HTML 5 finalized: phone App will disappear within three years, the Internet world of the second world war

cloud network hunting note: HTML 5 and app in competing products form show in the public view. Since last year and has a large technical or entrepreneurs shift to HTML 5 areas, the outbreak of the mobile games and WeChat circle of friends and so on numerous platforms for HTML 5 diversion, can overturn, perhaps is only a matter of time.

like Apple, before the establishment of the HP senior told ward: who will put a computer at home? In the future it will certainly upset the native App. The W3C (world wide web consortium) project HTML 5, 2007, until the end of October 2014, the eight years of specification finally official seal.

over the years, it overturns the PC Internet pattern, optimization of the mobile Internet experience, then, it will upset the native App world. If this sounds a bit alarmist, but careful analysis of the development history, you will find that the development trend of the world really is like that.

HTML 5 to 7 of the advantages of developers


the screen s more, the pain of the developers index is very high, everyone looked forward to HTML 5 saviours. Many code, different technical type of work and business logic in sync, this is a process of torture. Similar to the early personal computers, the time of each computer has its own operating system and programming language, developers to do different versions, actually the popularity of DOS has also largely because developers really don’t have the energy to other computer programming. Cross-platform technology in most early because of performance problems, but later hardware capabilities and will occupy the mainstream, enhanced because of the cross-platform is just need indeed.

fast iterative:

mobile Internet era is a fast fish eat slow fish, who satisfy the demand for users faster, who lower the cost of trial and error, who is a huge advantage. Internet product is mostly free, and a network effect, after the person is hard to grab the user. Use native development, from recruitment, development, on-line more than double the efficiency of each link is slower, and the more people participate in, the efficiency of communication tend to slow down more than twice.

continuous delivery:

a lot of people have such experience, a native application online Appstore, suddenly there is a big bug, that night had to work overtime to repair, then just wait for 2 weeks or longer Apple audit, this two week, daub is drowned by the user, a bad review on the market, loss of users. New application is being reviewed, such as online, the user has been uninstalled. But, it do not have these problems, you can be updated in real time, respond immediately if you have any questions.

a sharp fall in costs:

it is not easy to entrepreneur financing, how to spend money more efficiently is very important. If you use native development of App and competitors use it the same App, but more than double that of your development costs, I don’t believe that investors would like to give you money.

open source ecosystem developed:

HTML front end is open positive feedback loop of the ecosystem, a lot of open source libraries can use, development and application become more relaxed, more agile, of course, this also reflected in the rapid iteration and cost reduction. But more importantly, the openness of positive feedback loops the vitality of the future ecological system is more robust than native ecosystems.

open data exchange:

HTML on the page for the opening of the code to the unit, it does not need special development SDK, as long as you don’t confuse, can interact with other application data. Developers will be able to keep the cell phone search engine that is easy to retrieve their own data, were also more likely to collaborate across application to meet the demand of end users.

more easy to promotion, more easily outbreak:

diversion entry: HTML 5 application guide is very easy, super App (such as micro letter friends), search engine, application market, browser, is full of HTML 5 flow entrance. While native App flow entrance only application market. Intelligent HTML 5 developers will certainly play a variety of flow entrance to achieve greater advantage.

large flow: recently, micro letter circle of friends are all the rage the nerve cat, if this game on the Appstore, absolutely not so much traffic, super App traffic, greater than the native application market. If the micro letter allows game on your desktop to create shortcuts, if subsequent upgrade solve the problem of continuous entertainment, game unthinkable in the future.

guide high efficiency: in addition to the entrance, large flow, diversion efficiency also cannot be ignored, who all know: swim advertise on the same page and end, advertising become the user’s conversion rate, swam far higher end page.

HTML 5 to 3 of the advantages of the end user

slash barriers

why download video streaming media will replace the mainstream? Why would swim pages so hot? Just because a user is too “lazy”. Let users more convenient to meet demand, sometimes better than more meet the demand.

users eyes see a point of interest, click, you should immediately began to meet user needs. Such as streaming media can immediately see, pages can swim immediately to play. On which the native applications market, user need such operation: choose an application, awaiting download, confirm the permissions, installation, and then click open. Such a bad experience will be reversed sooner or later.

apps, games, or audio and video, will use the points in the future. Who first to satisfy the customers’ needs, who will win.

updated in real time, delta update outstanding experience

it can bypass the application market updates independently, users can enjoy the new service quickly.

and the updated completely can be delta, such as an HTML page or a js file has a problem, only update the small a few k file is ok, this is too much better than native applications update experience.

