Highing: to please oneself social APP “appeal”


Highing on December 15, 2014, the official position for appeal social APP. Pharmacists are given a set of data: Highing the user 1 million people over the community of users to post 3 million, total 50000 nearly 60000 per user postings.

walked into the bright glass house, CEO of the pharmacist said, “I’m not very willing to take it as a social appeal.”

a lot of project positioning appeal, now have the main electrical contractor of orange, he, and hot the ma jia jia’s High of 14 years in December. Highing at the beginning of the line, because the OGC (professional generated content) flat style and decentralized topic with small pure and fresh and same put together by the media. In the attitude of the APP, Highing is more like a constant is shaping the flesh of individuals.

Beijing Shanghai and hangzhou, pharmacist because weibo “spring pharmacist” disclosure of inner naked and met a group of friends. When they think the microblog mixed and disorderly comments may interfere with the heart pure expression, one can accommodate all individual products within the scope of the law allows seems to have when needed, Highing born in brewing.


the team’s friend has a senior writer, there is also a pioneer photographer, like eat sleep drink they talk about chatting, photographing, writing about sexual topics, their character may have left far right, but that is both inclusive values is the key of a point.

“everyone there are always two sides to everything. Hi did not comment on the design of the, because all the values should not be irresponsible comments.” The pharmacist said, “I once wrote in a whiteboard to please yourself, for a long time didn’t wipe.”

the first time into the Highing interface, test 10 problem of novice will experience, different sex, grade involve the subsequent access amount, such as sex, 70 can be one-on-one chats. Through the thumb up and Posting in different area, can obtain the different accordingly. Sex, is a set of statistical algorithm, basic not inflation. And involves the two indicators, one is brave expression levels and frequency, 2 it is affected by the degree of recognition. Point out can not cancel.

the pharmacist said, “for this test, you can put it as a game. Hope everyone by browsing in the platform and communication can include more personality, improve their sexual, might find belongs to own Soulmate. Play hi.”

app updates every day a new channel, the sex ratio of 2.5:1. As a in the public eye blurred Posting platform between sex and sex, once be Highing titles, never release. So what kind of post will be blocked? One is in the national law does not allow the Internet transmission, can cause the viewer lust, 2 it is fraud. 3 it is images directly causes the viewer symptoms. As A screenshot.

the pharmacist said: “every type of people there will pay special attention to in application.” And the hall and his interest in recent interest community products, medicine, said does not think these are competitors. Hall and his feeling boring will focus on e-commerce sector, the community to establish a more purposeful on increase user viscosity, this community for the user experience is cannot concentrate and Highing stronghold compared to the amount of the heart.

according to taobao, according to the sex toy nets 购量 year increased by 50%, every year the number of people buy sex toys in taobao is also growing at more than 50%. Sex toys in 2013 market size of 30 billion yuan. (this is March 14) small H jump egg as an attempt to the early products of the company, now has become a brand is recognized by the user. So far, but appeal to intelligent hardware, Hinghing didn’t do consider proprietary or platform.

now the company than the app store app version of version update three generations. Will launch these versions, later will increase and improve some user feedback function, such as the controversial “according to the regional division and filtering functions, Higning will open this function in a specific time period, other time period closed, avoid unnecessary dispute.