HTC is such a decline: don’t always “with” ju yung and clear

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“in order to ensure that HTC successfully into the next 10 years of growth stage”. In HTC think about the replacement of the CEO’s strategic decision. On the afternoon of March 20, HTC announced officially, HTC, founder and chairman Peter Chou, CEO of ms wang will replace former CEO affinity; And Peter Chou, CEO will take a back seat, focus on products and technology research and development for the future. Has on several occasions said publicly: “did a great Peter Chou, CEO candidates don’t have other considerations.” Ms wang girl or replaced Mr Chou, shape of yourself. And the change, more show the plight of HTC has been increasingly intense, has reached the last moment.

the HTC is indeed a dilemma: market value, poor results, market slump, core executives left, HTC’s unprecedented crisis. But in next week at this time of ms wang yong Ming bought from yourself to battle and can pick up the slack, to ensure the success of the HTC growing phase into the next 10 years?

we need to analyze a permanent next week under the Meiji HTC is how to step into today’s woes.

2011 with apple patent defeat in the war is the trigger for HTC recession. HTC 2010 strong, in the north American market, surpassing apple to become the market leader in North America. In the face of strong performance HTC, apple is waving a patent stick, apple sued HTC violated the 10 patents, and demand in the United States banned the sale of HTC products. And the war, patents HTC unfortunately lost. On December 20, 2011, the United States international trade commission and Taiwan for apple phone maker HTC international electronics co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as HTC) judgment of patent lawsuit, a patent that HTC infringed on apple iPhone. So involved in the patent all smart phones, since April 19, 2012, HTC formal ban.

and partners “betrayal” also let HTC squealed , and sit on their android in HTC, samsung has not yet emerged, while Google has been reluctant to let HTC dominance. As Google Google close Nexus son close to support the manufacturer logo. Worked in HTC first after the Nexus one, turned by samsung foundry. And, coincidentally, are after samsung foundry Nexus, the rise of samsung Dally ceng be android a brother now. In addition to Google’s support is abate, samsung also gave HTC give a knife, the HTC Desire AMOLED screen using samsung mobile phones, and the Desire of mobile phone sales, samsung has refused to continue to sell AMOLED screen to HTC. The temporary replacement screen HTC loss is quite large.

but just ahead of the fuse, more deep-seated reason is that HTC confusion not only on product innovation, and more on strategic high self-reliance, miscalculation market form, missed out on the Chinese market this big fat.

HTC product of confusion and lack of innovation. HTC mobile phone product lines in poor, cause the time’s flagship overlap, tender is the flagship, and did not work on product design, first ugly name is slowly accumulate down in those years. And on the product name is chaotic, at that time HTC One, HTC One X, HTC One X +, HTC One XL, HTC One V, HTC One S head on. Once said that marketing is short, but after increasing spending on marketing, many marketing and unknown so. And all this not only let consumers, more make HTC has high-end brand image.

and despite the chaos, on product innovation, pioneer HTC although there are many examples, but always fail, more success, less flashy resulting in lack of innovation. We use the last two years HTC has always advocated UltraPixel technology as an example. Its idea is to “enhance the unit pixel photosensitive area, so as to enhance the capacity of mobile phone under low light imaging” avoid getting involved in the high pixel war of other manufacturers. But the ideal is plump, reality is very skinny, but limited to under super pixel to pixel to do high, can only limit cameras to 4 million pixels on the technical bottleneck, reverse the trend towards 4 million pixels, a serious shortage of its resolving power, the actual experience poor; In its latest flagship M9, HTC announced once in another form called disruptive innovations, to punch nokia PureView technology, stamped on the SONY apple samsung UltraPixels technical failure.

HTC has not only the confusion and lack of innovation on products, more strategically missed opportunities. in sit on their android HTC days, higher price. Happiness comes too suddenly, so that let the HTC in high-end dreams cannot extricate oneself, disdain the down market, so as to ignore the scenery good low-end market. Before and HTC will be the focus has been on the European and American markets, in the asia-pacific, especially China market, there has been no how to heart, and this is not on the heart, to the same period of samsung, huawei great opportunity. And when HTC in 2012 after the setback to European and American markets, think of the Chinese market, while the Chinese market had already gone. Samsung’s dominance in the Chinese market, although after many efforts, share increased, but followed by a wave of Internet represented by millet mobile phone manufacturer gave HTC. In HTC’s best years, and the Chinese market.

change going without time: confusion and mistakes again and again, again and again missed opportunities. Let their HTC’s android. HTC from these mistakes and to make a change, want to get back to peak. Cooperation with Microsoft, launch WP phone, but as a result of the existence of WP ecological veneer and nokia, HTC in WP camp is always can be neglected in the second position in ten thousand. To be a partner with Facebook HTC First also dropped. Since 2013, launched a new flagship HTC ONE M7, and the subsequent M8. Has met with warm reception and numerous awards, though in many ways, but HTC series of new products into the failed to sell. In high school low-end comprehensive attack, also didn’t bring HTC can make key sales to rise again. All these changes, have failed to bring he had hoped to return to to THC, HTC seems to be some luck. Now, HTC began to diversify layout, in just the past MWC2015 exhibitions, launch intelligent bracelets inroads into virtual reality, intent to prepare HTC into the era of diversification. And this kind of layout and success? We have to wait and see.

miscalculation of market situation and weight; Product line chaos and lack of innovation; Crisis consciousness is not strong, patent inadequate reserves, failed to break attempts, all of these are the cause of HTC in a dilemma now. As a mountain at the same time, the founder of ms wang, with of course is to break the above reasons, modified HTC dilemma of belief. And under the founder’s aura and beliefs that motivate employees to HTC can activate again HTC innovation gene, prompting HTC in the face of more serious competition in the market to survive, and successfully entered the stage of the next 10 years to grow, to ms wang in MWC2015 conference said in an interview: “if the future mobile phone manufacturer only two can survive, HTC must be one of the” goal? I can’t jump as speculation, we wait for time to give an answer.

last share ms wang and HTC executives recently said a few words to you.

1. MWC2015 conference, “only two can survive if the future mobile phone manufacturer, HTC must be one of the”.

2. is still in MWC2015 assembly. M9 was released after the meeting, ms wang explain why M9 disruptive innovations have been made. The answer is “because M8 is already very good”.

3. HTC’s chief marketing officer Idris Mootee, he said in an interview with time, don’t believe in low-cost mobile phone, lenovo millet this kind of business model will be short-lived, and there are one million reasons to believe that they (millet and lenovo) can’t come to the U.S. market, they are not HTC rivals.

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