How to copy the ice bucket challenges magic weibo red packets.

article/Liu Jintao

a red envelope has year after year, this year much more special. Today is off year, weibo # # let red fly activities launched the 10th day, build the atmosphere that gives a red envelope to start flying already, and with the alipay and overall fighting WeChat today, users’ enthusiasm for red envelope will hit a new high.

in advance with weibo has received the good effect. Today noon weibo, according to data issued more than 5600 red envelopes, grab a red envelope of passengers a day on average more than 10 days before 5.6 million, has gone beyond WeChat Lucky Money peak data last year New Year’s eve in 4.82 million.

in the red envelope fight, found that the earliest microblogging is red hot V in the industry, the emerging media @ the bear of universal, were sent 240000 cash bonus within a week, and charge for him more than 20000 people, nearly 300000 gained powder, entrepreneurs and thereafter rushed to join star big V, started to play. In “- rob – plug – grab” infinite loop, we seem to have smelled in weibo last year hit “ice bucket challenges”.

weibo as a red envelope and ice bucket challenge?

first is appropriate. Ice bucket challenge should donate money to a gradual freezing of scene, is a good topic. Weibo red packets should be the scene of the Spring Festival, and the Internet this year heat red envelope as a whole is higher than in previous years, weibo red envelopes can also gain a rising tide lifts all boats.

the second is shaped like a play. Charles chao, February 6, in the “home” to send out a red envelope, more than 20 minutes after jiang forwarding this tweet, saying: “or old cao red envelopes is sufficiently large. Charles chao, immediately responded: “the old jiang also points”. This like ice bucket challenges relay “@ three friends”, and jiang were also sent ten thousand yuan red envelopes on weibo. Between the celebrity “tease” is actually the PK, bosses are not bad money, more can’t sent face, had to have followed. Naturally, this play fans onlookers, but through the microblogging fission chain of transmission, a red envelope quickly become a hot topic of the microblogging, netizens are involved in the grab a red envelope, and red envelopes, and red envelopes full of cash.

of course, what is more important. In this celebrity “name”, netizens watch each other behind the diffusion and follow up, is open microblogging social relationship, fission chain transmission capacity and the effect of the hot focus. On weibo wherever we could watch celebrities, to participate in related to the topic of discussion with famous people, and in turn to a review of the praise of onlookers form before, red envelopes also provides a new interactive game. After the success of the proposed Mr Wang zhang ziyi, chao immediately to two people send out “the gossip” red envelopes gift, won a all the fans gathered, conveniently again also increased the heat of the weibo a red envelope.

a second “ice bucket challenges” why fire?

this weibo cause red envelope drama unconsciously became popular, investigate its reason, have to say there are several key factors.

1. Star big V roll call each other, cause heat fans onlookers.

this is the critical point weibo a red envelope. Promotion of the success of an activity mechanism, mainly depends on the user’s attention and participation. The most efficient way to attract users or celebrity’s demonstration effect. Like ice bucket challenges, nearly 200 famous stars in all areas of microblog has released video, complete the challenge of tfboys video eight minutes for the transferred more than 10, ten thousand times, sicong a person has more than 2500 people to donate money.

star, big V is weibo resource advantage. The interaction of their jokes, challenge each other to trigger the similar to “ice bucket challenge” game mechanics, such as chao li reply after to fill li bingbing red envelopes with money, and ren and pan shiyi on weibo clowning around red envelope topic. Fans watched automatically involved in the transmission, so that the red envelope heating up. Heat ascension will attract more netizens attention topic, and the red envelopes, grab a red envelope in threshold and process and even lower than ice bucket challenge, natural high participation.

2. Red envelopes of the play, tease feels dye-in-the-wood for fans.

this suggestive of play, weibo red packets to move to a climax.

friends can give stars, big V charge, that I can and the star, big V joint red envelopes. For fans to idol “money” is very have a face, and “red envelope” can also be a chance to draw more, standards of good fans willing to dry naturally.

more importantly, the fans will think that the number of “red envelope” directly reflects the popularity of idols. They won’t miss this opportunity, for their idols do credit to so we see tfboys three members are active in online received more than 10000 people in less than 10 hours “money”. On the one hand, joint their idol hair red envelopes, on the one hand, blunt popularity for their idols. Such a charge arise, a red envelope don’t fire up is unlikely.

have to say that this style had open only on twitter. Stars and fans on weibo interaction has become a habit, and weibo is an open social platform, to the star charge is one way the user behavior, so it would be easier to play. Actually from exo twice last year to create a single weibo comments of record can see that fans have not content to just turn to review the simple interaction, but want to make interactive has more practical significance. Plug a red envelope is one of them, and is a typical simple CuBaoXing play,, of course, is suitable for fans.

3. From “alone le le” to “le le”, pull as many people as possible.

this is the weibo “the last kilometer” red hot.

although the relationship between user chain has grown through social networks, but also just the extension of technical sense. According to the tradition of the Chinese Spring Festival, relatives and friends party was also like to joke, begging for a red envelope. Internet most of the game just issued the original line filled process moved to online, while expanding the extension of the Chinese New Year red envelopes, but weakens the connotation of the affection of a red envelope, so it’s very important to “play” to appear.

weibo red envelope provided between the game is not limited to “friends”. We can see on weibo, ordinary Internet users, V, V,, small and medium enterprises are involved, can be said to be completely through all aspects of society, from the traditional one-to-one “alone le le” red envelopes, to watch “lele”. Grab a red envelope at the same time users can also watch star big V poking fun at fighting, mining gossip from the clues, even has a national pastime. This is the mobile Internet bring change in the user’s life, it is also the whole people to participate in an to make weibo a red envelope and ice bucket challenges, has become a social phenomenon.

it can be said that the microblogging can emerge from this year’s red envelope war, mainly rely on the rich style and extensive participation, has the “red envelope” mutual promotion, fans gain win-win situation, in the New Year’s eve is likely to have more power.

overall, ice bucket challenge, weibo red envelopes, cannot leave the characteristics of weibo, which is spread open social and fission. In fact, the value of weibo as the public participation in platform have been already very clear, this means that for the enterprise to viral imaginary space, to the user means that each person’s strength can be amplified, this perhaps is the social media should have meaning.