How to imitate some of the most innovative companies?

cloud network hunting note: innovation and harmony of this age already, only innovation can bring spiritual wealth; Innovation is the development of the pronoun, only innovation can bring material wealth; How to go to the rising star on the path of entrepreneurship, so what they can to make it? Is their spirit of innovation.

Henry Ford can famous in the United States because he established the first assembly line, the innovation to benefit the entire automotive industry at that time. This revolutionary idea is how to come out? It also really a little weird. He is in a visit to the Chicago slaughterhouse inspiration, because he saw the slaughterhouse adopted disassembly production line, if he wants to auto production process also USES this way, can greatly improve the production efficiency?

innovation is no longer a luxury for the human beings, especially in this era of rapid development, innovation is the survival of human beings. Whether individuals or organizations, they are looking for innovative way, tend to focus on the familiar things, such as their occupation or industry, their direct competitors or their customers.

to be successful, we need to learn new things, especially such as cars, traffic always exist in the history of the industry (in fact, I personally think that the banking industry is also), more need to analyze the developing mode of other industries. The development of these industries are constrained by some old development pattern, in this era of science and technology leading the trend, they need to make a change, because only in this way can conform to the development of The Times, meet the needs of customers.

ford’s success is that he is not to learn from other industries development pattern, and this kind of mode to develop into model is suitable for the auto industry? Increase in the number of consumers, is not to prove the feasibility of this model? So, that’s innovation. Banking leaders have noticed this, they are from some has nothing to do with the banking industry to seek innovative breakthrough.

the following several ways to let me have more reason to believe that their views are right: innovation is not standing still, but stepping over the shoulder forward.

should solve the problem of supply and demand in the long run

we all know that consumer demand restricts the enterprise to the market supply, but the hotel and airline adopt the method of dynamic pricing has changed himself is the fate of the nose, they according to every guest rooms and to adjust the supply and demand of the ticket price.

the Uber dynamic Pricing is called “the firm Pricing”, Lyft is called the “Prime Time”, but the Chinese way of saying they are poor not peak – the price mechanism, as long as find a taxi is the rush hour, there will be a markup system automatically. Doing this can encourage drivers to earn extra money, also can reduce the peak steal car. Lyft also let customers enjoy ultra-low prices in off-peak period. The implementation of the dynamic pricing, though controversial, it is indeed a successful control demand of customers, and more and more companies and drivers are using this kind of dynamic pricing method.

reduce unnecessary intermediate links, reduce the cost of

the tesla is famous pure electric car manufacturers in the United States, most people know that it’s success because it established an electric car company. Founder elon musk and his team to rely on advanced battery technology to change the car’s performance and increase the mileage of cars can drive. In addition, they think online sales through the data analysis is a good way to sales, began to expand online sales scope, thus changed the way we must go to the shop to buy cars.

Warby Parker (American red eyes electrical goods brand) have adopted similar to tesla method to improve the other traditional industries, glasses industry product sales. He saw a year less than 1% of the glasses is online sales, so his glasses sales of electrical business model is established. Warby Parker think customers can try frames at home, then in online booking, so it can reduce the store sales for some other costs, are beneficial to manufacturers and customers.

don’t from time, keep up with The Times the pace of

we can say that the use of mobile devices to boost product retail revolutionary significance. We are in the hands of mobile devices provide us with countless opportunities, we can develop more intimate contact with the customers. Say I am a huge fan of fragrant coffee bean food co., LTD., then their company’s related applications will be according to my local weather conditions for I recommend suitable for my drink, sometimes take the initiative to give me a discount, I want them.

Apple in 2014 a new product release conference in the fall of the Apple Pay based on NFC mobile payment function. Apple mobile money is bound to cause a boom, because it is already beautiful and easy, can also help you to solve the problems about accident (such as go out forgot to take my wallet), who doesn’t like you? So where is its biggest success? The biggest innovation is not to change the payment process when buying things, but increased its location awareness and environmental awareness. Apple has created a brand experience, with experience of brand positioning, regardless of where the consumer, in what to do, it can put the experience to the consumer.

Apple Pay are also a lot of other service functions, allows users to enjoy more intelligent, more perfect service. Now, customers can, after boarding the plane one minute before buy the ticket, the customer will be checked from the airport to the home also can enjoy the discount, also can be in the moment into the automobile dealer’s showroom learned that the bank approved his car loans.

all in all, a new idea is likely in the most unexpected time, and exactly the idea and help you to develop your company’s business. To stagnation is easy, but to innovation is very difficult, so you must remember the following three points: first of all, to understand the current market, although have not used your products, but you have to give your products to consumers, let them leave your products; Second, to be daring to question everything, if your colleagues reject your new idea, but support some old opinions and views, you must stand up to ask a because of so, cannot easily yield, if wait for customer to ask you why, it is too late. Third, don’t detours, to draw lessons from others and guide others successful experience. Great ideas are waiting for you to find, let those who laugh at you, will only imitate wait and see!


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