in Beijing 798 art zone “space” of the opening. Exhibition period 4 days, to show the total number of more than 30000 people, the exhibition hall graffiti area collecting meow star graffiti more than 15000 people at the scene. The exhibition began on October 15, 2014 in just two months “online painting meow” visits to more than 4 million times, and collected “meow star” painting nearly 300000 pictures. It is worth mentioning, however, the whole campaign early just rely on the user’s spread.

exhibition opening day, an APP called “hand painted” release, the location for the imagination of “use the fragment time graffiti social platform” in meow open after come into the mind of the public. Hand painted development team spirit studio, co-founder of shang told cloud network hunting, curator and APP development was conducted at the same time. “For a start-up team, we should be more wonderful work.”

of course more wonderful work is hand painted propaganda way, using online graffiti collection works and planning exhibition promotion way of similar products in the market do not have. Thousand meow star plan is through the micro letter reflect good seed investment, hand team tells hunting cloud network, exhibition is open free of charge, by selling peripheral products and sponsors help maintain basic balance of payments.

at the same time, through this exhibition, with hand founding team again to verify through graffiti under the same topic people willing to express their feelings, and this is precisely self consciousness of the era of visual expression team hopes that by hand APP to enlarge it.

with hand APP is currently in iterative period, interface with black and white color. Users can create their own graffiti along with the gender sign in clock in, can also be released at the tu hand under the same theme of imaginative creation. After uploading, can be seen by other users in the square, by focusing on the people around, DMS, SNS such as social basic functions at the same time of graffiti.

is different from the text and voice, simple graffiti can help people across language and geographical barriers, but also avoid the major and the threshold of the wild. In the painting for the similar social content market competing goods, have a higher threshold of defects. The user more is to view large touch works of molding, and not really involved. Coated chiral provide users with one of the most original creation platform, whether you are a small white or can be part of the UGC greatly.

painted hands tell hunting cloud network team, in the future development planning, with hand want to do is subtraction. At present the partial function team through the user survey found that the utilization rate is low, poor user experience, so do some changes, let graffiti becomes more pure. Will also focus on building a better community atmosphere, regularly publish the theme and small attract users with high quality, the excellent works into a physical product, earnings feedback to the user, a virtuous circle.

cloud network that hunting as UGC product, the user viscosity is the key, how to continue to stimulate the creation of the user desire is team need to solve the main problems. At this point, with the one hundred thousand meow hand the team can get it back. Fusion of online and offline display, the user’s doodled on into time and time again of exhibition and peripheral products to sell. This form of O2O interaction can improve the user’s desire, let every simple graffiti is not only to express thoughts, but the possibility of a more imaginative.