Hui: super club cut into the supermarket, make O2O concept shopping community

Wen/Zhang Nanqian

the Internet economy is “lazy economy” – a convenient communication becomes more and more popular make door-to-door service, delivery, otaku don’t go out for a long time women use the Internet, even if you don’t go out and get fresh goods. Super club credit APP is a design for the pursuit of life convenient lazy people shopping software, which is based on LBS (location-based services) and C2C e-commerce immediately, for near the village residents and merchants set up information platform, build a network shopping platform.

super club team currently has a total of 17 people, including eight technical staff, seven products and operating personnel and a financial personnel. Founder zhang hui called himself a “epigenetic” with a legendary experiences, he convective cloud network said, “our ultimate goal is to build O2O informatization community platform, the supermarket is just a starting point, when has the stable user base, can provide a more diverse community services, such as vegetables, fruit. Milk tea shop, cake shop, and even all kinds of domestic service, let more family or personal requirements can be implemented through the platform in time experience.”

the entire process is divided into two main “conceptual shopping”. One side from the user – the user on a mobile phone to download the super club APP, through registration, fill out the plot address==shopping address (village), into the nearby supermarket, according to the classification of goods for shopping, then place the order, the last to settle the bill. The line, from the stores is divided into two important modules – in app based on community, businesses can change their promised delivery time, operating status information, such as phone communication with buyers, processing orders at the same time; In the store on the web: mainly used to manage product data of the background, the add and modify the price. Shopping, of course, after the completion of delivery is more important at this point, zhang hui and his team the merchant agreement was reached, insist on delivery within 30 minutes (promise) to your door, cod, the purpose is to safeguard the rights and interests of consumers.

life service class of the APP is appearing too many, such as the recent half a year in chengdu city were lazy life APP to the fire: it is the main on-demand customized features – the user can launch their demand on the platform, can also respond to other user requirements have been proposed.

mentioned the highlight of their products, zhang hui think there are mainly three points. First is a simple, easy to operate: offline supermarket put all of the commodity information (price, specification, quantity, etc.) just 10 minutes into the app, consumers registered only need 1 minute or so, landing can directly find you want stores for shopping. The second is convenient and fast: the user never leave home, after using a mobile phone order, snacks and drinks half an hour can be sent to the home. Third is comprehensive, differentiation, based on certain large data analysis, the super club wheaton team and merchants to provide differentiated services for consumers, the personal savings services, to help consumers choose goods, and then home delivery.

according to hunt cloud network know, this was established in February of this year’s young team is the first step into the campus, in chengdu university has carried on the super club APP promotion activity. The project is currently in a angel financing round.