across application experience

the current mobile application switch on the desktop or the task manager as the center, but in fact these centers is affects the efficiency and experience. Users want to travel in sanya, which App to open to booking, then cut back to the desktop, then find and open the weather App, search enter sanya, then cut to the desktop, find and open air travel App, enter the flight number check-in, oh by the way, how much did the flight number, then cut to the desktop, where to find and open the App to see the flight number, finally find and open the car rental App, enter the rental location, and then cut back to the desktop.

under the native application system, users can only so. But under the system of HTML 5, he doesn’t need to cut back to the desktop, he can easily between App directly jump around, a lonely island instead of using a App; He don’t have to repeat more input data, applications can easily transfer data with each other.

the model need a bit of imagination, but the future will come sooner or later.

analysis at this point, we can see clearly that whether standing in the Angle of the end user, or stand in the developer point of view, it will replace the native applications current position. And the resulting series of subversion.

what would be changed?

the outbreak of the HTML 5, native App ecosystem, is an industrial revolution, many characters will be affected, we have to predict.

new HTML 5 engine fire will burn up

standard HTML 5 engine does not solve the problem of it all, with large flow entrance Internet giant, is thinking about embedded better enhance engine. Tencent launched X5 browser engine, is to take a fancy to this opportunity. The current browser vendors of all stripes, application market makers, ROM, even are trying to integrate better browser engine. If the embedded micro letter Webview can run better canvas games, if 360 mobile phone assistant can issue the point of the box it application and ability to experience consistent with the original, if millet ROM built-in more powerful Webview makes all HTML 5 application on millet phone to run more smoothly.

a giant began to action, all majors will hungry, that’s right, the battle is the mobile Internet world of world war ii.

application issue market will shuffle

due to the tremendous traffic in the super App can easily be the entrance to the HTML 5 applications, and can form the head larger effect, the application of traditional shops, even offline pre-installed, the issue of insufficiency and low efficiency of the flow pattern will be out of the market mainstream. Itself is a super large flow application of App store, if transformation properly, will also give priority to with issuance of HTML 5 applications.

advertising and market statistics

native advertising and statistics the SDK providers face full falls, Google, baidu, etc based on web advertising and statistical service will achieve even greater advantage. Developers no longer need to pack the SDK, the introduction of a Script.

open source technology will become more popular in the field of mobile Internet

HTML openness has created a lot of open source products, reverse also contributed to the prosperity of the HTML. In making a large number of JS framework, and the number of open source native than little. And the world of the future mobile Internet will because of the open source development more quickly, there also exists the opportunity of making manufacturers.

development tool change

HTML only need a notepad to write a few Tag, early in the middle of HTML, JS, CSS is more complex, need more advanced text editor, but when it arrives, it is the amount of code, the complexity, the development model with native development, needs to be similar to the XCode, Eclipse IDE tools to solve the problem of development and debugging. Some developers proud of can use notepad to write code, will face a train of thought transformation and even eliminated by more efficient developers.

performance analysis and tuning

the performance analysis of a lot of native application tuning tools or services, the future is also facing transition, HTML 5 application analysis of the performance tuning is another world.

confusion and property protection

it is open code, benefits also bring disadvantages, some of the things developers hope to expose, but some of the things developers want to protect. Confuse technology becomes more business opportunities. PC Gmail confusion will do good on the Web. In addition to JS confusion, offline data encryption believe there are a lot of space.

new opportunities for security vendor

a powerful it will cause a lot of security problems, and the solution is different from the native, the possible new security company leaders.

it is said that light standard finalized useless ah, form a complete set up? HTML 5 do application can match a native App? The answer is, it can not only match the native App, even it many of the characteristics of natural beyond the native App.

let’s talk about it is better than the original native place, the industry known as HTML 5 “sex workers can” obstacles. The HTML 5 performance than native, development tools, the native ability call than native.

these problems lead to developers can’t use it like a native App. However, hardware upgrades or OS vendor policy changes, as well as the related software technology mature, has solved the HTML 5 “sex workers”.

1. Hardware upgrade

in 2011, the iPhone 4 s CPU is A5, is now the iPhone 6 A8, according to apple’s previous conference, speed were increased 7.5 times. 7.5 times the speed of ascension, the 3 years with too much of the performance problems.

2. Apple, Google’s policy change

Google Android 4.4, released at the end of 2013 the built-in Webview is no longer a lame Android its browser, but the Chromium, performance is improved. Since the latest Android5.0 Webview can through Google Play Store updated in real time, and the upgrading of Chrome, the user can not flash to enjoy the latest browser engine; nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull