How can a teacher in the eyes of the door O2O, the nature of the liberation of craftsmen

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said industry vocabulary accumulation is not article original intention, in addition to the fog of correct nonsense, not much meaning. So in this paper, we try to show the vernacular.

experience of door-to-door service a few times, each time professional start interview in the service process, so the teacher occasionally say the words I will also be aware of.

a door to door massage product master in the service to work today and I chat, he said, door-to-door service really gave them freedom, to a certain extent. Traditional store is shift, can overtime. Service people per day according to the number of stores to decide, but fixed dinner time, keep a small space in the shop occasionally depressed.

the door, are the benefits of freedom, can come out for a walk, a day before your arms, legs can also exercise now. In winter, summer the door will be unpleasant, but their psychological preparation. Will work overtime but you don’t too late, after the door becomes a trend may shift work, but also better than offline store.

the biggest confusion has come from? It is eating hours are not fixed, in accordance with the order scheduling, but believe that after the number, the situation there will be some relief. Second, traffic cost too long, the Beijing side they choose subway, bus travel. Long transportation time offset is can work orders every day, it is best to under the condition of a certain number let they delimit area, a door to door service is the founder of the product is to the hunting cloud network said they have recently been concentrated to solve traffic problems they have encountered. Countermeasure is zoned area cover master in fixed-point assigned to different services in the region. In each village and property cooperation placed the door with tools together, reduce the teacher out carrying costs.

security problem is the media interview when asked about the most O2O entrepreneurs, so in the teacher’s eyes, what do they think that teacher told me when massage, security issues we also afraid at first, but the service concerns also dismissed after a few times. Maybe because I am a male, our female teachers do have concerns in this respect. But according to my 15 years of industry experience, first of all, the average person has no such boring, second, the service personnel is not high earners, thirdly, alarm mechanism we do very perfect, the door before you make a phone call to confirm the guest coordinates in the home, mobile phone can give us positioning, service process and alarm button, than the service time, the company will phone to confirm. For women, the company after 6 PM will not let the master of the female orders, as far as possible during the day will make them take the list is full.

in addition to security this end, the master tell me, why is so much to concern I still choose to stay and also will teach the colleagues around a join in this industry. Although I only have technical secondary school degree, you talk about the words I could not understand, but I understand that this is the future trend of service industry. From my own intuitive feelings, work busy but not happy before, door-to-door service finished I am happy now. Although wages are not entrepreneurs to tell you, remove the intermediate links, we take high salary. Salary is not high, really is flat, and store most without eating live so high cost of living subsidies (difficult to recover the part of the overhead).

at the end of the service, the teacher told me that between peers will now poaching each other teacher, and the competition is fierce. Between peers will also experience the various services to each other, I give a what the bear’s head massage, I dug him on the spot, to open a high salary. Why not go to, first, be sincere, you can be high salaries can be done quickly to kick out, money can dig move so won’t be reused. 2 it is, where to do the same, a starting line, the most important still is my master to do word of mouth. First-tier cities we service for you, a few of my friends in a small town, a few people a partnership also doing massage service, but they do not through the APP, is the leaflets, personal WeChat friends to do this way. One day, I am in a big city do tired, also can choose back to the small town, such as door-to-door service to do our own, I also is very suitable. so, the nature of the final liberation artisans, is to make them self-employment, don’t rely on any platform.

O2O comb master eye pain points and opportunities:

advantages: freedom, are respected.

faults: traffic serious waste time cost, heterosexual teacher security concerns, actually is not high, no complete liberation craftsmen.

opportunity: the liberation of craftsmen’s ideal in 3, 4 cities there are a lot of practice. Master home business is also a kind of merit.