Hemp rope lift tofu: how SONY Xperia is not lift up? !

SONY announced last week its fiscal third quarter financial report (2014) in the fourth quarter, while the Japanese company is higher than expected earnings, the annual expected loss a little lower, but its smartphone sector is still in the “damaged”.

although Xperia brand product sales in the quarter due to holiday season in year-over-year growth, smartphone department’s annual operating loss is still as high as 215 billion yen ($1.83 billion), than expected losses in October 2014 and more than 11 billion yen.

as I perceived from Forbes reports, in 2014 for SONY did not go well. Xperia series smart phones should overcome those of other brands and become outstanding in Android mobile phone, design style atmosphere, no one can and waterproof performance, high-end hardware configuration, performance is strong, these are supposed to let it become the “iPhone killer”, let more people to it.

as will be presented in the global mobile communication conference in March of this year’s SONY Xperia Z4, reveal from existing information you can see, it will be among the most high-end phones this year.

The performance of the

although one year is not very desirable, but in 2015, SONY still have the opportunity to remove the Android market’s crown. This requires each phone SONY would profit maximization, improve the Z4 mobile phone and its accessories retail prices, making the Z4 as a high-quality high-tech mobile phone, and stop at the low end mobile phone market for SONY, began to enter the high-end profitable mobile phone market.

SONY need to go to great lengths to at the existing level, to join the apple in the pursuit of fashion and brand concept of passion.

at the same time, SONY of Japan’s smartphone business continued layoffs, on the basis of the 1000 job cuts announced earlier, will continue to cut 1100 jobs, in order to reduce the annual operating costs. This is a reason to give up and quit the smartphone market appeared to be a kind of strategy, although a slight panic, but has been as much as possible to save resources, reduce the cost.

control cost is a great aim, and it plays a role in Xperia series of incremental sales. Therefore boost sales to achieve expected return, at the same time, develop more fans should become the target of SONY in 2015. In 2015, however, SONY will face layoffs after the low cost of operation and higher expected returns, at the same time, SONY plans this year only a flagship phone products also brings to the company’s sales and branding the certain difficulty.

I think this year SONY must be ambitious, there is no such desire and passion, it can inspire and persuade people to become Xperia phone fan?